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What Does VDC Off Mean On The Dashboard?

Nowadays modern vehicles are equipped with plenty of advanced systems designed to keep you safer on the road. One of these systems is the vehicle dynamic control light (VDC) which is meant to improve traction. What if the VDC system has been deactivated what does vdc off mean on the dashboard of your car? The Vehicle Dynamic Control (VDC) system is Nissan’s traction/stability control. It is a relatively advanced form of stability control. The VDC system has the ability to apply the brakes to any one wheel, lower the engine speed, and keep the drive wheels from spinning out of control.

The VDC system runs a self-diagnostic which is one of the most important safety features on a Nissan vehicle (which includes Infiniti).  If the VDC system is off, and won’t go back on, you should have your vehicle serviced right away. When your vehicle encounters situations where it is losing traction, you’ll see the slip light appear on the dash.  That lets you know that the VDC system is engaged.  You’ll want to slow down to a safer speed.

What Does The Vehicle Dynamic Control Light In Car Means?

The VDC light comes on the dashboard if your vehicle’s stability control system is disengaged. As it works with your car’s anti-lock brake system to provide more traction. The VDC system allows drivers to maintain control of their cars in slippery driving conditions. Usually, the VDC light can be cleared by turning your car on and off.

If the vehicle is understeering, VDC applies the brakes on the outer front wheel by causing it to turn the way it should. The VDC system is consistently monitoring the direction and steering of the vehicle. If there is a problem, the VDC system enables to counteract the loss of traction and wheel slippage.

What Does VDC Off Mean On The Dashboard?

The VDC off light depicts that the system is off, or that it has a problem. It also means that your vehicle no longer has any stability control. Unless you need the traction control off for some reason, it’s best to leave the VDC system on. If this light isn’t going on/off when you hit the physical VDC off button, there is an issue with the system.

What Is The VDC Switch Mean In Your Car?

The VDC off switch is the switch that is used to turn the VDC system on and off.  If you have the VDC off light, hitting it is the first thing that you’ll want to do.  If you are just here wondering what this switch is for, it’s stability control. You should leave it on unless you’re hung up in the mud, or some other extreme situation.

What Are The Causes Of The VDC Off Light?

If you’re wondering what does vdc off mean and what are its causes? The VDC off light is the vehicle dynamic control warning light, and when it stays on it can mean that there is a serious issue with the vehicle dynamic control and traction control systems of your vehicle. VDC issues can be caused by several factors, and here we will go through some of them.

1. Defects In ABS Sensors At The Wheels:-

Your vehicle contains antilock-brake System (ABS) sensors on each of its wheels. These sensors are tasked with monitoring the speed of the vehicle and sending that information to the ECU of the vehicle. Information from the ABS system is used by the VDC to determine whether any of the wheels have been met with a loss of traction. You can now understand that if a sensor sends faulty information to the ECU, it can cause the VDC system to malfunction and will display the VDC off warning light.

2. Defects In The Steering Angle Sensors:-

VDC system monitors the angle of steering to function properly. The steering angle is measured by the steering angle sensors which are located on the steering column of the vehicle. However, due to the location of these sensors, they are known to malfunction and cause some issues. The VDC off light can turn on during a situation of this manner as well.

3. Road Quality:-

No two roads are the same, so it is not a surprise that some roads may have really rough driving conditions. During extreme conditions, the VDC system can malfunction for a short period of time. Typically, the system goes back to functioning normally once the conditions go back to normal once again.

4. Steering Rack Issues:-

The steering wheel is the main control device of the vehicle, and it is connected to the steering rack. Using hydraulic fluid, the steering rack turns the wheels. Sometimes malfunctions can occur in this component, leading to the VDC system malfunctioning and turning on the VDC off light.

5. Defective ECU:-

There are numerous sensors communicating with the car’s computer at all times. The computer is responsible for taking the data from the sensors and translating it into action. As the wheels begin to slip, the ECU needs to cut power to the wheel for correction. If the ECU can’t read the messages from the sensors, it could cause the VDC off light to come on the dashboard.

6. Low Brake Fluid:-

The first thing you should do is to inspect the brake fluid reservoir of your vehicle. Because even though low brake fluid may not be the cause for your concern, it is really important that you keep your brake fluid at the correct level to be safe from brake failures at a critical time.

7. Worn Brake Pads And Rotors:-

Brake pads and brake rotors are essential components of the braking system of a vehicle. Over time, these components can wear out. This in return can cause the vehicle dynamic control system and traction control systems to fail and give you VDC off and slip lights on at the same time.

Is VDC The Same As Traction Control?

Yes. The vehicle dynamic control system is Nissan’s unique name for traction control. The two are interchangeable, so you may find a mechanic referring to your VDC as a traction control system.

Is It Safe To Drive With The VDC Off Light?

Have you been wondering what does vdc off mean and is it safe to drive during this situation? The VDC system keeps you safe when your vehicle is at the edge of traction. As long as the ABS light is not on, you still have anti-lock brakes. It won’t be until you need it that you’ll miss it. Just remember that one of your vehicle’s most important layers of safety is not active when this light is on.  Hit the VDC switch and see if you can get the light to turn off.

While your vehicle won’t immediately break down after 20 minutes of driving, the VDC system prevents your car from slipping. That means if you drive with this indicator light on, you are more likely to get into a vehicle accident.

How Much Does It Cost To Repair A VDC System?

A vehicle dynamic control can cost up to $1600 to repair. To prevent someone from ripping you off, try and see if you can remove the VDC system switch. Test the inside of the button using a multimeter, just as you would test your starter. You know your VDC system is working if you receive a minor electric charge. Be sure that you turn off your engine as you run this test.

How Do I Turn The VDC System Off?

Look along the dash to see a button that looks like a vehicle swerving along a curvy road. You can flip the switch typically by pressing down on the button. Once the indicator light is on the dashboard, you know that the VDC system is off. When the VDC off indicator light is on, that means you may have accidentally pressed it, or there is an error in the vehicle dynamic control (VDC) system. Whatever may be the cause, it is not wise to ignore this warning light from your vehicle.

The first step to check your vehicle is to press the VDC off switch. If the indicator light doesn’t turn off at this point, turn the entire car off. After about 30 seconds, the VDC light should be off again. If it is still on, call an auto technician. If your light doesn’t turn on, that is a sign of another error that typically comes from your steering wheel or tire speed sensors. In either case, you should have control over your VDC system. If you don’t, you need to see a specialist.


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