Best Aftermarket Steering Wheels

Best Aftermarket Steering Wheels

When you search around you compare cheap wheels and progressively costly wheels. The genuine expenses may fluctuate depending upon the nation and so forth. A modest wheel will be made of less expensive materials and bound to twist. So investing in the best aftermarket steering wheels is a must!

This may be alright in case you’re not utilizing your vehicle on the track. Yet in the event that you are this could be an issue. As you are putting a great deal of power into the wheel (particularly during the corners).

So the primary thing to consider is the utilization. In the event that you are ever uncertain, go to a racing shop and evaluate the wheels. Put them on the table and press down hard, you will perceive how the less expensive wheels twist. For the most part, the respective brands, for example, Sparco, OMP, MOMO or Sabelt. They make those ‘great’ wheels that won’t twist.

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Concerning which brand, the wheels of the previously mentioned brands are basically the equivalent other than the style. So it’s only an issue of picking what you like. There are additionally carbon-fibre steering wheels for those us who simply become weary of bearing all that cash each day.

Here, are few of the best aftermarket steering wheels that help the car to run smoothly and efficiently and thus, helps the rider to become a wonderful one. These wheels play a very important role in the car, as these help in making the look of the car from inside as well as outside. It decides the comfort and depending upon the wheel attached, decides the luxuriousness of the car.

Since these wheels provide the drivers with softness, but in order to make the ride more enjoyable and comfortable, excluding the irritation that is caused and to improve its height, all at once, below are the best aftermarket steering wheels that are recommended for the drivers. Thus, one can shortlist the best tire based on their opinion and select the best one suited for them.

Best Aftermarket Steering Wheels

Below is the comparison table, where the customers can make choice, based on their interests. There are primary differences in the tires below. The customers can choose the best one, depending on the grip they want.

Sparco 015R383PSN Suede Steering Wheel, Black

Sparco 015R383PSN Suede Steering Wheel, Black

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Sparco steering wheels are intended to improve hold and solace for driving accuracy. Accessible in various distances across, profundities, and materials. That will fulfil each driving circumstance from the road to follow.

The steering wheel can be used for both streets and on the track. The steering wheel is universal but you’ll need a vehicle-specific hub adapter to install it. 

Stiffer wheelNo airbag.
Ensures good griprequires a separate hub adapter.


  • 39 mm dish
  • Thick anatomic grip
  • Diameter – 330mm
  • Suede steering wheel
  • Product dimension: 3.9 x 11.8 x 11.8 inches
  • Item weight: 3 pounds

MOMO 350 mm Leather Steering Wheel

MOMO QRK35BK0B Quark Black 350 mm Urethane Steering Wheel

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Since 1966, the steering wheels and Momo brand have been permanently connected. From Formula 1 and ALMS to Grand-Am and NASCAR to SCCA and NASA, progressively world and national victors have won. Utilizing a Momo steering wheel than some other brand.

That equivalent responsibility to quality and building can be found in Momo steering wheels for your vehicle. Quality materials, for example, aircraft quality aluminium, top-grain leather, and solid Alcantara texture are the sign of our Italian structured wheels.

The MOMO 350 mm Leather Steering Wheel is mainly used by the Mitsubishi Cedia Company. It gives the car a smart look. It is a multi-functional, that is, it can be adjusted at any given height as comfortable by the driver. The MOMO 350 mm Leather Steering Wheel is incorporated by the audio controls and also contains an airbag in it. It provides an extra level of comfort and luxury to the driver.

Adjustable wheelNot a stiff wheel
Contains airbags 


  • Black urethane with coloured top grain leather inserts
  • The diameter of the steering wheel is 13.8 in. from outside to outside 
  • 28×32 mm rim diameter
  • 45×38 mm anatomic grip
  • Product dimensions: 9.8 x 2 x 9.8 inches
  • Item weight: 2.91 pounds

Tanaka Decked Out Edition Carbon Fiber Steering Wheel (Universal)

Tanaka Decked Out Edition 350mm Deep Dish 6 Bolt PU Carbon Fiber Steering Wheel (Universal)

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Made out of High-Quality PU leather with Carbon Fiber look. 3″ Deep 350mm Deep Dish style utilizing 6 bolt steering centre connector. Center connector is excluded.

Comes with a wiring unit for horn. 6 Silver centre point fastener and Allen hex key apparatus. Single Horn catch, general fit, does exclude establishment directions, the proficient establishment is prescribed.

It has superb grip and feels    Hub adapter is NOT included
High-Quality PU leather with Carbon Fiber look        Quite heavy in weight.


  • Provides superb grip and handling.
  • suitable for street use
  • hub adapter not available
  • single Horn button, universal fit, does not include installation instructions, professional installation is recommended.
  • product dimension: 13.5 x 13.5 x 3 inches
  • item weight: 3.05 pounds.

Scott Drake GM-SW-6782 15″ Woodgrain Steering Wheel

Scott Drake GM-SW-6782-CV Walnut GM 15" Woodgrain Steering Wheel

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The Corso Feroce LT-15 steering wheel was propelled by the first 16″ recreated wood steering wheels. Normally utilized as a fancy alternative on numerous GM autos of the ’60s and mid-1970s. The LT-15 includes a 15″ distance across veritable hardwood edge with a rich credible shading and etched finger indents. The exemplary three-spoked configuration is created from brushed hardened steel and has a 4″ dish simply like the firsts.

This wheel is an immediate supplanting intended to work with the vehicles unique mounting centre and horn catch. The Corso Feroce LT-15 is the perfect steering wheel for these GM vehicles: 63-67 Corvette, 67-69 Camaro, 67-69 Chevelle, 67-69 Malibu, 67-69 El Camino, 68-70 Nova and numerous other GM applications.

