How To Make A Lowered Truck Ride Smoother

How To Make A Lowered Truck Ride Smoother

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In the previous blog, we discussed why and how to lower a truck. But as we know, everything has its own set of pros and cons. One of the major complains of truck owners after lowering is uncomfortable rides. You start feeling new bumps on road which were absent earlier. So today’s blog is all about how to make a lowered truck ride smoother. So let’s get started:

lowered truck ride smoother

Why Does My Truck Ride So Rough?

It is obvious to expect rough rides after lowering your truck. A lowered truck sits comparatively lower to the ground, thus bumps and pits which were ignorable earlier are much more prominent now. It is completely normal so you need not panic. Uneven and rough roads can be a nightmare for you due to drastically decreased suspension damping and can reduce tire life.


How To Make A Lowered Truck Ride Smoother?

While there can be a number of options to solve this issue, not all may work perfectly. Some can even affect your car’s overall performance adversely and do more harm than good. Not all can be trusted. So I have made a list of few most promising methods to make a lowered truck ride smoother.

1. Change Your Tires

Tires play a considerable role in providing you with a comfy ride. And lowering a truck will definitely wear out your tires pretty quickly. So it is advised to invest properly in good tires. Doing so will assure you with the best ride possible.

2. Healthy Shocks

lowered truck ride smoother

The main role of shock absorbers is to dampen your truck’s suspension. Due to lowering, excess fluid may accumulate around the shafts due to leak. If they do, it is time to get them replaced soon as they may be the culprit of your hampered rides. We will discuss more in this article later.

3. Upgrade The Chassis

One of the best methods to make a lowered truck ride smoothen is by upgrading the whole suspension to a better one. It will comparatively be more compatible for your vehicle’s new alteration.

4. Soft Suspension

The key to a good ride in lowered trucks is a soft suspension. The softer the suspension, the smoother your truck will drive.

5. Get New Springs

how to lower a truck

As suggested in the previous blog, by replacing old ones with modified leaf springs, you not only can lower your suspension but also minimise the side effects of doing so. Thus a win-win situation!

lowered truck ride smoother

6. Use Airbags

I know many truck owners are against the opinion of using old fashioned airbags for their trucks to lower suspension. But these work miraculously for smoothened rides. So it is highly advised to install airbags in your truck.


Will New Shocks Make The Ride Smoother?

Although the best improvement for desired results is installing airbags. But as mentioned above, not many prefer it so as a second option you should consider investing in good quality shocks, They will also benefit you to some extent in providing you with a smooth hassle-free ride. Moreover, since shocks and struts are adjustable so they can be altered according to your need thus they will provide you with what you are looking for instantaneously. Not only they support the weight of the coil but also control excessive jerks and movements while driving.

lowered truck ride smoother

Bottom Line


So in the last article, I had discussed the advantages of a lowered truck, and in this blog, you are given best solutions to smoothen your ride after lowering which is the major side effect of lowering. That was all you need to know about truck lowering. Hope you like it. For more updates, stay tuned! In case you have more queries, pen down them below in the comment section.

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