How To Reset Low Washer Fluid Light In Car?

The windshield washer reservoir is not that crucial part of the car. However, it maintains the record of the fluid level stored. The stored fluid helps your vehicle’s wiper to clean the windshield. A simple container made of rugged polythene plastic can thus face damages and cracks, leading to leaks. Generally, repair or replacement requires a professional hand to deal with the issue. Still, we can also try it ourselves as it involves few specific steps to carry on the procedure.

Here, our article guides and provides you with the basic knowledge of the system and tells you how to reset the low washer fluid light in the car. So, let’s start with the discussion over the topic.

What Does Low Washer Fluid Light Mean?

The windshield washer fluid has a warning light which is the least threatening and least dangerous light ever faced by the driver. It is typically a yellow symbol representing the windshield, whereas the dotted line on the dashboard is responsible for the actual car washer fluid. The lights of the washer fluid represent or function to let the driver know the low level of fluid in the car, and it needs to refill soon.

Once you are done with the refilling, the light will vanish immediately and not switch again until the fluid level is accurate in the car. However, a malfunctioning fluid sensor can keep the light on, even if the reservoir filled. In these cases, the sensor needs repair or replacement depending on the situation and extent of the fault.

What Are The Symptoms Of Low Washer Fluid Level In Car?

Sometimes, the component related to the windshield system fails or malfunctions, thus generating sure signs to aware the driver associated with the lousy washer fluid light. So, let’s discuss some common symptoms.

1. Windshield Fluid Light Does Not Illuminate

Whenever your windshield fluid level runs low, the light originates and illuminate as a warning on the dashboard or the centre of the console control panel in the vehicles.

There are cases when light does not light up, even when the tank is low. Here, in these situations, overuse of windshield water system occurs, and eventually, the pump in it starts overheating and breaking down entirely.

2. Windshield Fluid Warning Light Is Always On

Another symptom of a faulty windshield fluid level switch is when the warning light stays on all the time.

Whenever the fluid level is low in the windshield washer system, the signals sent to the ECU in your car. The sign signifies the low level by switching on the warning light present on the dashboard.

3. Strange Noises Come From The Washer Fluid Pump

Whenever you engage the fluid pump by activating the switch, the pump often makes a constant noise during liquid spraying out of the nozzle over the windshield.

The noise generated in such cases may sound like a grinding type. However, it is pretty difficult to distinguish the noise, so you can even smell the burning fluid if the pump gets hot.

How To Reset Low Washer Fluid Light In Car?

Nowadays, the windshield washer fluid includes various components like a washer fluid reservoir, a washer pump, fluid lines, and sprayer nozzle. When they all function together, you can only clean the dirt and dust from your car’s windshield.

The windshield washer pump determines the level of fluid in the car available for washing the windshield. However, steps to reset the pump are as follows:

1. Diagnose The Pump System

For diagnosing or inspecting the faults in the pump, you need to first listen to the pump carefully while turning it on to rule out an electrical issue. It can perform efficiently by switching on your vehicle and locate the button that activates the pump. However, the pump most often situated over the steering column.

Next, inspect the water tank to know whether the fluid level in it is empty or not. And later, look for cracks and leaks in the hoses the tank resent in the vehicle.

2. Refilling The Tank

Here in this step, you need to unscrew the tank and locate the tank’s spout, which consists of the cap with a picture of windshield wipers over it. After finding the fixture, fill the windshield washer fluid up to the mark necessary.

After pouring the liquid as needed, seal the tank and close the hood to prevent any leak or malfunctioning. Next, test the washer to see if the fluid sprays out properly to provide the necessary service, which used to perform earlier.

3. Flushing Out Clogs

In it, first of all, scrape the dirt out from the external nozzle with the safety pin or any sharp instrument. Next, raise your vehicle onto jack stands and disconnect the hose on the pump to drain the tank.

Later, after cleaning and disconnecting the hose, pour clear water through the tank to rinse out dirt and debris. Then unplug the hoses from the nozzles, and blow compressed air through them. After doing so, reconnect them back to their position. At last, refill the tank and test your wipers.

4. Testing The Electrical Connections

For this, you first need to locate the fuse that controls the washer pump and then test it using a multimeter for continuity below 1 ohm. Now, unplug the wire connectors, and plug the test light into the connector leading back to the fuse box.

Next, check the battery that operates the windshield pump in the car. We would also suggest you replace the pump if the test light turns on without a need.


The above mentioned steps help you in dealing with the windshield washer system. You only need to follow the steps in sequence, and you’ll reach your solution very smoothly. However, when such situations arrive no need to worry as it is not as dangerous, and you can drive the car typically even at the low fluid level in the system.

We hope now you know how to reset the low washer fluid light in car. If your doubts regarding the topic persist, please comment below, and we’ll answer all your questions soon.