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Top 3 Faulty Blend Door Actuator Symptoms

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Blend door actuator symptoms indicate a bad actuator of your car. Are you also experiencing these symptoms? Read further to know more.

A blend door actuator is a car component that most of us don’t even know about. It belongs to the HVAC system of the car. It helps control the temperature and airflow within the vehicle. It is like a motor that has sensors that control the climate of the car. When you change the temperature of the car, signals go through the actuator. It also decides where the air is supposed to flow out from.

It has many small gears, which is fitted inside a plastic case. The gears are responsible for moving the blend door depending on the actuator’s signal. It is quite compact in size and flat which makes it look like a door.

Blend Door Actuator Symptoms:

When a blend door actuator goes bad, your car’s temperature control will mess up. The blend door actuator symptoms are quite easy to identify.

1. Noise:

If you are hearing squeaky strange noises from your dashboard or most prominently from the main ac panel, almost as if there is a rat inside it, there’s a great chance your car’s blend door actuator is going bad. When the gears of the actuator are damaged or worn out, they make noise as they keep colliding with each other. These sounds will be most audible when you’re using your AC.

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2. Knocking:

This a rare symptom but if you hear a knocking sound when you are using your car’s AC, there is a possibility that your car’s blend actuator is going bad. You might also hear a tick-tack sound.

3. Airflow:

The blend door actuator moving, will result in the movement of the airflow. If there is something wrong with the actuator’s gears this airflow will not be as per your wish. Yes, you read that right. There could be another reason for this i.e. the actuator getting burnt out. Either way there something wrong with the blend door actuator. You could also be stuck on a specific AC intensity. Anything wrong with the airflow suggests there is something wrong with the actuator.

All the blend door actuator symptoms mentioned above, suggest there is something wrong with the gears of the actuator and it can get quite irritating in the future.

How Much Would It Cost For A Blend Door Replacement?

A blend door actuator job replacement can cost between $300 and $400. The cost will be decided by your car’s model. A car that is expensive in the first place, will have expensive parts. It will also depend where you live and the prices there. But, you can always find a cheaper alternative for an expensive shop. Before making a decision about this you should get opinions from someone close to you, like a friend. Some automotive companies have black Friday sales where you can find an actuator for a price as low as 20 bucks. Before buying, you have got to make sure if it’s the right one for your car.

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How To Fix A Blend Door Actuator?

The location of a blend door actuator is variable in every car which can make the replacement quite tricky for an average driver. You can go through youtube videos on the car that guide you to change the actuator. The repair process for this is neither hard nor easy. But it is quite fixable. The only downside will be that to fix it, you’ll have to work in a very small space. For most vehicles, you need a 5.5 mm set. Given below are the steps for replacing your car’s actuator-

  • Bring the glove box compartment by removing the bolts on the passenger’s side. Getting the bolts out is the easy part and you should be able to do it. Pull the cover under the dashboard and you will be able to see the heater component box.
  • Remove the wiring safety clip using a screwdriver. The clips are quite fragile so being careful and gentle is the trick here. Pull the wiring connector and clean it if required.
  • You might be easily able to identify the actuator. Remove the screws of the actuator. You might need a small universal for this. Pull the actuator out. Do not lose these screws!
  • Move the air pivot door of the new actuator back and forth. This will make sure it is not failing.
  • Compare the new one with the one you pulled out and make sure they are the same.
  • Now install the actuator. And then proceed to install the glove box compartment.
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How To Fix Mode/Blend Door Actuator Problems [Video Tutorial]

Here is a short video explaining how you can reset the blend door related problems:


The blend door actuator symptoms mentioned above indicate whether it is going bad. If you’re facing more than one of these problems, chances are it is going bad. It is not a major problem. It is one of those problems when you get irritated, for example not getting proper cooling on a hot sunny afternoon. This problem is quite easy to fix and it should be fixed, considering you can do it yourself. Even though doing it yourself is not a really wise decision, but things can’t actually go wrong while fixing this if you are careful. If you do not want to sabotage your mood when you go out on a drive with friends, you should really get this fixed.