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How Do I Get My Transmission Out Of Safe Mode?

You must have noticed sometimes that your car starts acting weirdly for no apparent reason and you may observe unexplained mechanical failure. There can be many reasons behind this but one of the most common reasons is when safe mode activates. Now you must be thinking how do I get my transmission out of safe mode? Don’t worry, as I am here for your rescue! So now let us get deep into the topic to know what exactly is it? Why does it happen? And how to get out of safe mode?

What Is Transmission Safe Mode?

Transmission safe mode is also known as a limp mode when activates you may observe sudden slackening and decline in the speed of your vehicle. I even if you try to speed up. Also, the ‘check engine’ light will lit up on the dashboard and you will not be able to change gear as it will automatically retract to second gear. The system performs poorly. I know it sounds scary and alarming to some of you, and believe me, it’s natural! You need not panic as your car has reflexively shifted to safe-conduct known as Limp Mode.


Why Did Your Car Go To Safe Mode?

Safe mode deactivates your car’s pompous not so needed features like Music System, Radio, AC, etc and saves energy. This energy is further used to run the essentials such as Accelerator, Brakes, Gear and Steering, etc. The system does so to safeguard damage to other parts. Below I will explain some of the customary causes:

transmission out of safety mode

1. Scanty Fuel And Grease

Using the scant amount of transmission fluid and lube may be the reason for your question How do I get my transmission out of limp mode? The lube and transmission fluid provides smooth lubrication to your vehicle to prevent the units and integrant from wear and tear. A low level may lead to a decrease in pressure inside the vehicle thus leading to limp mode and thus altering your vehicle’s proper operation.

2. Clutch Malfunction

If your vehicle’s clutch somehow gets damaged, displaced, or breaks then safety mode may trigger. It is your vehicle’s instinct to prevent any further damage.

3. Poor Adjustment

If the solenoids, transmission, or any other components are loosely attached or their adjustment alters involuntarily can also trigger Safety mode. A broken linkage occurs mostly due to overheating of system or parts erode and grind away with time.

4. The Sensors May Misfire

In case you are having a bad day, then this may be the cause of all your worries! Due to their malfunction in upholding the controls, they may mess up and send inaccurate prompts. These breakdowns are quite easily noticeable. So if you spot any of these faults, now you know what to do!

5. Error In Boost Deviation

Sometimes the cause may lie in error in boost deviation. If you apply sudden brakes to your car, it may lead to error in boost deviation thus enabling your vehicle’s safety mode.

6. Faulty Wiring Connections

Another major cause is dysfunctional or improper wiring. To avoid further complications, your vehicle’s transmission shifts to safety mode automatically.

How Do I Get My Transmission Out Of Limp Mode?

Now after knowing what exactly is safe mode and its causes, it is now time to get your vehicle’s transmission out of safe mode. So below are some of the most preferred ways:

1. Get A Mechanic

The best and handiest solution will be to get professional help. Such problems are very common in their domain and they can repair it in no time. They will spot the root cause of the activation of the limp mode and solve it.

2. Spot The Issue

Another pocket-friendly option is to visually inspect the damage and manually replace it. Get the new spare part yourself and replace the damaged integrant.

3. Act Soon

It is advised not to ignore those symbols and get it repaired as soon as possible to avoid any serious damage to which the safe mode is giving you signals.

4. Car Diagnostic Scanner

Get the help of a device namely car diagnostic scanner in troubleshooting the underlying major cause of the problem. This sensor can easily notice the fault in the system and notify you about the same.

5. Refill Fluids

Check the level of fluids, lubes, and grease in your car. Make sure the dipstick is neither too high nor too low. Make a habit of keeping fluids level in moderation.

Frequently Asked Questions –

So,here are some of  the frequently asked questions about What is Trans Failsafe, reasons of how to get transmission out?-

Why Did My Car Go Into Safe Mode -Limp Mode?

Failing code circumstances or “Safe Mode” happens when the computer of a vehicle has an issue with the logic. If the signal value sent to the computer by a sensor does not fall within the manufacturer’s pre-programmed range, it will move to “secondary” programming. These processes are intended to safeguard the transmission against further harm that the signal mistake could cause.

What Do You Do When Your Transmission Goes Into Failsafe Mode?

Depending on the reason your transmission has gone into failsafe mode, you may be able to turn the engine off and back on and drive normally for a time, perform a vehicle-specific reset, or you may need a technician with specialist diagnostic equipment to plug into your car’s computer and turn failsafe mode off that way.

What Is Failsafe Mode On A Car?

The point of failsafe mode is to allow you to drive your vehicle to a place it can be repaired, or stored until repair can be undertaken. That’s what should happen in principle.

What Does “Trans Failsafe” mean On A BMW?

If you drive a BMW with an automatic transmission, you may have experienced the dreaded “Trans. Failsafe” warning on your dashboard. It’s a warning that has become synonymous with vague problems and expensive repair bills.

What Happens When Your Car Is in Limp Mode?

Limp mode or Limp home mode is a meticulous calibration or map that the transmission control unit (TCU) or engine control unit (ECU) uses when one of your powertrain components detects a possibly hazardous issue.


Safety Mode is present only for our help so we should not consider it as a threat. Rather we should be grateful for this warning which helps us from potential future accidents. In case you are stuck in the middle of nowhere, just follow the above tips and get the faulty parts changed soon and get your transmission out of safe mode.

Bonus Tips

So now it is time for today’s bonus tips, tricks, and recommendations. Follow these to enjoy hassle-free car maintenance.

  • Avoid DIYs and Youtube videos to get your transmission out of safety mode.
  • Use quality new products to avoid the same mistake in the future.
  • Take your car for professional checkups yearly.
  • Check vehicle’s fluids every 500,000 miles.
  • Don’t put too much stress on your vehicle.
  • If you note any damage signals, don’t delay further.

So this is all in today’s blog, hope you like it. If you have any further queries, kindly let me know about it below in the comment section.

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