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Why Do Police Touch The Back Of Your Car?

If you’ve been pulled over, you might feel anxious and nervous. Particularly in the US the cop or officer pulls over the vehicle and briefly touches the back of the car before approaching the window. It turns out this is a common practice in law enforcement You’ve ever wondered why do police touch the back of your car? If you’re wondering about this question then you’ve come to the right place. 

The cop will first ensure that the trunk is secure. By guaranteeing that no one is going to jump out at them. Additionally, tapping the back of the car can tell the cop a lot about the nervousness of the driver and occupants. Finally, it puts the cop’s fingerprints on the car, just in case there’s a problem later. In this article, we’ll discuss this question in detail.

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Why Do Police Touch The Back Of Your Car?

When law enforcement officers conduct a traffic stop. They conduct plenty of procedures. Not only for the safety of the violator but for the safety of that officer. Officers touch the back of the car to check the trunk if someone could be hiding inside. It may sound a little weird, but officers want to make sure there’s no one trying to pull a potential surprise trunk attack. If two or more cops are working together, one will often check the trunk while the other moves toward your window. This process is done to ensure the driver doesn’t pull out a weapon while the other cop is checking the trunk.

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The cops believe that touching the back side of your vehicle has arrested a large number of intoxicated drivers and people with unlicensed firearms. It’s the job of the cop to find out your state of mind. To know if you are using drugs or any prohibited items or other violations in the vehicle.

The final reason that cops touch the trunk or tail light is to leave behind the officer’s fingerprints. These fingerprints will help the cops in some dangerous situations. The fingerprint method of tracing vehicles isn’t foolproof. Because of which police cars are equipped with dash cams and the police officers have body cams.

Therefore, if you’re wondering why do police touch the back of your car? then refer to the above-mentioned information. 

What To Do When A Cop Pulls You Over?

Here’s what to do when a police officer pulls your car over and approaches you.

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Step 1:- Slow Down The Vehicle And Turn On Your Flashers

If you need to drive a short distance to get somewhere safe, slow the vehicle down and turn on your flashers. This lets the cop know that you are trying to get to a safer location but aren’t ignoring their request.

Step 2:- Put The Car In Park And Shut Off The Engine

Once you are off the road you should put the car in park and also shut off the engine. So the police officer knows you don’t intend to go anywhere. After you put down the window, you want to remain as still as possible. Put your hands on the steering wheel where they can be easily seen.

Step 3:- Take A Deep Breath And Relax

While you wait for the cop, take a deep breath and relax. There’s nothing to be worried about if you aren’t doing anything illegal or have any illegal substances in the car.

Step 4:- Follow The Proper Instructions

As the cop approaches you, pay close attention to everything that is said. Do not speak unless you are asked to. You will be asked for your driver’s license and car registration, along with the insurance information.

Step 5:- Be Civil And Remain Respectful

It’s important to remain respectful. There’s no reason to argue with the cop, as nothing will be changed on the road. The only defense you have will be in court, and you will get your chance. Remember, everything you say to a police officer is admissible in court.

Step 6:- Sign The Citation

When the citation is given to you, go ahead and sign it. When you sign a citation, you aren’t admitting to guilt. Instead, you recognize that you received it. You can still choose to pay it or go to court and dispute it.

Frequently Asked Questions:-

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Let us know and see some frequently asked questions about why do police touch the back of your car? such as why do police leave their cars running all the time? and what to do if a cop pulls you over on the highway?

1. Why Do Police Leave Their Cars Running All The Time?

Police cars are often equipped with a huge amount of equipment, including lights, radios, and sirens. In some cases, this equipment can draw a significant amount of power, and leaving the car idling helps ensure that the battery will not be drained. The last thing they want is a drained battery when there is an emergency call.

2. What To Do If A Cop Pulls You Over On The Highway?

Always pull over to the right side of the road in the United States. Stopping in the middle of the highway is extremely dangerous for both you and the officer, so turn on your flashers or right turn signal, which let the police know you are looking for a safe place to stop. If it’s a very wide road it’s considered quite safe and you should stop immediately. Check your state’s laws before to be sure.

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The above-mentioned information about why do police touch the back of your car? we hope this will be helpful to all the readers. If anybody’s doubts persist feel free to comment in the comment section below. We’ll try to solve your doubts as soon as possible.