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Symptoms Of Bad Shocks & Struts In A Car

The quality of the ride depends upon the comfort and convenience offered by the vehicle. Design and suspension play an essential role in this aspect. The suspension varies from car to car and also the purpose. Also, it is necessary to have proper suspension to avoid damage to the components. Every component has a certain lifespan, and some might wear out sooner or later, and some get damaged and malfunction. In these cases, the vehicle will exhibit some symptoms as an indication to resolve it soon before it gets worse. Similarly, bad suspensions cause discomfort in the ride and affect the quality of the ride.  So let us know the different symptoms of bad shocks and struts in this article as the bad shocks replacement is cheaper than the damages and the cost of replacements caused by the lousy suspension.

Different Components Of Suspension

Suspension in the car is another system that includes many parts together for proper functioning. We all know that suspension has spring, shock absorbers or dampers and struts, and links and bearings. The design of every part varies based on the specification and model of the car and system. It is necessary to replace similar parts instead of cheap and different parts because it might affect the functioning. Some people may refer to the dampers as shocks.

Symptoms Of Bad Shocks And Struts

A person can feel the symptoms of bad shocks because it affects the comforts in the vehicle. Also, many reasons might make your ride discomfort, but suspensions are the primary source of these problems.

1. Stability

The person can notice the difference in the stability of the vehicle. Usually, the cars perform smoothly on the highways and clear roads, but in this case, the car will lose its stability and have slight movements. The person can feel this inside the car even though it is a small movement.

Not only on highways, but the person can also feel the bad shocks in turns. The shocks hold the tire to the ground and allow you to make a perfect turn. A terrible shock will affect the grips, and the person can feel the car tipping on one side and wobbling a lot before it stabilizes.

A terrible shock will also affect the steering system. The steering wheel will vibrate, and the person can feel it in their hands because the nasty shocks are affecting the function of the suspension. These are some stability issues caused by a damaged shock absorber. Driving with bad shocks and struts will affect the quality and comfort of the ride.

2. Oil Leaks

The dampers also called shocks, will have a cylinder reservoir to hold oils for proper functioning. Any shocks with low fluid will get damaged sooner because of the impact force. A damaged seal in the reservoir will cause leakage, and there might be no fluid in the system to absorb the shocks from the ground. The person can notice the stains of fluid on the wheel rims and floor, indicating the leakage. In this case, replace the seal to stop the leaking fluid for proper functioning. If you haven’t noticed this issue for a long time, then it might probably damage the ability of the dampers and leaves no choice except replacement.

3. Noises

The person can hear unusual clunking noises near the wheels whenever they make a turn or go over a bump. These sounds are an indication of damaged shocks. Also, every damaged part in the suspension system will cause noises, so better inspect the entire system and replace the components accordingly. The suspension links with the wheel and steering system, and the damaged dampers will affect the functioning of other networks. Ignoring the noises from the car will always end badly, so better solve it quickly.

4. Issues With Tires

Any damage to the suspension will affect the wheel system because they are linked together. First, the alignment of the wheel will change, and you can notice your car moving left or right even though the steering is straight. Driving with a misaligned wheel increases the risk of accidents. Also, a misaligned tire will wear out sooner than usual because of the angle of contact to the ground. The person has to replace the tires often to have a safe drive. Also, follow regular tire changing sequences to avoid early replacements.

How Often Do I Need To Replace Shocks?

We all know that every part and component has a specific life and might need a replacement after that time. Sometimes repairing the parts will allow us to drive a little longer. In this case, repairing a damaged suspension part might never work, and the only possible solution is to replace the damaged part.

The mechanics suggest replacing shocks every 50000 to 100000 miles. The duration also varies based on the usage of cars and the condition of roads. Sometimes the shocks wear out sooner than usual, and in some cases, it functions correctly beyond their limit. To make sure you have good shocks, then check the condition of the damper every month so that you can solve the issues before it becomes worse.

Also, all the parts of the suspension have undergone the same conditions and impacts, so it is better to replace them in pairs. Replace the shocks and struts at the same time for proper functioning. Mechanics suggest replacing all four sets for better performance and control, and effective output. So, do not wait for your suspension to wear out; rather, replace all the pairs if it has worked beyond its limit. It reduces the risk of damage.


What Damage Can Bad Struts Cause?

Bad struts can result in a car accident, vehicle rolls and you hear Unusual Noises.   It leads to top Nose -Diving.

What Does It Feel Like To Drive With Bad Struts?

Bad struts can cause imbalance, therefore, leading to difficulty in Handling.

How Long Do Shocks Last?

It depends we can say on the nature of roads, suspension geometry, etc. For an average person,  shocks can last for a maximum of 7 or 8 years.

What Are The Signs That My Vehicle Needs New Shocks Or Struts?

Signs can be problems with handling, braking problem, Mileage, when the vehicle gets rolled drives over bumps, leaking of fluid on the exterior part of trucks.

What Happens If You Don’t Repair Struts?

If struts or shocks are not repaired then it results in tin longer stopping distances, losses of the ability to exert the force when driving a car., the breaking problem also becomes unstable vehicle get bounced.

Do You Have To Replace Both Shock Absorber Or Sturts if only one is bad?

No, it is not significant to replace both shock absorbers or struts but it is recommended to replace them jointly. moreover, if you are facing any problem on both ends of the vehicle, you can replace it together.  For example – Ione shock can lead to a bad effect on safety. Anew shock may have different damping characteristics which can sometimes lead to loss of grip, handling problems, etc.

Can You Repair Shock Absorbers?

No, not every shock absorber can be replaced.


A person should have regular service and maintenance for better performance and the life of the car. Repairing and replacing the problems in the initial stages will cost less than replacing the entire system, which was affected by the same issue. Always do not hesitate to inspect your vehicle because it might cause severe damage. It is our responsibility to drive safer. If you notice any signs of bad shocks, then replace it quickly as suggested by the mechanic and have a pleasant ride.

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