How To Get Rid Of White Smoke From The Exhaust On Startup [Detailed Guide]

How To Get Rid Of White Smoke From The Exhaust On Startup [Detailed Guide]

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Definitely not Ignorable! I am talking about the White Smoke From the Exhaust on Startup of your car. You shall not neglect the issue. I know what goes through your mind right now! car emitting smoke from the tailpipe is a Standard Functioning cycle of a Car. I totally agree! But here, we are talking about the emission of white smoke from the exhaust on startup. This is a real-world issue. This takes attention to identify and fix it. And comes this article.

The Emission of White Smoke From The Exhaust On Startup

Today, we are going to discuss the real reason behind the Emission of White Smoke From The Exhaust On Startup. To be frank and honest with you. A very complicated issue that needs real skill to fix the issue once for all.  This article will take you through a series of specific mechanical terms that will educate as well as help you on how to fix the problem.

What Does White Smoke From Exhaust on Startup Usually Indicate?

Well, this is a simple biotic functioning of your vehicle. White smoke from the tailpipe usually indicates that there’s a leakage in the coolant. The intake is receiving oil from the fellow equipment. This evidently indicates that there is a leakage in the hoses.

The problem with the emission of white smoke from the tailpipe is that it deceives and confuses your mind on differentiating the smoke from that of Condensation and Leakaging.

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What Does White Smoke From Tailpipe Usually Indicate?

Well then, What is Condensation, and what are the effects and out results of it?

For that, you need to check this article out.

Flashing back to the real topic, The leakage mostly happens because of the malfunction in Air/Oil Separator thus resulting in the white smoke from the exhaust upon startup.

The vibrant leakage in the Oil Separator carries oil into the hoses and then to the pipes that carry air to the intake. Upon bringing up the oil to the intake the engine burns the oil assuming it as air thus resulting in White smoke from Exhaust.

How To Troubleshoot The Problem?

Excluding the process of Condensation from the Core topic, you can see the white smoke puffing from your tailpipe upon stating up your car after the constant rest of some good hours or a day. The problem with this kind of emissions is it deceives your eyes or says camouflages into something that appears extremely normal and safe.

White Smoke From The Exhaust On Startup

Another idiotic complication that can deceive your perspective is, the smoke vanishes or strops emitting from the tailpipe after a considerable 10-15 minutes. This happens because the engine gradually gains sufficient heat during those intervals.

Generally, the problem arises when you start the engine after a considerable amount of stagnation.

You can sense the oil burning smell when you are starting your car. There will be a possible amount of white smoke purging into the air from the tailpipe which acts as a quite good confirmatory signal.

The Standard configuration is when you feel a strong suction at the oil filter inserting cap. The engine sucks the oil cap with great pressure making it almost impossible for the serviceman to open it.

Stop Ignorance

Even today, many people mistook it as a part of the condensation process but in reality it clearly not! So, to get a basic understanding and a clear respective on the problem observe your tailpipe while you’re driving. I mean check the emission of smoke from the rearview mirror. If you can see the smoke vanishing after a good amount of 20 minutes max. then you can spot the problem affirmatively.

Or else, you can simply open up your fender and can observe the hoses across the corner to see whether there’s a leakage or it. If you smell a strange smell soon after opening up your fender then do yourself a favour by not checking the hoses because the smell is voluntarily explaining that there’s a malfunction/ a crack on the walls of your Oil separator.

What Exactly Is Air/Oil Separator and What Is The Functioning Of An Air/Oil Separator?

The Air/Oil Separator is located inside the car between the condenser and compressor.

White Smoke From The Exhaust On Startup

To be more specific, Oil Sepataror is a CrankcaseVentilator System in Engine. The primary function of an oil separator is to differentiate the blow by the engine. Oil fumes/gases taken from the timing cover case in liquid and gaseous form.

The Liquid form of the blow routes back to the crankcase and gaseous form routes to intake. To put in regular terms it is a guide who helps the elements reach their designated places without causing any collision within themselves.

The gaseous form at the intake gets burn along with air from the atmosphere/fresh air. It uses the cyclone effect at the cover case. In that cover case, the liquid form of an oil route to the oil pan and the gaseous form goes to intake where they get mixed/infiltrated with air.

White Smoke From The Exhaust On Startup

The Clogged filter restricts the flow and the system will not be able to have a sufficient amount of fresh air. The vacuum then will start sucking the oil from the blow-by along with gaseous form from the oil separator.

Thus causing the smoke from the exhaust upon startup. It can also happen when the pipe joint from oil separator to the engine block damage (mostly because of external damage.

The overly prolonged information provided above explains the functioning of an Oil separator is crystal clear. Sounds complicated but this a primary and most important function that helps you car mover towards the destination.

Can I Drive My Car With White Smoke?

Definitely Not! As I inflect in the above statement,  this shall not be neglected at any cost. Emitting smoke from tailpipe might seem inferior for the viewers but in functionality, it is not.

