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The Best Chrome Polish To Make Motorcycle Exhaust Shine

Who doesn’t like to ride a squeaky clean motorbike, with its chrome-plated parts shining under the broad daylight wherever it goes for a ride. Chrome plating has several purposes, such as beautifying the bike parts by giving them a mirror-like luster while protecting the metal underneath it with its thin chromium coating. In this article, we will find out the best chrome polish for motorcycle exhaust to give it the perfect shine that you always wished for.

To increase the lifespan of your motorbike you must take care of the chrome plating on your bike. Reasons such as moisture, dust, and foreign particles which penetrate through the chrome plating corroding it in the process.

This is what ruins its finishing look while damaging the bike parts. This is how the motorbike begins to rust. Therefore to preserve the damaged parts re-coating them is the only true solution, which is very expensive. So it is better if you start taking care of your bike parts before something like this happens.

There are many products which are found nowadays in the market known as metal polishers or in this case chrome polishers which can be used to polish the exhausts to bring back the original finishing look that you desire.

Directions For Using A Chrome Polisher For Your Exhaust:

  • Taking out the exhaust from your bike for cleaning is an optional step for you as it won’t affect the cleaning process.
  • Start the cleaning process by removing the dirt from the exhaust’s surface with the help of a soap solution or just plain water with a soft rag cloth.
  • After the dirt is removed apply the chrome polisher paste or cream on your exhaust and spread it in circular motions with the help of a clean and soft rag cloth.
  • Buff out the excess residue of the polisher with the help of the cleaner side of the rag cloth.

The Best Chrome Polish for Motorcycle Exhaust

To have a better cleaning and polishing experience it is necessary to know your product, here are a few products that are popular amongst the buyers.

1. Sonax Chrome and Aluminum Paste (75 ml)

The Sonax chrome and aluminum paste is a Germany-based product that allows you to remove rust and blind spots quickly, it dissolves the dirt and corrosion thoroughly and leaves a protective shine on your exhaust.

It can be used for polishing taps as well as other metal products (decorative) that you own at home. It is one of the best chrome polishes for motorcycle exhaust.

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2. Autosol Metal Polish

This is a multi-purpose product that can be used for polishing metals such as brass, nickel, and copper including chrome. It can be applied to decorative metal items, musical instruments, and metallic signboards. Autosol can be used for polishing household articles, automotive parts, and restaurants.

It also removes fine scratches from the windshield. This is a non-toxic and non-flammable product that has satisfied thousands of customers on a global level, this product surely is one of the many values for money products. Best for polishing automobile parts.

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3. Midas Touch Metal Polishing Cream

The metal polisher is used for precious metals such as gold, silver, brass, copper, chrome, platinum, bronze, and sterling silver. The product gently removes tarnish, film, and hairline scratch from most metal surfaces bringing back its original luster. Works great on motorbike parts, pieces of jewelry, trophies, and faucets.

Midas touch makes sure that the results are quick and vanishes even the toughest tarnish within a reasonable amount of time. This is a strong product that is advisable to use for surfaces that have been neglected for a long time to give them an excellent showroom quality look yet it can still be used on products that are barely corroded without causing any further corrosion or damage to it.


Rolie's Midas Touch Metal Polishing Cream

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4. Star Brite 082708 Chrome & Stainless Polish

This product is best suitable for polishing bike parts, boats, and stainless steel. Though the product claims that it is easy to use but some customers have faced minor issues while polishing, just a little extra force and time are required at times to bring out the best results, that’s it.

This product has had a positive review for its effect on chrome-plated bikes and powerboats. Star Brite is made of a marine-grade formula that the saltwater sprays while leaving a long-lasting protective coat of the polish. It also avoids discoloration, staining, or rusting to some extent.

Star Brite Chrome and Stainless Polish


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5. Rolite Metal Polish Paste

It can be used on several metal surfaces like chrome, stainless steel, brass, bronze, gold, copper, nickel, and aluminum. This is an all-rounder product.

As it can be used for automotive parts, industrial tools, commercial products, guns, knives, polishing faucets, shower stalls, and lastly it is safe for painted surfaces. It removes the tarnish and oxidized product from the metal surfaces, leaving a protective coating on the surface.

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6. Mothers California Gold Chrome Polish

Mothers California gold chrome polish is one of the best metal polishing products. They work best on chrome-plated automotive parts. However, the results may not be exceptional on every other metallic surface. It’s a gentle product and can be used daily.

This product is worth its money as it brings an exceptional shine to all the automotive parts. It deeply removes the stains and tarnishes from the metal surfaces making its shine pop out. But for the product to work better, a little rigorous rubbing may be required. It is one of the best chrome polishes for motorcycle exhaust.

7 Best Chrome Polish For Motorcycle Exhaust

Here are some of the best chrome polishes for motorcycle exhaust.

  1. Sonax Chrome And Aluminum Paste
  2. Autosol Metal Polish
  3. Midas Touch Metal Polishing Cream
  4. Star Brite 082708 Chrome & Stainless Polish
  5. Rolite Metal Polish Paste
  6. Dazio Metal Polish
  7. Mothers California Gold Chrome Polish

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What To Put On Chrome To Make It Sparkle?

Blend a balance of vinegar and water, absorb a cleaning material in the arrangement, and apply some of it to the impacted regions. Then clean the chrome leaves behind little, roundabout developments. You’re finished!

2. Could You At Any Point Wax The Chrome Exhaust?

Most wax organizations won’t suggest waxing chrome. Windex is presumably your smartest option

3. Could I At Any Point Wax My Cruiser Exhaust?

Wax or some other covering will simply consume. Clean them great, perhaps some chrome clean for the cleaning impact assuming there are little tar spots.

4. What Causes Staining On Cruiser Exhaust Pipes?

The metal becomes stained because of the hotness of the exhaust going through the lines.


After reading through these chrome polish reviews, making a fair decision would be easy for you. Complete research is a must to know your requirements.

The best chrome polish may vary according to different people. But make sure you choose the best chrome polish for motorcycle exhaust to fulfill your requirements and ggiveproper results.