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Best Wheel Spacers For Dodge Ram 2500 | Buyers Guide

Stuck with an undesirable tire size fitted into your Ram 2500?
Struggling day and out with the tires, scrubbing and rubbing against the inside of your wheel well liners,  and safety at stake.
Stop being so unnecessarily tolerant, for we present before you, a very cost-effective, intensely tested, adorned with high automation- the best wheel spacers for dodge ram 2500.

Wheel spacers are used for several reasons, from form to function. For aesthetic reasons, you may want to bring the wheel face out to be more in line with the arches. For the automation side, wheel spacers are used for increasing wheel clearance for big brake callipers or simply to improve handling by increasing the track of the car.

Hub Centric And Nonhub Centric Wheel Spacer

Hub-centric wheel spacers are fabricated perfectly on the rear of the wheel spacer to match the locating ring on the hub with the same size locating ring on the front of the spacer. This means that the wheel is truly Central to the hub of the car, meaning no, movement no vibration through the wheels. A hub-centric wheel spacer also results in far less stress on your bolts or studs.

However, with a known – hub centric wheel spacer, the weight of the car is no longer on the locating ring and is now on the studs, this will lead to vibration from the wheels.

Features Of Wheel Spacers

Typically, used to install larger tires, wheel spacers are devices that fit over a vehicle’s folding bracket to create an extra clearance between the wheel and the wheel hub assembly. Matches with a vehicle’s Bolt pattern and fits over the existing studs, allowing the wheel to be mounted normally,

Without them, certain custom wheels would sit too close to the existing component of the vehicle such as the Inner Wheel well. It also can lead to increased vehicle performance and a more unique appearance. Increase vehicle handling namely its traction

Are Wheel Spacers And Wheel Adapters Same?

Wheel spacers go between the mounting surfaces of the wheel hub and the axle and maintain the Bolt pattern of the vehicle.

Wheel spacers can be used to widen the stance of the vehicle and/or give additional clearance on the inner portion of the wheel for brake and suspension components. They may require the use of longer wheel studs or lug nuts to provide the proper thread.

Wheel adapters, on the other hand, do all the same things that spacers do. However, they change the Bolt pattern to allow you to Bolt up wheels that would not fit without the adapter.

So long-held the dream of lifting or levelling your vehicle is just 6 steps far. Readout our top 6 selected wheel spacers for dodge ram 2500 and raise yourself above the world.

Wheel Spacers For Dodge Ram 2500

Below are some of the best wheel spacers for Dodge ram 2500 that you buy in the market today.

1. Supreme Suspension – Pro billet series wheel spacers

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  • Precision engineered to widen the tire track, provide more traction, and improve the overall stance of your vehicle.
  • Helps in accommodating wider custom rims and tires.
  • CNC machined from solid blocks of T6 Aircraft billet and furnished with a special anodized coating.
  • The high shear strength and lightweight; can withstand most extreme environments
  • Each spacer features splined studs that are placed into place rather than glued as in many low-quality spacers

Review and Ratings

Equipped with 10.9-grade headwear, making the users feel safe. Easy installation and rigorously testing by in-house ASE-certified specialist -was what impressed the public to choose them. People were amazed by the perfect fit, fast shipping, and quality and found it worth an investment.

The supreme spacers cherish the look and stance of the vehicle. It is one of the best wheel spacers for Dodge Ram 2500.

2. Dorman Wheel Spacers

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  • Manufactured specially for high corrosion resistance and long service life.
  • Available in 4, 5, and 6 lug patterns.
  • Exceptional engineering quality standards.
  • Features OEM quality without the high dealer price.
  • Provide perfect fit, good stance, more traction- as a result better driving experience
  • Designed using state-of-the-art technology to exactly replicate the OEM unit.

Review and Rating

When people want to go for an OEM quality spacer in a very budget-friendly way, they opt for Dorman wheel spacers. “It is an excellent product”- one review highlights.

Dorman is a people’s company, maintaining its reputation for excellence from over three decades of experience in providing automotive replacement parts, fasteners and service line products primarily for the automotive aftermarket.

