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Best Struts for Dodge Caravan | Reviews

Strut is a vital element of your car’s suspension system that will make sure your ride is smooth and save your car from road bumps. It absorbs bumps of large sizes and also supports the weight of the vehicle. Nobody wants to shake maniacally while driving their car. So it is highly recommended to have the best strut you can find. Most people are not sure about which strut they should have for their car.

Best Struts for Dodge Caravan

We suggest that you replace your vehicle’s strut with one of the best struts we have reviewed and discussed here.

1. Detroit Axle – Front Struts w/Coil Springs & Rear Shocks Kit

Detroit Axle ready struts are manufactured to exceed original equipment standards and provide a better riding vehicle. They are a leading supplier of ride control products to OE vehicle manufacturers Nationwide, that expertise translates to Detroit Axle’s OE-quality Aftermarket.


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Product information

  • Brand Detroit Axle
  • Item Weight 67 pounds
  • Product Dimensions 24 x 14 x 10 inches
  • Manufacturer Part Number 10145-4A2

Product Description

  • 1x Complete Quick Install Strut Passenger Side Assembly -171572R
  • 1x Complete Quick Install Strut Driver Side Assembly – 171572L
  • 2x Complete Driver & Passenger Rear Shock Absorber Assembly – 432290



  • It comes with all 4 struts and all 4 sway bar links.
  • Reduces clanking noises.
  • Easy installation and fits perfectly.
  • Stops vehicle from swaying while turning.
  • It has good durability, lasts long and gives an experience like riding a new car.


  • Raises the rear by one inch.

2. OREDY Front Pair Complete Strut Shock Assembly

automotive suspension parts manufacturer in the auto parts aftermarket. Equipped with the most advanced manufacturing and testing machines, and strictly carrying out the TS16949 quality system operation, we are supplying millions of high-quality automotive shock absorbers, struts and complete struts assembly to the global market.

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  • Superior Quality fully loaded complete unit is safe and easy to install.
  • Seats are insulated to springs to ensure quiet and comfortable ride quality
  • Parts have a worry-free 18 months warranty

Product information

  • Brand OREDY
  • Model FBA_155536
  • Item Weight 46.6 pounds
  • Product Dimensions 26.8 x 16.5 x 8.9 inches



  • It provides a good ride height.
  • Easy installation.
  • Consistent handling makes your ride trouble-free.
  • High-quality springs and good design.
  • Durable and lasting which is worth the money.


  • Noise problem in the assembly.
  • Not the cheapest option.

3. MOCA 171572L 171572R – Both (2) Complete Strut & Spring Assembly

It Contains a high-quality Moca Strut Assembly. It has multiple struts combined to give one-stop shopping and faster installation and it also keeps cars much safer. The Complete Struts with sway bars are set to provide a complete solution and save you on future labour costs.

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  • Local US friendly after-service team to resolve your issues in time, parts have a  worry-free 2 years warranty or 60000 miles.
  • One-piece complete strut assembly includes coil spring, strut mount, boot, bumper kit, spring seat, and isolator

Product information

  • Item Weight 53.4 pounds
  • Product Dimensions 52 x 18.9 x 20.1 inches
  • Manufacturer Part Number E214716LR



  • Good fit.
  • Good material quality.


  • Springs are a bit weaker.

4. AUTOSAVER88 Front Struts Coil Spring Assembly

AUTOSAVER88 ATSS1021 is a complete strut assembly for both the front and rear wheels of a vehicle. They fit into a handful of a model of Chevrolet and Pontiac. If you are looking for a full set for all 4 wheels, they are a good option to consider.

The strut meets OE specifications. The set includes a strut, coil spring, strut mount, boot, bumper kit, spring seat, and isolator. These are important parts to make sure the struts work perfectly when installed in your vehicle.

They also have good durability because of their well-made parts. Bolts, springs and other parts are made from high-quality materials that make them long-lasting.

