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The Best Dash Cam For Semi Trucks in 2019 [Top 7]

The Best Dash Cam For Semi Trucks in 2019 [Top 7]

When driving your vehicle, you never know when an unexpected incident may occur. These incidents can be anything from isolated instances of road rage, collisions or accidents with pedestrians. That’s why we have brought you a detailed list of best dash cam for semi truck that you can purchase today.

If an incident does occur, you want to be armed with the best evidence possible, evidence which will speak for you on your behalf in a court of law, and the best way to do that is to install a dash cam. Purchasing a dash cam may look complex, but it is not as hard as you may think. It’s an important tool and a must-have especially for people who spend most of their time in trucks.

The Best Dash Cam For Semi Truck To Buy

We have made it easier by our content of the best dash cam for truckers.

1. Wheel Witness HD PRO Dash Cam

Wheel witness HD PRO Dash Cam

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When the purpose is to record the road in front of you. it is vital that your camera has a nice, wide-angle, clear video, and dependability. And the wheel witness has a super-wide 170-degree field of view and using Wide dynamic range, WDR technology. you can be assured that everything is recorded in high definition video.

This dash cam has a loop recording feature that allows to continually record as you drive. And the cam always integrates the GPS data into the video so if anything happens and required evidence. The location will be stamped on the image.

Memory look gravity sensing comes into play when the dash cam sense that the truck has a sudden alteration in gravity. Such as quick start, stop or collision. The dash cam will not only record the situation but locks the dash cam so that the video data of the incident cannot be overwritten.

There are some features of this cam

GPS enabled, GPS is embedded in the video

Super HD 2304*1296 resolution for clear, crisp images.

Wide dynamic range with 170 degrees wide angles lens.

Built-in 450 mAh battery

3-inch TFT LCD display.

2. Old Shark Dash Cam

Old Shark Dash Cam

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The old shark dash cam is a solid and durable cam that starts typing the moment you start your engine. Old shark has a wide-angle camera lens of a 170-degree field of view. And provides you with crystal clear clarity.

High definition video at a resolution of 1920*1080. At 30 frames per sec. A high-end CMOS sensor and 3 inch LCD display screen.

The parking guard feature ensures that your dash cam turns on if it hears a vibration for, either a voice or bump. So you will be able to see what has occurred during your absence in case someone tries to break in.

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It also comes with an HDMI USB interface which will allow you to transmit your video to a computer, micro SD card slot, built-in microphone.


Full high definition 1920*1080 resolution

Stealth, low profile design, and suction cup allow for an easy install.

1.8 aperture size to handle low light and night filming

Built-in G-sensor feature

Parking guard films when parked

3. REXING S300 Cam


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The rexing s300 cam pro has ergonomically designed function buttons, which makes it easier to operate with either one or both hands. Its rotating lens gives the ability to zero in on what is going on around you, whether in the front, side or back

The F2.4 six glass lenses have a wide dynamic range. For a wide-angle of 170 degrees, which gives you a decent field of vision as well as a super night vision mode and with a resolution of 1920*1080. At 30 frames per second, for both day and night.

This wedge-shaped dash cam has been specifically designed to fit between your rearview mirror and windshield and can be attached using either the adhesive pads or suction cup. As for battery life, this easy to install dash cam uses 11 lithium-ion batteries.

It’s one of the best dash cam for semi truck you can get in the market.


Full high definition 1920*1080 resolution.

Wide 170-degree camera angle with F2,4 six glass lens.

Excellent night vision


WDR, or wide dynamic range technology

4. ITRUE X6D Dash Cam

ITRUE X6D dash cam

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The ITRUE X6D dash cam is beautifully designed dual-channel cash cam for your car or truck and comes with a 2,4-inch LCD display screen. You get one camera for that front, and another for the back installed simply by using the 3M adhesive tape and will work together to record video simultaneously

The ITRUE will start automatically when you start your vehicle and will continue to cycle, or loop as you drive. Overwriting unneeded video data automatically. In case of an incident will be locked so it can be used as evidence. It’s one of the best dash cam for semi truck you can get in the market.

You get a 16GB microSD card but can upgrade to a 64 GB. This dash cam has a 6 layer glass lens, wide dynamic range technology. And a field of vision of 170 degrees. And a clear resolution of 1920*1080 pixels. At 30 frames per second. Just a note, this dash cam does not come with night vision capability built-in and a GPS antenna must be purchased separately


It has an AR0330 sensor

Full HD 1920*1080 resolution

2.4-inch TFT LCD display screen

Lens angle 170 degrees on both cameras

GPS, G-sensor and records audio

5. REXING V1 Dash Cam

Rexing V1 dash cam

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The rexing V1 car dash has a stealth design geared to blend with your vehicle’s interior. This cam comes with the Sony Exmor imx322 video sensor. Which provides high-quality video footage during the day or night drives

Available record depends on the resolution you choose to use on a 32 GB card. So if you use 1080p you will get 5-1/2 hours. If you use 720p you will get about 10 hours. This dash cam cycles recording. Meaning that it continually loops, overwriting old data and replacing it with new video data.

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1080*920 full high definition resolution

170 degree 6 layer glass lens

Wide dynamic range technology

Loop recording

Accident auto-detection feature

6. KDLINKS X1 Dash Cam

KDLIKS X1 dash cam

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The KDLINKS X1 Full HD dashboard camera gives you excellent picture quality for the price. Easy to handle with an ultra-slim design, and install at less than 2 inches tall by 3.5 inches wide, it attaches to your dash by way of a suction cup mount.

This dash cam offers you the convenience of quick buttons so you can quickly zoom anything in the current situation. Is also records in cycles, so that it constantly loops. And the G-sensor, or gravity sensor functions to lock any footage taken during a sudden vibration, such as an accident.

With a built-in GPS that dash cam is capable of embedding the GPS information in the video so it can be seen during playback, and you can use google maps as well. A really nice feature is that you can rotate this dash cam 360 degree in any direction. It’s one of the best dash cam for semi truck you can get in the market.


Full HD 1920*1080 resolution

Six-glass F1,6 lens Lens, AR0330 imaging sensor

165-degree viewing angle, wide dynamic range.

Temperature resistant 120mAH battery

GPS capability

7. Z-Edge Z3 dash cam

Zedge T3 Dash cam

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The New York times wire cutter picked the z edge z3 as its dash cam, of the year for 2016. Indeed, this is a top of the line dash cam with the ability to record high definition videos in the resolution of your choice 2560*1080,2304*1296, 1280*720

This wide-angle lens gives you a 145-degree field of vision. Its ambarella z7 processor and OV4689 CMOS sensor help to give you the best playback in both daylight as well as night time, with the WDR dynamic range technology. Enhancing the video quality, you are assured crystal clear, crisp imagery at all times on its 3-inch display screen


Full high definition resolution of 2560*1080
comes with 32GB microSD, upgrades to 64GB

145-degree field of vision

3-inch display screen

Park mode, G-Sensor and motion detector.


The best dash cam for truckers reviewed. We owe much to them. And their diligence in getting the goods to us through all types of weather, road conditions and deadlines to meet. Here is the content so that it will be easy to choose the dash cam that truckers would find useful, especially those who drive long haul. Our pick for the best dash cam for semi truck you can get is REXING V1 Dash Cam as it provides superior day and night performance.

Let us know your favourite in the list in the comments below.

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