Signs & Symptoms Of Bad Ball Joints

Ball joints are one of the many major components of the suspension system. The ball joints make sure that the car’s front tires can move in multiple directions at one time. A ball joint that is going bad will have many effects on your car’s performance and also the drive quality. It is very crucial for a car’s well-being and also for the driver. There are many symptoms of bad ball joints and most of them are mentioned in this article. Therefore if you suspect that your car’s ball joints are going bad, this article will be very helpful for you.

Symptoms Of Bad Ball Joints:

A ball joint that is going bad and is not given proper treatment can turn out to be very dangerous on the roads. Looking out for the symptoms is very important. Here are the ones that are most common-

1. Tire Wear

Tire wear is quite normal especially if your car is old. But excessive tire wear indicates a bad ball joint of the suspension system. This happens due to misalignment of the ball joint which causes the tires to go through more pressure. This will also make one of the tires wear more. If this happens, you should get your ball joints fixed and also get new tires if needed.

2. Noises

This is one of the most common symptoms of a bad ball joint. As the ball joints go bad, there will be squeaking and clicking sounds from the ball joints. Sounds like these indicate a seized up ball joint. The rubber boot of the joints protects it from dirt, debris, sand and grime. If this boot is damaged or torn, dust and debris can accumulate in the ball joints, which will cause the ball joints to go through a lot of stress. This stress can make the whole suspension system squeak and click.

3. Problems Steering

A power steering system is very comfortable for the driver. The tilt function allows the driver to move the car at a curved angle. With the tilt function, you won’t have to put much force on the steering wheel as you move along a curve. Also, the safety feature of a power steering system makes the steering wheel return to zero degrees when no force is applied to it. When the ball joints go bad, these features will stop working. This is because the ball joints is a major part of the suspension system and the steering system is interrelated to the suspension system. A ball joint that has gone through wear and tear can make the steering difficult and also dangerous.

4. Vibrating sensation

A bad ball joint that has gone bad will put a lot of pressure on the chassis and the frame. If your ball joints are torn, you will experience a vibrating sensation. This will be very taxing on your car body and also the tires.

How To Fix Bad Ball Joints?

The ball joints of a car is a very complex component and can only be fixed by a certified technician. You should not try fixing it on your own. This problem is very dangerous and should not be ignored. You should take your car to a certified repair shop and get this fixed.

How Much Would It Cost To Fix A Ball Joint?

A ball joint is a small part of your car and it will cost you anywhere between $40 to $150. The replacement time will be over an hour and thus the total cost will be between $200 to $400. This includes the labour charge as well.


A ball joint is a very crucial part of a vehicle. The ball joint which is going bad will have very taxing consequences on your car. This should not be ignored at any cost as it is very dangerous. It can hamper your car’s chassis and the tires. The parts it can damage as a consequence will be much more expensive for you. I hope this article helped you identify whether you are experiencing symptoms of bad ball joints.