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  • Precision-engineered components featuring OE-style mount and coil spring design.
  • Each assembly is 100% fit and rides tested
  • Helps restore factory ride height and original factory ride performance grade.



  • Direct fit, solid construction,
  • Durable, good quality.
  • Easy installation
  • Gives good control over the vehicle.
  • Prevents the vehicle from swaying or shaking.
  • Meets or exceeds OE performance.


  • The bad road gives the rear strut a squeaky noise.

5. Moog ST8561R Strut and Coil Spring Assembly

Moog Problem Solver products incorporate proven design and engineering features for like-new steering, ease of installation and longer life. Moog is the preferred steering and suspension brand of professional technicians.

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Features & details

  • Problem Solver lower mounting hardware included for ease of installation and a thorough repair.
  • Triple Piston Seal offers dual protection to an enhanced main seal, resulting in longer life.
  • Top plate tested to one million cycles under extreme load to ensure smooth operation and long life.
  • The coil spring is engineered for a long term, consistent performance. A premium coating is applied for optimal corrosion resistance.

Product information

  • Brand MOOG Chassis Products
  • Model ST8561R
  • Item Weight 31.1 pounds
  • Package Dimensions 26.4 x 10.1 x 9.5 inches



  • It Restores the ride height,
  • It reduces body roll
  • It greatly improves overall handling and ride.
  • Easy installation.


  • It can make slight noises.

6. FCS 1332319R Complete Strut Assembly

FCS Struts are ISO9001 and TS16949 certified for both the North and Central American markets. An abundance of technical expertise, outstanding production ability, and engaging customer service combined with the constantly expanding applications means these struts are dependable, committed, and innovative.

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Features & details

  • Direct from manufacturer
  • Engineered to restore a vehicle’s original ride, handling, and control
  • The complete assembly unit is faster, safer, and easier to install than traditional struts

Product information

  • Brand FCS Auto Parts
  • Model 1332319R
  • Item Weight 9.4 pounds
  • Product Dimensions 28 x 9 x 9 inches



  • Very easy to install.
  • Good product for the price.
  • Fits perfectly.
  • I didn’t even require an alignment when done.


  • It can be a little stiff at first.

7. Monroe 171572R Quick-Strut Complete Strut Assembly

The revolutionary Monroe Quick-Strut unit is the first complete, ready-to-install replacement strut assembly available! Monroe Quick-Strut units include all the components required for strut replacement in a single, fully-assembled unit.

They feature a pre-assembled replacement bearing plate, upper and lower spring isolators, an upper spring seat, coil spring, boot kit, and a premium strut. This breakthrough design saves on installation time by eliminating having to disassemble components and compress the coil spring before installation.

Each Quick-Strut assembly features application-engineered valving to optimize each vehicle’s unique ride and handling characteristics. Available for popular passenger cars , light trucks, and SUV applications.

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Features & details

  • Pre-Assembled Upper Strut Mount: OE-style bearings, SAE-grade nuts & bolts, Superior rubber-to-steel bonding, Plated steel for durability, All components manufactured to meet or exceed OE performance
  • Bearing Plate: Helps eliminate steering noise associated with worn bearings while also ensuring consistent, precise steering return by eliminating “memory steer” (If equipped – front only)
  • Upper Spring Seat: The upper spring seat is engineered to work with its associated premium Monroe strut, supporting the vehicle’s weight and helping the spring in the strut tower to perform properly

Product information

  • Brand Monroe
  • Item Weight 29.4 pounds
  • Product Dimensions 27.5 x 10.9 x 10.6 inches



  • Price very reasonable
  • Improve the drivability and stance of the van, cornering, and ride.
  • Easy Installation


  • The coil springs on these complete strut assemblies are much weaker than stock.

Frequently Asked Questions

we have provided 10 most frequently asked question and their answers regarding struts:D

Do All Vehicles Have Strut Install?

No. All vehicles don’t have struts installed. And most vehicles that have struts installed usually have them on front.

