What To Do If You Hear Whoosh Sound When Applying Brakes?

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We all like to drive, and some love to drive. People used to inspect their vehicles before they begin their journey. They check the quality of tires, air pressure, oil and lubricant levels and some. These are some general inspections we do before getting on the road. But remember, you can’t check your engine, suspension, and brake performance when your car is stationary. To check brakes, try to drive in a straight road and apply brakes to see if it is working probably.
Caution: Don’t drive faster while you are testing your car. If you hear any whoosh sound when applying brakes, then you are in the right place.

Check this article to figure out what causes the issues and how to fix them and how to avoid it from happening again.

How To Inspect Brakes?

Mostly every part of the car is controlled or monitored using sensors. To inspect the issues with the car, one can insert an OBD scanner tool in the scanner port. It pops out all the problems in the vehicle which you can resolve on your own, or you can hire a mechanic to see into it. If you don’t have any such tool and your car is a little old model, then follow the steps to inspect your brakes. Take your vehicle to an open road and accelerate at a constant speed which should be less than 40 for your safety.

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Now, hit your brakes slowly to see if the car decelerates gradually and also check for any sounds. Do it again and this time hit your brakes a little harder and monitor the performance. If you notice any whoosh sound when applying brakes, then there could be a problem in your brake system. So drive carefully to your home and repair it or take to your mechanic to see it.

What Is Brake Booster?

Some people might hear a “whoosh” air release sound under their dashboard. This sound could be temporary. Sometimes, the sound doesn’t stop, and you can hear it whenever you apply throttle or brake pedals. If the sound doesn’t stop even when your car is stationary, then there could be a leak in the brake booster. In this case of leakage, no air is leaked outside; instead, the air is sucked in. It could cause the whoosh sound when applying brakes.

Generally, the brake booster is connected to the intake manifold of the engine. It has a diaphragm on one inside. Have you ever wondered how brake boosters work? It’s very simple. When the engine creates a vacuum in the chamber, it also includes the brake boosters in it.

So, the diaphragm now either expands or contracts every time the brake pedal is pressed. It creates the power for your brakes and stops your vehicle effortlessly even at a small press.

What Causes The Whoosh Sound While Applying Brakes?

When the brake booster or the diaphragm gets damaged, it affects the performance of brakes. Like, you should apply more force than usual to stop your vehicle. A constant “whoosh” sound under your dash. The damaged brake booster allows air into the vacuum chamber which disturbs the system.

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So every time you apply brakes, the air gets sucked in the chamber and reduces the efficiency of brakes. Even when you release your brake, the air will try to escape the chamber, which causes constant whoosh sound when applying brakes. Please do not ignore any such faults; otherwise, it could lead to a catastrophe.

How To Fix The “Whoosh” Sound?

As now we have diagnosed the fault, the next step should be resolving them. There are always two ways to resolve issues on the vehicles. You can either solve it on your own or you can hire a mechanic to do it. Anyone of you must do the task to solve the problem.

1. Fix-It Yourself

If you are good at DIY skills, then you can do this on your own. To perform the task, one should have all the essential, necessary tools and a spare of which you are replacing. Here, brakes booster is causing the problem, so replacing it will solve the issue. Locate the position of brake booster in your vehicle. It is a small black round tank near the master cylinder and the firewall.

Remove all the joints and connections so that you can remove the brake booster. Check the old brake booster for damage or ask your mechanic to inspect it. If it is damaged, replace a new spare brake booster. Connect it properly before you start your vehicle. Make sure the brake booster is positioned correctly.

2. Hire A Mechanic

If you don’t have specific tools, spares, and skills, then it is better to hire a mechanic to solve it. He’ll perform the above-mentioned task for you and inspects the performance of the new component and delivers the car to you. Take your vehicle for a small ride and check if your brakes are working correctly. If there is no whoosh sound when applying brakes, then you have solved your issue.

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If the sound persists, it is time to check your brake pads. Brake pads wear out over some time. When it wears out completely, it starts to contact with the surface of brakes. It will produce a metal grinding sound every time you apply brakes and not when the vehicle is stationary. Replace the brake pads to solve the sound issue. It is better to hire a mechanic and use a standard spare to resolve the issue.

How To Avoid It From Happening Again?

Servicing your vehicle periodically will reduce the chances of bringing up new problems. In this case, check the brake fluid level time to time and refill or replace it if necessary. This will stop half of the faults of brakes from happening. Use standard, authentic, and suggested lubricants and spares if you are replacing it. Please don’t try to alter and reuse the same defective part. It increases the risk of part failure while driving.

Every component has a particular life and warranty. Please don’t hesitate to replace it at the end of its lifetime. These are some necessary measures you should follow to avoid it from happening again.


Buying a car is very simple, but you should maintain it properly. This periodic service and maintenance will improve the life of your vehicle. Even a small part could cause a big problem. So please don’t hesitate to service your vehicle over time to avoid all the major issues and accidents. It is our responsibility to avoid the mistakes that happen.

The general solution to stop the whoosh sound while applying brakes is mentioned. To know more such information, do follow us! If you have any queries or advice, please let me know in the comment section below.

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