If you continue to drive your car that emits thick white smoke all through the route, odds say that will damage your engine permanently which also takes a fortune to repair them after.

smell from tailpipe
Car exhaust pipe

As we discussed before, the white smoke puffing from the tailpipe is because of the leakage at the coolant. And if you continue driving your car with coolant taking inside it might sabotage your engine as the fluid will start to consume the parts of the engine.

(Note: Never smell the exhaust from near. Just wait it out until it reaches your nostrils.)

So you better spot the mistake and correct it ASAP in your free time.

How To Fix The Emission of White Smoke From Exhaust On Startup?

Before digging up to the process of fixation. Let me warn you that this every tough, complicated, stuffed-up process. Of course, we provide you detailed information specifying each and other term but if you think you can’t handle such complicated big and works then accept the defeat and consult an expert to fix it.

The reason behind stressing out the difficulty level around this problem is: Many of self-act people accidentally cause damage to the fellow connections, plugs and equipment that were close to the core issue. So, please be careful and stay super attentive while you perform on your vehicle to avoid creating other problem to create more headache.

Replacing the old with new AOS is all that we need to do to fix the Emission of White Smoke From The Exhaust On Startup

This process will require 2 hours of your time. So show some patience and interest.

The Cost of AOS is about 100 to 150$ over the market and adding up the labour charges it might sum up to a total of 350-400 $ altogether.

Money is Time. Vice -Versa. So fold up your sleeve and dig in for solution.

Guide To Get Rid Of White Smoke From Exhaust On Startup

Here’s a Detailed Step to Step Process Exclusively For You You Fix The Problem Of White Smoke On Startup

Before commencing into the problem I’d recommend you to go through the manual instruction set to obtain practical knowledge of the equipment you’re performing.

I’m assuming you went through the Set so proceeding to the man-work.

  1. Get yourself a torch to find your way when you open up the engine.
  2. Now, find a 10mm socket from your kit and find a way to well your hand to the bottom of the AOS.White Smoke From The Exhaust On Startup
  3. You will only be able to find a confined space down there, try to maintain the grip and loosen up the bottom bolts of the AOS.
  4. Slowly wiggle your equipment to confirm the successful termination of the bolts.
  5. Now At the side of AOS, you can find rubber hoses, unleash the hoses. (Note: When you pluck out the hoses you can see the oils torques that indicate the leakage)White Smoke From The Exhaust On Startup
  6. With proper balance in your hands disconnect the clamps so you can replace them with new ones. You can simply put the new clamps that will help you fix hoses at the market which is of low cost.
  7. Important note: In some cars, the position AOS is Horizontal in between the compressor and the condenser. whereas in some other cars the AOS position is vertical to that of the engine. Please don’t worry if you find a difference in the placement of AOs. The process is just the same for any position.
  8. As you unleashed the bolts, clumps and hoses you can now pull out the AOS system.
  9. When you pull off the whole equipment out of your car, you can see the hoses soaked wey from oil. Now, clean the detached fixed ends to make sure there’s no dust I before replacing with the new AOS.
  10. Get the Lubricant that says “Gasket Dressing & Sealing ” to fix the holes firmly and tight. Apply the glue at the edges of the open ends so that it fixes sit smoothly when you fix the new AOS inside the engine.White Smoke From The Exhaust On Startup
  11. Examine your open ends clearly and fix the whole AOS exactly the way you plucked it before to avoid any collision with that of other equipment.
  12. Fix the bolts at the bottom part and then the hoses with the help of coasts.
  13. After fixing your AOS wiggle it to confirm any possible loose ends that need to be taken care of.
  14. Now start the engine and check for the smoke.
  15. I bet you can’t spot the Emission of White Smoke From The Exhaust On Startup.

White Smoke From The Exhaust On Startup

Done & Dusted.

The number of points mentioned might make you bit suspicious about the warning above which says very “long and complicated”. Let me clear it for you. The reason behind warning you beforehand is the equipment you are acting upon is in between much other skilful equipment.  And takes a real man to unplug the whole equipment. Without causing trouble to others. Which is why the warning has been made beforehand.


Modern problems require modern solutions. Likewise, fixing your car requires a real set of skills. If you think you don’t have the skills to fix your car. Let me remind you Fixing your car with your own hands is not rocket science. You just need a good instruction set and a liable guide who can help you diagnose the problem.

It is only as difficult as your attempt. Once you find step into it then everything feels like a piece of cake. Just slices properly and make yourself a good meal.

The Emission of White Smoke From The Exhaust On Startup. And the fixing is the problem is something similar to the previous anecdote. The emission might seem a bit logical in terms of the trouble it can cause but the problem I real. So you must act on it assuming that you rely on us on totally.

100 possibilities can cause damage to your car and we have 1000+1 solutions at your disposal. We will help you to fix them efficiently and perfectly. And without rushing to a mechanic and offering him a lump sum of money.

Stay Safe and Save your Money.


Thank You.

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