What Is The Function Of Struts?

Struts are a very important part of your suspension system. It carries your vehicle’s weight and absorbs vibrations from bumps.

Why Some Vehicles Don’t Have Struts?

It can be because of the brand. Good branded cars tend to have struts installed.

What’s The Difference Between Shocks And Struts?

Shocks are made to absorb shocks. They don’t carry your vehicle’s weight while struts carry your vehicle’s weight.

How Do I Know If I Need Struts?

If your car is having poor stability, oils leaking or it’s making noises, you need to change your struts or upgrade them.

How Often Do I Need To Check My Struts?

It’s good to check them every 5,000 miles. You can also check for oil leakage to know if your struts are working fine.

How Do I Check My Struts?

You can check them by yourself if you know how to do it. You can take them to a nearby workshop to further help.

Why It  Feels Stiff After Installing New Struts?

New struts give your car a new feel. When you are used to your old struts, new struts might appear a little stiff.

Is Replacing Struts A Costly Process?

Struts are not that costly and if you are buying from a good brand you can have an affordable price.

Do Wear Out Struts Affect My Driving?

Yes, Worn out struts will make your vehicle hard to control and you’ll face trouble with steering.

How Long Do Struts Last On A Dodge Caravan?

Struts last on a Dodge Caravan between 50k and 100 miles.

What Happens If You Don’t Replace Struts?

If you do not replace struts the efficiency to apply brakes would become lower and at that time you are at risk of skidding on wet roads.

How Much Are Struts For A Dodge Caravan?

The repairing cost for a strut replacement for a Dodge Caravan is between $829 and $847.

Do You Need A Wheel Alignment After Changing Struts?

You will need a wheel alignment after changing Struts.

What Brand Of Struts Are The Best?

  • Monroe QUICK-STRUT Complete Strut Assembly.
  • AUTOSAVER88 Front Complete AssemblyChiuyu Complete Struts Shock Absorbers..
  • SENSEN Front Complete Strut Assembly. .
  • Scitoo Complete Strut Assembly.

Are Struts Better Than Shocks?

Yes, struts are much better than shocks.

Should You Replace Shocks And Struts At The Same Time?

Yes, shocks and trust should be replaced at the same time.

When Should Front Struts Be Replaced?

At least after every 50000 miles front Struts should be replaced.

Does Monroe Make Good Struts?

Yes, Monroe will make good status. This unit will keep you from having to take  the strut when replacing parts on the Tau these parts are longer than the originals because the bottom of the strut is slightly rounded whereas OEM oem are flat.

What Are Monroe Reflex Shocks Good For?

Monroe Reflex shocks are good for-

Provide better handling, control and performance for light trucks .Monroe Reflex monotube shocks feature a high-pressure gas which would provide extra  spring rate, helping to have more damping efficiency and control.

7 Best Struts for Dodge Caravan

Below is the compiled list of best struts for Dodge Caravan available today.

  1. Detroit Axle – Front Struts w/Coil Springs & Rear Shocks Kit
  2. OREDY Front Pair Complete Strut Shock Assembly
  3. MOCA 171572L 171572R – Both (2) Complete Strut & Spring Assembly
  4. AUTOSAVER88 Front Struts Coil Spring Assembly
  5. Moog ST8561R Strut and Coil Spring Assembly
  6. FCS 1332319R Complete Strut Assembly
  7. Monroe 171572R Quick-Strut Complete Strut Assembly


Struts are very important for your vehicle. If you have a worn-out strut it will cause a lot of problems for you and your vehicle. To save yourself from the trouble, you need to install good struts to make your driving experience better.

Lastly, the best struts are always recommended for your car as they provide quality service and make your car more stable.

According to us best overall is the Detroit Axle – Front Struts w/Coil Springs & Rear Shocks Kit, great value for money is OREDY Front Pair Complete Strut Shock Assembly and the honorable mention is Monroe 171572R Quick-Strut Complete Strut Assembly.