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Why Is Your Car’s One Windshield Wiper Not Working? 

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Windshield wipers of your car have a very important job. It is because of them that you can drive your car even when it’s raining. Windshield wipers can also help you to clean your car’s screen when you are washing your car. They are one of the parts of your car that ensures safe driving

All cars come with two windshield wipers on each side. Even one windshield wiper not working is undesirable as this will affect your safety when you have to drive while it’s raining. This undesirable issue can happen due to several reasons which we will be discussing one by one here.

Why Is My Car’s One Windshield Wiper Not Working?

Having a clean windshield is very important to see ahead clearly. Thus windshield wipers play a major role in keeping you safe but only if they are working properly. Many have complained about how their one windshield wiper abruptly stopped working and how they do not know why this happened. Here are some reasons why this undesirable condition happens.

1. Loose Wiper Pivot Nuts

The wiper arms are connected to wiper motors or transmission using nuts on a pivot. The nut tightly holds the wipers to the pivot and enables the wiper arms to work efficiently. If you find your one windshield wiper not working, then the most common reason will be a loose nut. When the nut is loose, your wiper arm won’t move and even if it did, it won’t move enough to wipe your windshield. Tightening the nut can rectify this issue but if it didn’t, it is recommended to consult your mechanic.

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How To Fix The Issue

If you find your one windshield wiper not working properly, then immediately check if the wiper pivot nuts are loose, because this is the most probable cause of such an issue. The only way to fix it is of course by tightening the wiper pivot nuts. This is not a task that will take a lot of your time. Fixing this issue will only take a matter of minutes. Once done, you will see your faulty wiper now running smoothly like it always has.

2. Torn Wiper Blade

Wiper blades have everything to do with how your windshield wiper works. If you find your one windshield wiper not working properly, an another common reason this happens is because the rubber edge on the blade of that wiper is torn. In such a case, that wiper won’t be able to make proper contact with the windshield to clean it. This condition can cause more disadvantage to you because the torn rubber edge leaves a small space, allowing dust and dirt to scratch your windshield. So it is advised to replace the faulty windshield wiper as soon as possible both for your and your car’s windshield’s safety.

How To Fix The Issue

Wiper blades with torn rubber won’t be able to perform their duty well. It’s best to go buy a new set of wiper blades with the help of your mechanic, for your car and get the one windshield wiper not working, replaced. Wiper blades are not overly expensive and the average cost of replacement is $75 to $82. Car mechanics usually recommend replacing your wiper blades every six months. So if possible, replace them regularly and maintain your car in tip-top shape.

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3. Accumulation Of Ice Or Snow On The Wiper

Your windshield wipers can’t handle heavy snow and it can even lead to one or both of your windshield to bend. This condition can even damage the wiper motor or transmission. So if one or both of your windshield wipers stopped working after a snowy day, you can blame yourself for using it before removing the heavy snow from the windshield and take it to a mechanic to get the wiper fixed.

How To Avoid The Issue

The best way to take care of your wiper arms is to altogether avoid wiping the accumulated snow from your windshield using them rather than worrying about fixing a bent wiper. It’s better to clear the accumulated snow manually and then use the wiper to clear the moisture off from the windshield.

It is also recommended to fix your car with winter wiper blades if you encounter regular heavy snow during the winter season. These wipers are made to be able to handle wiping snow and ice off your car’s windshield.

4. Wiper Motor Failure

If your wiper motor has failed, in most cases, not just one, but both of your windshields will stop working. Like most electrical components, it won’t be surprising if your wiper motor decides to stop working. In such a case, as expected, your windshield wipers won’t move at all and it is advised to replace the wiper motor right away.

How To Fix The Issue

You will have to replace it, if the existing wiper motor in your car breaks down. Wiper motor replacement is a pretty straightforward task. All you have to do is, remove the cowl and other things that may have accumulated to reach for the wiper motor. Once you have your hands on it, you can just remove and replace it with a new one.

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5. Fuse Burnt Out

At times, your windshield wipers’ fuse can burn out. Fuse in windshield wipers, like in most electric circuits, is designed to be a weak spot. So in case of the wiper motor overloads, the fuse will automatically cut off to avoid further damage. In such a case as well, both your windshield wipers will refuse to work. You can easily fix it after finding the obstruction and replacing the fuse. If the wipers didn’t continue working after this, you will have to get them checked by a mechanic.

How To Fix The Issue

Like mentioned before, you can either just replace the fuse if it’s not damaged or buy a new one and then fix it in the old fuse’s place. Fuses are very inexpensive and so you don’t have to worry about spending a lot of money to fix the issue.

However, if you are finding it difficult to locate the fuse, you will have to refer to your car’s manual. The location of the fuse will be different for different vehicles.

Video Tutorial:

Refer the below video to help you fix your wiper blades not working:


One windshield wiper not working in most cases is not a serious issue. As long as you can pinpoint what caused the issue, you should be able to fix it pretty fast. In most cases, only the above-mentioned reasons can be the cause of a faulty wiper, so it is not a matter that you should worry about a lot, as long as you are willing to take the necessary steps to take care of your wiper or fix them immediately.