Rough Country Lift Kit Problems

Rough Country Lift Kit Problems

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With a new day, here we are with new content for you today. Rough Country lift kits are quite famous among car lovers these days, so are rough country lift kit problems! And since every vehicle mod comes with its own sweet little set of pros and cons, these problems are quite common among us these days. In today’s topic, we will be discussing a list of topics regarding rough country lift kit which include are rough country lift kits any good? Rough country lift kit problems? Do lift kits hurt your truck? Are there any possible alternatives?

Rough country lift kit problems

Are Rough country lift kits Any Good?

It is fair enough to ask this question as a consumer. Honestly, for the price given, rough country lift kits are pretty good options available they serve the purpose perfectly without digging a big hole in your pocket. While the list of advantages is never-ending, we are listing some of the most prominent ones below:

1. Smoother Rides

Rough Country lift kits can provide you with long comfortable rides even on the roughest of roads. It is counted as one of the biggest boons of installing lift kits.

2. Better Stability

With the more focused centre of mass, better stability comes hand in hand. Since this topic is quite deep in itself, so I will try to cover that up in another article. As of now, let’s leave it to this.

rough country lift kit problems

3. Improved Towing

With the lifted suspension, towing process gets quite easy as it can be put down to the ground without actually touching the ground. It can be quite handy when needed.

4. Better Visibility

increased height provides your suspension with better visibility as compared to that with average ones. It comes quite handy while you are driving on a not so straight road! As you can see better, you drive safer.

Rough Country Lift Kit Problems

rough country lift kit problemses

After discussing a few most prominent perks, it will not be just to ignore the rough country lift kit problems. So now it is time to ponder upon the issues you may have to face if you choose using lift kits.

1: Not Much Improved Physique

While this may come as a shock to many, but the harsh truth is levelling kits are not capable of changing the vehicle’s look drastically. At maximum, your vehicle may get blessed with an inch or two.

2. Messed Up System

If you get the modification done by a novice or plan to do it yourself, there are chances that you will end up messing with the well being of your vehicle. Make sure that you take professional help from an authorised garage rather than a newbie.

3. Worn Out Suspension

Adding additional modifications can expose your vehicle’s suspension to excessive pressure and stress.  As a result, the interiors may wear out way before time without you even realising

4. Increased Fuel Consumption

Messing up with the overall working with your vehicle can cost you quite a bit on fuel. With increased work pressure, energy consumption increases as well. You can expect around 30% more increased fuel usage than what you did earlier The data may vary from model to model and type of lifting.

Do Lift Kits Hurt Your Truck?

Well let us be honest, anything against the natural process harms the system, same goes here. There is no denying that using Rough country lift kit no doubt provide you with wonders you could have never experienced without using them. but also let us not forget that it can also potentially damage your suspension if not installed properly. Not to mention, it can cost you a few bucks too. Let us not forget here the additional maintenance and fuel cost too. But if you are a car freak, believe me, you will not regret this and the lifting will be worth it.

BONUS: Alternative Brands

And here we are with the bonus section! While Rough country lift kit problems can be perfect for many, it is also acceptable that not all have this brand as their first option. Below you can find a list of other viable and trustworthy options you may opt for:

  1. Southern Truck Leveling Kit
  2. Fabtech Lift Kit
  3. Ready Lift SST Lift Kit
  4. Pro Comp Nitro Lift Kit
  5. Supreme Suspensions- Cherokee Lift Kit


So this was all you need to know about Rough country lift kit problems. We assure you that you will not regret following our tips and tricks. Hope you like today’s content, if yes, let me below in the comments section! Stay tuned for more such informative detailed blogs.

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