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My Toyota App Not Working, What To Do?

You’re searching for the Toyota app fixes that mean your toyota app not working, isn’t it? If yes, then there is no need of worrying you’ve come to the right place. Here we’ll discuss some easy fixes which will help you to get your app working smoothly like earlier the way used to work. With the Toyota app, you can keep track of maintenance visits and other information to keep your vehicle running efficiently. You can also get service deals straight to your phone to save money and get any recall alerts right away. The Toyota app also accesses maintenance information to know when it’s time for an oil change or other services.

It is easy to schedule maintenance service through the app and to get roadside assistance when you need help. You can even locate the closest dealer when you’re far away from home and Toyota of Scranton. If you have a question about your vehicle, you can access the owner’s manual right from the phone.

What Is The Toyota App?

The Toyota app is a smart application by Toyota motors. that helps you get lots of information about your car. Like maintenance Information, Service information, with the Toyota app, you can find your vehicle in parking or start your vehicle with that app. The app works with vehicles that are 2010 or newer. Not all used models will be compatible. The features available will also vary based on the vehicle and the subscription you choose. You can get the Toyota app from Google Play or the App Store and download it to your Android or iPhone device.

As the Toyota app is just part of Toyota’s connected services. Safety Connect provides emergency assistance anytime there’s an accident or other situations where help is necessary. Service Connect provides vehicle health reports and personalized maintenance updates. Toyota technology helps you find any location with Destination Assist. This program has a live agent 24/7 to help you find any address.

How To Install And Use The Toyota App?

Follow these below-mentioned steps to easily install and use the app:

  1. Download the Toyota App from the iPhone App Store or Google Play Store
  2. Create a Toyota Owner’s Account
  3. Register Your Toyota Account with Your Personal Information to Sign Up
  4. Enter the Emailed Verification Code to Verify Your Account
  5. Enter or Scan Your Toyota VIN Number in the App
  6. Add a Vehicle and Create a Vehicle Name in the App
  7. Accept the Terms and Conditions
  8. Finish Setup and Visit the Toyota My Garage Dashboard

How To Start Your Car With The Toyota App?

Starting your car with the Toyota app is easier than you think. You need to follow these steps for the same:

  1. You need to download the Toyota app from the google play store.
  2. Once you’re done installing the app open it.
  3. You need to click and hold down the ‘Start Engine’ button. Remember don’t lift up your finger immediately otherwise it won’t work.
  4. Now, just wait for the Toyota app to connect to the vehicle.
  5. Once the app connects to your Toyota car, it will start and will stay running for 10 minutes.

Why Is My Toyota App Not Working?

It could be an issue with your phone, it could be an issue with the Toyota app itself, or there is an issue with your device’s internet connection. There are plenty of reasons that the app might not be working properly, so it is best to try and troubleshoot before you assume that your phone is the problem or the app.

Sometimes Toyota app does not work because of our internet connection, and many times it happens due to some internal error of the application. So we don’t have a specific reason why the Toyota app is not working.

My Toyota App Not Working, What To Do?

Here are some fixes for the Toyota app, not working problem.

Step 1:- Check The Internet Connection

Firstly, you should check your internet connection. You can check it by using some other applications like YouTube, Instagram, or WhatsApp; if they work perfectly, the problem is not with your internet.

Step 2:- Clear App Data

If your Internet connection is working perfectly, but the toyota app not working, you need to clear app data. Just follow these mentioned steps for the same:

  1. Go to the setting on android or ios mobile
  2. Open the Application Center
  3. Here find Toyota App and click on that
  4. Now you’ll see two options clear data or uninstall
  5. Tap on Clear Data and give confirmation
  6. Now again, open the Toyota app, and maybe it’ll work.

Step 3:- Reinstall The Toyota App

If the above method does not work, you need to uninstall the Toyota app, restart your device and again install the Toyota app on your device from App Store.

Therefore, these are some fixes through which you can easily get your Toyota app problem fixed.


The problem of the toyota app not working will be fixed if all the above-mentioned steps are followed properly. We hope the above-mentioned information will be helpful to all the readers. If anybody’s doubts persist feel free to comment in the comment section below. We’ll try to solve your doubts as soon as possible.