Best Shocks For Chevy Colorado | Buyers Guide

Do you need smoother rides while you drive then choosing the right vehicle alone is not enough, choosing the right shock absorber matters a lot? The best shocks for Chevy Colorado do a lot and you may experience the difference in your driving after using it.

Steering mechanism and suspension both are interlinked well in a car riding. Colorado has advanced features like three compelling engine options, if you are looking for a perfect mix with both efficiency and power then Chevy Colorado would be the best ideal choice.

The Best Shocks for Chevy Colorado

For a nice and a smoother ride, you need the help of best shocks for Chevy Colorado. Scroll down!

Bilstein 24-186193

These are the front shock for Chevy Colorado models, this weighs about 4.6 pounds, the boot is included in this, and they are lower mount type and come with a lifetime warranty. The ride becomes much comfort and enhanced performance.


  • Greater control on vehicles
  • Enhanced performance
  • Highly comfort


  • It doesn’t fit all 2WD trucks
  • Fitting is quite difficult

Bilstein 24-186179

These are the rear shocks for Chevy Colorado. It is great rear shock that work amazingly. We can say they fit perfectly in to 2010 Chevy Colorado. It comes with 159 cubic inch of volume. You can experience a greater ride by the smoothness you get.


  • Easy to use
  • Greater performance
  • You will enjoy your rides with this Bilstein 24-186179 shocks.


  • Slightly stiffer

SENSEN Shocks & Struts

They are the rear & front shocks for Chevy Colorado. These struts also possess a similar role like a shock absorber, safety wise they are good and give a better performance. They give better comfort and control. Shelf life is longer, durable and possesses higher shock-absorbing performance that is most needed in today’s vehicles. In worldwide SENSEN shocks and struts is becoming the most preferred suspension.


  • Highly designed such a way to meet OE specification
  • Improved quality control and consistency.
  • Pricewise less


  • In picture there seems like threaded eyelet on the strut to the bolt, but in real eyelet is seen but no thread.

Bilstein 5100

These are gas pressure shock absorber, for lifted trucks and SUVs this Bilstein 5100 is specially designed, you can see the performance on both off and on roads. There will be a monotube construction that is tuned for larger tires and they usually have different spring rates. Bilstein 5100 is one of the best shocks for Chevy Colorado.

This is 5100 ride height adjustable. If you look an alternate option to your spring spacers then I would prefer you guys this Bilstein 5100. You can lift them up from 0-3 inches itself.


  • High performance shock absorber
  • Higher comfort
  • Precision handling
  • Best for sports vehicles


  • In roadside, it is not too hard, whereas little soft in off-road

Bilstein B85160

These series shock absorbers are best suitable for performance and better driving experience in the off roads. The remote reservoir present in this shock absorber gives good control during hard drives.


  • These are meant for SUVs and trucks.
  • Can withstand even in tougher condition
  • Exceptional performance
  • Installation is made easier


  • The bushing is wide than OEM brackets

Bilstein B5100

This type shocks are of a popular choice, height can be adjusted in this series, good to have in big tires and ground clearance is increased. It has 95 inch body, 14mm rod size, 46mm piston size. It has steel body with zinc coating. These type of series are suitable for heavy stock vehicles.


  • Safety is improved
  • Gives high performance while you drive
  • Improved stability
  • Fitting is perfect
  • Suspension travel is increased


  • To install it takes more time and energy
  • On light weight trucks when used, it gives poor performance
  • The performance level decrease after 15000 miles.

Bilstein B88112

These shock absorbers come with sensitive valving, with a hydraulic compression stop. There is a zone control option in this; the piston inside the shock absorber is 60mm size with external bypass shock, great performance to get a smoother ride.


  • Perfect damping
  • Zone control made by 3 pistons independently.
  • Increased oil capacity and cooling
  • Installation is made easily
  • Enhanced performance


  • It is not ideal for sports vehicles
  • It is FSD damper

7 Best Shocks For Chevy Colorado

Below we have listed some of the best shocks for Chevy Colorado.

  1. Bilstein 24-186193
  2. Bilstein 24-186179
  3. Sensen Shocks & Struts
  4. Bilstein 5100
  5. Bilstein B85160
  6. Bilstein B5100
  7. Bilstein B88112


We would suggest customers buy Bilstein 5100 series shocks, the weight-bearing capacity is amazing in this. The rising-rate valving in this kind of shock absorber are quite good enough, it provides the damping to react fast in the roadways. According to the road condition, it gives the smoothness while you move on your vehicle. It gives riders good comfort, high-pressure nitrogen gas makes the tire in constant contact with the roads, thereby ensuring your safety while you drive the truck.

These type shocks are best to control the tire motion thereby you can reduce the vibration in it. I would highly recommend using this type of shock absorbers if you prefer to buy these products you can get it from Design-wise if you see it is really awesome and fabrication is done in a superior way, built in the mechanism are excellent, it gives superior strength, this Bilstein shock absorber is undoubtedly one of the best shocks for Chevy Colorado.

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