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Best Air Suspension Kits in 2022

Airbag Suspension kits have become very popular among automobile fanatics, and people are now well aware of the fact that installing the air suspension kits has a lot of great benefits to your car or truck. You do not have to go deep into an information search and product evaluation by yourself. It analyzed and evaluated several air suspension kits and shortlisted the 7 best airbag suspension kits for your car and Trucks.

What we have for you after extensive research and testing is a list of the best air suspension kits from the top air suspension brands of all time. Let us get into it!

About Air Bag Suspension Kits

The air suspension systems were always used in heavy-duty vehicles like trucks etc. But now since the technology advancements have made a lot of things more convenient and innovative, the air suspensions kits are made for cars as well. These kits for cars have provided an alternative to the coil springs with airbags that are more effective and efficient. The modern air suspension systems consist of several elements like the air compressor, airlines, dryer, and the solenoids which help to provide better control and a smoother ride on your mainstream automobile. The market is rushed with thousands of brands that offer various types of air suspension systems. But we bring you the top 7 best air suspension kits you can buy.

Professionals said that the air suspension kits for cars improve overall road handling, ride comfort, and control.

The revolutionary suspension kits have always been used in low custom riders and low ride trucks as we have seen in many car shows. But today these are becoming famous in our daily life automobiles as well.

This system is an automobile suspension that works as an alternative to the steel springs used in traditional suspension systems.

The air compressor used in this system pumps compressed air to the springs through a series of an airline. The dryer which is attached to the air compressor prevents moisture from entering the springs.

This system improves the suspension of the car and also lets your ride become more comfortable.

How Long Will Air Suspension Last?

The air suspension bag’s lifespan depends on the manufacturer, but as a good rule of thumb, you will need to replace the bags every 50,000 miles or so.

If you are looking for a temporal estimate, ten years seems to be the consensus.

What Does Air Ride Suspension Do?

It is a kind of vehicle suspension fueled by an electric, motor-driven air pump machine, and compressor.

The compressor exerts the air into flexible bellows. It is typically produced using material strengthened elastic.

This air pressure expands the bellows and increases the body from the axle.

What Are The Signs Of Suspension Problems?

If you happen to feel every single bump while traveling, experience difficulty in steering, feel a corner sagging, or are simply being pulled to one side a lot, your suspension is certainly messed up.

Additionally, if your suspension parts appear worn out, it’s better to be cautious and replace them.

Types of Air Suspension Systems

An air suspension system is divided into three types, and here we have explained all three of them for your better understanding.

  • Double-Convoluted Air Suspension

This is the most commonly used air suspension system in the front of the automobile. The quality of these systems is that they can withstand more weight compared to other suspensions and are mainly used in heavy vehicles.

It is called the double convoluted because it has two airbags that are linked by a short stroke just like an hourglass.

  • Tapered Sleeve Air Suspension

These air suspensions are used in automobiles with rear suspensions. The main purpose and feature of these air suspension kits for cars are to improve drive and take up to the luxury level.

The systems are conical providing greater height adjustment for your rides.

  • Rolling Sleeve Air Suspension

This air suspension for cars is used in rear suspension vehicles. Primarily these systems are used in sports cars to improve the handling of the vehicle and provide a better road grip as well.

Benefits Of Installing Air Suspension

There are many benefits of opting for air suspension kits for cars over traditional systems.

  • Better handling of the vehicle as the springs are adjustable to various levels of compression.
  • Easy customization and modification of the suspension.
  • Vehicles can be adjusted at different levels of hardness and softness depending on personal choice.

Best Air Bag Suspension Kits Review

We have reviewed some of the best airbag suspension kits so that you can make a wise purchase decision.

1. Air Lift 57215 Loadlifter rear air spring kit


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The Airlift load lifter has adjustable air helper springs that level the load and give your automobile a safer and more comfortable ride. The system is easy to install, and the springs can be easily fixed between the existing springs and the frame of the vehicle.

All you need to do is pump the air when you need to two or heal a heavy load. Easily reduce the pressure when unloading.

The material which is used for this air suspension kit is highly durable and gives your vehicle reliable and long service. The air is adjustable from 5 to 100 PSI and the leveling capacity is up to 5000lb.


  • Easy to install.
  • Simple pump system.
  • Durable.
  • Long service life.


  • Not much to say.

2. Air Lift 60769 1000 series rear air spring kit

It is one of the top brands that manufacture air suspension kits for your cars. This Series 1000 rear air spring kit is fully adjustable to level your vehicle for towing and hauling.

It provides a safer and more comfortable drive as well. The kit is capable of eliminating sag and also features a leveling capacity of up to 2000 lbs. You can upgrade your vehicle’s rear coil springs with this kit.


