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How To Stop Transmission Whine? [Manual & Automatic]

Sound is soothing or accepted until it turns into noise. Noise is something that not only destroys the sterile environment but also takes away our calmness. It irritates a lot thus affecting our whole day activity as well as work.Similarly, the noises generated from the car are pretty annoying to bear. The whining noises, which signify the multiple disorder or faults in cars related to transmission, are very irritating. Due to these uneven noises, we need to eliminate the car’s sound, thus providing back the calmness required in the vehicle.

So, here through our article, we will try our best to help you out with how to stop transmission whine in the car. So, let’s begin with the discussion.

What Is Transmission Whine?

Along with the proper needs and requirements of a vehicle, i.e., with adequate maintenance, you should also know the certain sounds produced by your car. Generally, we observe or hear unusual noises from the transmission part of the vehicle.

While operating the vehicle, you may often notice a whining sound from your transmission. Various causes are responsible for generating such noises from the transmission, so it’s pretty challenging to identify the right reason.However, you can identify certain things while checking the transmission whining. If the conditions or frequency of whining noise increases with time, then there are chances that the transmission fluid line is clogged. And if the whining noises continue with the vehicle in gear, then there is a problem occurring in your torque converter.

These whining noises by the vehicle must be treated and discontinued soon as possible because they could result in severe issues related to the automobile.

How To Stop Transmission Whine?

Many automotive noises irritate us to ultimate pressure. We feel to end this es as quickly as we can. After all, no one likes unnecessary sounds. Thus, here we provide you with step-by-step guidance that you could apply while correcting these transmission whines.

1. Ruling Out Engine Noise

We can quickly analyse this issue by only listening to the sounds produced by the engine. If your car generates noise while driving during the gear, there is something wrong with the machine. That’s why the engine is producing noises.

To check or to sure your doubt, you can gently race the engine with the car in neutral. Then listen carefully to the uneven noises produced by the machine while speeding the vehicle.

Most commonly, there are chances that all these engine-related noises are likely associated with the transmission.

2. Manual Or Automatic

Depending upon the type of car, whether manual or automatic, the sound varies accordingly.

When the sound occurs while exerting pressure through foot over the clutch to shift the gear, then this is the case of an automatic vehicle. In such situations, you have to replace the clutch to get a better outcome.

In a manual transmission, you can observe the sound when the car is either in motion or when the transmission is neutral, and the clutch is engaged. Whirring sounds in these cases indicate transmission bearing noises or driveline noises.

3. Check The Fluid

It is a problem usually seen in vehicles. Here, the low-level fluid is generally the main issue.

If your car is automatic, then checking the fluid is quite a simple task, and you can easily change the fluid. A manual vehicle checking the fluid and changing it is a difficult task as the car has to jack up and a check plug removed from the transmission side.

4. Put The Car In Reverse

If you have an automatic car, then a few more checks you can make while analysing the whining noises from the vehicle.

You can quickly try it by keeping your foot on the brake  the car in reverse; if the noise gets worse, then there are chances that your transmission filter is restricted. Thus, you need to correct it or repair it whatever the professional suggests.

5. Check The Torque Converter

The torque converter is usually seen in cars with automatic transmissions. It is typically a replacement of clutch in automated vehicles.

The torque converter usually spins anytime the engine is running, but it is even under load when it is in gear. Thus, producing these uneven sounds. If you face any malfunctioning, you need to visit a mechanic and fix your converter under the proper guidance.

6. Drive The Car

The last step is to drive the car to know the effectiveness and significant cause of the problem. The drive will help you a lot in solving the issue regarding the uneven whining transmission noises.

After trying all the above methods, if your problem persists, then the situation is not related to transmission.

How Do You Fix A Transmission Whine?

Whenever your vehicle makes unusual noises or vibrations, they are pretty irritating, especially from the transmission. Nowadays, cars are both manual and automatic, so the fixation depends on the type of car.

Automatic transmission-related cars are easier to drive than manual transmission cars, but they have challenging and complicated technology. Whining or noises produced by the vehicle while going indicates the damaged or low fluid level. It is generally fixed or corrected only by changing the transmission fluid. If we analyse the liquid, then we could identify that the problem lies in the pump.

Manual transmission noises usually signify gear problems along with the low transmission fluid level. It also includes other issues like issues with the countershaft.

Frequently Asked Questions –

So, here are some of the frequently asked questions about what could cause a transmission to whine,  is Transmission whining normal?-

What Would Cause A Transmission To Whine?


Transmission whines can be a simple filter swap. These transmission whine sounds can be caused by a clogged filter  If the filter gets too clogged, it will start to whine while it attempts to pass the fluid.

Why Does My Transmission Whine When I Accelerate?

If your vehicle is making a whining noise when you are accelerating, then a transmission problem is most at fault. Transmission problems can cause worn-out gears or low transmission fluid due to a leak.

Is Transmission Whining Normal?

Transmission has whining which is normal sometimes depending on the Model.

Can You Drive A Car With A Whining Transmission?

No, you cannot drive a car with a whining transmission.

How Do You Fix A Whining Noise When Accelerating?

When you tighten the belt you can fix a whining noise when accelerating.

What Does A Failing Transmission Pump Sound Like?

A falling Transmission pump sounds like Whining.

How Do You Know If Your Transmission Is Whining?

Sometimes the sound is paired with the gears slipping. This usually indicates damaged fluid or a low fluid level, which can be fixed by changing the transmission.The problem may be the pump.

What Does It Sound Like When Transmission Fluid Is Low?

A gurgling sound is produced when the transmission fluid is low.

What Are The Signs Of Low Transmission Fluid?

The signs lf transmission fluid are-

  • Burning Smell.
  • Transmission Leaks.
  • Slow Gear Engagement.
  • Check Engine or Transmission Warning Light Is On.

How Long Can A Car Run Without Transmission Fluid?

A car can run up to 10 miles without transmission fluid.


Transmission sounds and vibrations are signs that your vehicle needs attention. Although it does not mean that you necessarily require expensive repairs, as it could as simple as just replacing your fluid or adjusting your fluid level.

We hope all the readers got their answers regarding the topic. And now, whenever you face or find difficulty on how to stop transmission whine, I hope you will tackle the situation.

If your doubts or queries regarding the topic persists, then comment below in the comment section. We will indeed answer all your questions as soon as possible.