3. Baer – Polished Bullet Aluminum Wheel Spacer

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  • Provide outward positioning of wheels to clear brake components or to prevent larger tires from rubbing
  • OEM – quality fits without looseness or vibration
  • It’s a one-go cut, machined and drilled from a piece of aluminum, not cast from mould – giving higher resistance to your working and cracking.
  • Increases the track width of the vehicle for stable handling
  • In the case of a plus-size tire installed, the vehicle’s performance is compromised in the areas of steering and braking – two things that greatly reduce maneuverability and safety. Baer offers the – fourth-inch wheel spacer to correct smaller fitment issues.

4. Excalibur Wheel Spacer

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  • Designed with precision and functionality in mind, to ensure outstanding performance and easy use
  • Provide exceptional reliability
  • Everlasting service life
  • Easy to install, and budget-friendly
  • Expertly crafted from superior material
  • Excalibur has the technology and years of expertise to take a concept, manufacture it to your specification, design, and print your customized packaging and get it ready for you on time.

5. Spidertrax Whs007 Blue Wheel Spacer Kit

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  • Spidertrax Whs007 material is given the utmost concern. All the billet Aluminium is sourced from the mill directly and keeps the quality in the purest form
  • Lug nuts are cold heated to get their roots from Detroit. Precision matters; lug nuts hold run-out less than 2% of the thread diameter.
  • Every wheel spacer is outfitted with 4140 Chromoly wheel studs that exceed the strength of even  OE.
  • Coated with GEO MET for 10x the corrosion resistance over zinc.
  • Anodized billet 6061T6 domestic grade aluminiumniumloy
  • Hub-centric fit that prevents vibration and provides stability

Review and Rating

Spidertrax Whs007 got the highest positive reviews and ratings among all other fellow competitors. ‘Spidertrax Whs007 spacers got smoothly in between the rotor and the hub assembly’ – as most users claim.

They worked much better than the OEM, really complete the look, and helps stabilize when going around corners. These work perfectly not just for a few drives but throughout a long period. Spidertrax Whs007 is one of the wheel spacers for dodge ram 2500 to consider.

6. GDSMOTU Wheel Spacers

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  • Will widen your vehicle wheelbase, increasing stability and resistance to side rollover.
  • Better traction, returnability, and control.
  • Easy installation
  • Spacers are a machine by CNC with 60-degree taper, bulge seat lug nuts.
  • Studs of these spacers are grade 10.9, heat-treated and hardenedheavy-duty studs for safety
  • Furnished with a metallic finish and high-quality material

Review and Rating

“Build very precisely and fit the studs right”- most reviews found. They are a good product with high quality, easy installation, and cheap wheel studs strip threads easily.

However, there are some issues regarding the lug nuts, but it is worth spending on the lugs to make it work, for the whole investment cost much lesser than other high money – demanding wheel spacers.

6 Best Wheel Spacers For Dodge Ram 2500

Below are the best wheel spacers for Dodge Ram 2500 available in the market.

  1. Supreme Suspension – Pro-Billet Series Wheel Spacers
  2. Dorman Wheel Spacers
  3. Baer – Polished Bullet Aluminum Wheel Spacer
  4. Excalibur Wheel Spacer
  5. Spidertrax Whs007 Blue Wheel Spacer Kit
  6. Gdsmotu Wheel Spacers

Frequently Asked Questions:

So,here are some of the frequently asked questions is there a downside to wheel spacer, do Spacers hurt your truck etc?-

Final Verdict

It may be still perplexing for some that whether the wheel spacers are safe as far as off-road drive or a ride in the adverse climatic condition is concerned. So here is the perfect answer.

When properly installed they are just as safe as wheels installed without spaces. The spacers are stiff enough to prevent flexing and loose loss of clamp force, the cause of most wheel stud Failure is under tightened lug nuts or overtightened lug nuts.

It is recommended to install longer bolts or studs so that the lock nuts on the wheel can properly fast. It is very important to find the right size and for that read your car’s manual, get the measure of lug nuts and the size of spacer required for your vehicle or ask at an auto parts store for the proper fit.

I hope you would find the perfect fit for your Dodge Ram 2500. Let the real monster emerge out of your Ram 2500, as you have imagined it to be, and enjoy the drive you deserve.