  • Easy to install.
  • Durable.
  • High built quality.


  • Leveling capacity only up to 2000lbs.

3. Air Lift 57295 load lifter rear air spring kit 


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These air suspension kits will handle big loads, and improve safety and ride quality. These are engineered and built with rubber bellows, and the end caps are made of ultra-high-strength nylon.

The nylon is as strong as steel, but the benefit is that it weighs less and does not corrode.

You can easily install this in one to two hours. The max and min air pressure is 100 to 5 psi, and the leveling capacity goes up to 5000 lbs.


  • Great built quality.
  • Quick installation.


  • Not much to say.

4. Firestone ride- rite kit for Toyota Tacoma 4WD


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These are the helper springs that are double convoluted air springs offering a maximum load capacity of up to 5000lbs. The ride rite is the air helper springs that are installed between the suspension and the frame of your automobile. They provide load support by using air pressure of up to 100 PSI.

Firestone is a brand that is well known due to its durability and quality. This kit will reduce the interleaf friction keeping your truck at the level and reducing suspension fatigue.

All this results in the increased stability of your vehicle.


  • Double convoluted.
  • High built quality.


  • Not much to say.

5. Air Lift 57398 load-lifter air spring kit


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This air spring kit 57398 is fully adjustable and great for leveling vehicles for towing and hauling. The air suspension kit eliminates sag and includes rugged components ensuring long service life.

This kit is easy to install and uses 2-ply fabric reinforced air springs. The max load capacity is 5000 lbs which is enough for towing and hauling purposes.


  • High built quality.
  • Fabric reinforced springs.
  • The fabric prevents corrosion.
  • Works on almost every vehicle.


  • Not much to say.

6. Timbren FR350SDF suspension enhancement system


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This suspension enhancement system is one of the best airbag suspension kits for your automobile available on the market.

This system eliminates suspension sag and cushion road shock. When we Install this, it will improve the stability of your vehicle and reduce sway.

The most astonishing feature is that this complete airbag suspension kit has a load capacity of up to 8600 lbs which is the highest on this list. The kit fixes in the rear axle and weighs only 10 lbs.


  • Load capacity up to 8600lbs.
  • Lightweight.


  • Not much to say.

7. Firestone ride-rite air helper spring


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The Firestone is also one of the top brands that manufacture excellent air suspension systems like the Ride-Rite 2299. The Ride-rite and sport-rite air helper springs use a couple of convoluted or tapered style air springs. These air springs have loads and a level capacity of 3000 to 5000 lbs.

It is recommended that drivers should not exceed the manufacturer’s load limit. These air springs are attached to mostly RVs, vans, and light trucks. They can be installed quickly between the suspension and the frame providing load support through air pressure. 


  • Heavy load capacity.
  • Lightweight.
  • Fits on the rear.


  • Not for cars.

7 Best Air Bag Suspension Kits

Below is an exhaustive list of the best airbag suspension kits available today.

  1. Air Lift 57215 Loadlifter Rear Air Spring Kit
  2. Air Lift 60769 1000 Series Rear Air Spring Kit
  3. Air Lift 57295 Loadlifter Rear Air Spring Kit
  4. Firestone Ride-Rite Kit For Toyota Tacoma 4Wd
  5. Air Lift 57398 Load-lifter Air Spring Kit
  6. Timbren Fr350Sdf Suspension Enhancement System
  7. Firestone Ride-rite Air Helper Spring

1. Are Airbags For Suspension Worth It?

Sway is eliminated, and steering, handling, and braking are improved. When towing, they instantly stabilize your load. They increase ride quality — vehicles equipped with air suspension handle uneven roads with ease, whether on or off-road.

2. Do Airbags Increase The Quality Of The Ride?

Based on the load weight and vehicle speed, air suspension improves ride height. Because air suspension is better matched to the road surface, higher corner speeds are possible.

3. How Much Is An Air Suspension Kit?

Although they are precision engineered and made with the highest quality parts, air ride suspension bags are surprisingly affordable. Depending on your application, you can expect to pay anywhere from $300 to $700 for the kit itself.

4. Will Air Suspension Be Good For Daily Driving?

The simple answer is yes. Air suspension has been proven to be a great addition to vehicles for daily driving if installed and maintained correctly


Through our research, we have identified that there are only a few numbers of brands that can be called the top brands for air suspension kits.

Our shortlisted best airbag suspension kits are from the top brands and have been valued by many different customers around the world. One of the best choices is Air Lift 57215 Loadlifter rear air spring kit.

But it all depends on you how you choose the right one for yourself and also what are your requirements.