Scott Drake GM-SW-6782 steering wheel is made of wood, where it provides a driver with deluxe options. It is made of genuine hardwood with rich authentic colours on it. Scott Drake GM-SW-6782 gives a pleasant feel to the driver without being too chunky. It has extra rigidity. It is easily repairable since it is made of wood. Its pros and cons are as follows:

Has increased structural rigidityThe interior looks crampy
Are safer as compared to other wheelsRequires maintenance over time


  • Deluxe Option Steering Wheel
  • Genuine Hard Wood with Rich Authentic Color
  • Sculpted Finger Indents
  • Classic Three Spoke Design Crafted from Brushed Stainless Steel
  • 4″ Dish Just Like the Originals
  • Product Dimension: 17 x 16 x 5 inches
  • Item weight: 2.5 pounds

Joes Racing 13535-B 15″ Black Flat Steering Wheel



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Take hold of the lightest JOES Steering Wheel. You won’t lose your grasp on their shot peened, no-slip surface. They are penetrated to lessen weight and are accessible in a characteristic aluminium or dark anodized wrap-up. Dished wheels have a 1-7/8″ to 2-1/4″ dish contingent upon the measure of the wheel. Level wheels have a slight dish, they are intended for the inside to sit flush when lying level. The slight dish improves the toughness of the wheel to avert bowing.

Joes Racing 13535-B 15″ Black Flat Steering Wheel is considered one of the best steering wheels. It is the lightest wheel, which is also the cheapest, easily affordable for everyone. It is made in such a way to as it possesses a lesser weight and due to its less weight, it is available in natural aluminium or black anodized finishing. The shape of the wheel is like a dish, which helps it to improve the durability of the wheel so as to prevent the bending of the wheel.

Shaped like a dishVarious colours not available


  • Tube diameter is 1-1/8″.
  • 3x 5/16″ on a 1-3/4″ Bolt Circle 
  • 3x 1/4″ on a 1-9/16 Bolt Circle
  • 15″ Diameter measured from outside to outside.
  • Product dimensions: 15.2 x 15.5 x 1.3 inches
  • Item Weight: 1.26 pounds

Grant Products 414 Challenger Steering Wheel

Grant Products 414 Challenger Wheel, Best Aftermarket Steering Wheels

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This wheel highlights Grant’s selective double plane talked structure. This 3-dimensional hi-tech, double plane 4-spoke configuration offers a “world class look.” A Grant Installation Kit is important to mount this wheel to a vehicle.

This steering wheel will work with any Grant Standard 3000 or 4000 Series Installation Kits. It won’t work with Grant Billet or Euro Installation Kits.

The eight jolt design you see around the horn button is improving just and this wheel is as yet a three jolt design underneath the horn button. It is one of the best aftermarket steering wheels available in the market today.


  • 13.5″ steering wheel diameter.
  • 2.25″  dish length.
  • Grant exclusive Dual-Plane design
  • Black cushioned foam grip
  • Matte black steel spokes
  • Grant installation kit required
  • Product Dimensions: 14.3 x 14.7 x 4.4 inches
  • Item weight: 4.5 pounds
Easy installationRequires force for installation to ensure the safety of the driver.
Luxurious look to the car 

RXMOTOR -008RD Steering Wheel


Rx series Best Aftermarket Steering Wheels

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This is a brand new 350mm. The 6 bolt pattern f1 style sports racing steering wheel made by red/black PVC leather. This steering wheel gives your vehicle a classy look inside. Other than giving your vehicle a dashing touch, this steering wheel also gives better hold and steering.

This steering wheel has a 6 bolt pattern design for mounting. Therefore you will need to purchase a steering wheel hub adapter separately. In order to install this item. Steering wheel hub adapter is not included with this package.

Long-lasting  hub adapter not available
Available in several colours 


  • 350mm universal fit steering wheel, not a stand-alone product
  • Steering wheel hub adapter is not included
  • 6 bolt pattern design for mounting
  • Hub adapter not included in the kit.
  • available in various colours
  • Very easy to install.
  • Comes at a cheap price but it’s a valuable product.
  • Product dimensions: 14 x 14 x 4 inches.
  • Item weight: 2 pounds

7 Best Aftermarket Steering Wheels

Below are some of the best aftermarket steering wheels to consider buying.

  1. Sparco 015R383Psn Suede Steering Wheel
  2. Momo 350 Mm Leather Steering Wheel
  3. Tanaka Decked Out Edition Carbon Fiber Steering Wheel (Universal)
  4. Scott Drake Gm-SW-6782 15″ Woodgrain Steering Wheel
  5. Joes Racing 13535-b 15″ Black Flat Steering Wheel
  6. Grant Products 414 Challenger Steering Wheel
  7. Rxmotor Wheel-008Rd Steering Wheel

The Final Verdict

In this manner, these are the few of the best aftermarket steering wheels, that help the driver to run the vehicle easily and productively. These wheels likewise help in improving the appearance of the vehicle, from the inside till the outside. Some of these wheels give the vehicle a better than average, rich look and few of them give the vehicle a sumptuous look. 

But knowing what you want for your car. This will help you search for the perfect steering wheel for your car. Remember that since some of the above-suggested products come at cheap prices. That doesn’t mean the products are made of best quality products.

They might turn out to work well, but there’s no guarantee for its longevity. In my opinion, Grant steering wheels are the best aftermarket steering wheels available. Although they are only meant for certain vehicle models. It still is a ‘value for money’ product.

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