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Why My Car Is Making A Womp Womp Tire Noise?

What if you’re driving and there is a sudden womp womp tire noise in your car. It can be a very embarrassing plus frustrating situation for you in the middle of the highway. This is one of the most shared issues across the car forums recently. If you’re wondering about the solution to this problem refer to this article.

Why Is A Car Making Womp Womp Tire Noise When Driving?

This annoying sound from the tires of your car might be coming because of the tire and wheel. The culprit could be a wrong-inflated tire, rough tire treads, tire-belt separation, or wheel misalignment.

1. Inflation Problem In The Tires:-

Some improper inflation in tires is the reason become a root of uneven balance, causing different troubles to your car. Over or under-inflated or poor tires might result in a womp womp sound from tires. Under-inflated tires represent dropped pressure in the components, resulting in the tire’s exterior face touching roads more often than normal. This means that too much frictional force exists, which could increase the heat to the part. Once your car overheats, which leads to burst tires, this indeed puts all eggs in one packet.

Even when your poor tires do not blow out, the under-inflated component might still let the tire treads separate. You can give away control of your car with some such knotty tires. So be sure that these components are properly inflated.

2. Rough Tire Treads:-

The treads air is compactly compressed to various extents and their designs. Yet, if the sound becomes too loud to the point that it can burst out while driving, this might be troublesome if you keep using these tires. Various tires entail various patterns of treads on tires. This might lead to some different sorts of humming sounds from tires.

3. Inappropriate Wheel Alignment:-

Alignment problems with the steering wheels might also cause some bad womp womp tire noise. Your car’s air chamber will create a humming noise from tires when you take your car with misaligned wheels or tires. Driving an automobile with inappropriate wheel alignment will force the components to corrode away much faster.

4. Tire-Belt Separation

A belt separation or broken belt in your tires might provoke the tire to make a humming noise. Faulty tire belts might also induce shakes or vibrations on the steering wheel. Aged tires have a good chance of causing this type of trouble as well. When you assume a belt separation or defective tire belt, replace a tire soon.

How Much Would It Cost to Fix the Womp Womp Noise that Your Car Makes?

The cost of replacing the tires would start from $200 and will keep going higher depending on the tire you choose. Fixing the wheel alignment would cost around $65 to $100.

What To Do If Your Car’s Tires Make Womp Womp Noise?

Till now we’ve discussed the possible causes of womp womp tire noise. Now we’ll dig into some basic and effective ways to solve the issue.

Step 1:- Replace Car Tires

If a car’s tires have rough treads, you will have to change them as soon as possible. Make sure to get the tires manufactured by a well-reputed brand. Also, if you suspect a broken tire belt or belt separation, get the tires changed as fast as you can. If left unchecked, the tires can blow out at any time on the road, which can cause your car to topple over.

Step 2:- Correct Wheels And Tires Alignment

When your wheels and tires are out of order ask for help from a mechanic to fix them properly. In case you don’t have enough knowledge of cars, do not carry out this task alone.

Step 3:- Inflate Tires Correctly

Please ensure that your tires are accurately inflated. Both under-inflation and over-inflation in tires put your car’s tires at risk of damage. Other than making womp womp noise, they can even blow out while you drive.

Here are some steps through which you can easily the womp womp sound from your tires.

Frequently Asked Questions:-

Now, we’ll discuss some FAQs like how long can you drive on uneven tires? what sort of sound is heard from unbalanced tires? etc.

1. How Long Can You Drive On Uneven Tires?

Actually, you can keep driving on unbalanced tires till these components experience wear and tear after all. Yet, it would be inevitable that you have to cope with off-putting rattling or some annoying lawn-mower-like sounds with the steering wheel while you drive.

2. What Sort Of Sound Is Heard From Unbalanced Tires?

If your car tires are unbalanced, you can hear slight humming noises other than the womp womp noise when you drive. There might be some vibrating noises as well when the car gains speed.

3. How Do I Fix The Tire Balance of my car?

Adding some extra weight can often help with out-of-balance tires. But you might have to get your tires rotated by a mechanic. Otherwise, there could be more imbalances caused by the heavier tire and wheel spots being lined up together.

4. How Can I Tell If My Car Tire Tread Is Separating?

You can feel small vibrating noises from the car if the tire treads are separating. As you accelerate, the car will be shaking, and the noise would get louder. If the problem gets worse, you might feel the wheel wobbling from side to side as you drive.


Car tires are just as important as any other part of the car since they play a huge role in keeping you safe as you drive. A busted tire can interrupt your journey, or even worse, cause an accident! We hope the above-mentioned about the womp womp tire noise in your car information will be helpful to all the readers. If anybody’s doubts persist feel free to comment in the comment section below. We’ll try to solve your doubts as soon as possible.