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Why Is My Bluetooth Not Connecting To My Car?

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A drive is incomplete without your favorite playlist you made on Spotify after many hours of research for your perfect trip. But as soon as you sit in your car to start your drive and try to connect your phone to the car you see the Bluetooth doesn’t work properly, and you ask your friends why is my Bluetooth not connecting to my car and it spoils the whole mood of the trip since it is frustrating to sit in the car and drive without listening to pleasant music right?

But to your rescue, this article will be listing all the common reasons for why your Bluetooth is facing connection errors and how in some simple steps you can easily fix that issue that ruins your trip and all the hard work you did in making the best playlist goes into vain.

Why Is My Bluetooth Not Connecting To My Car?

Bluetooth is a short-range wireless technology standard used to exchange data, it can be used for fixed as well as mobile devices. It was a replacement for RS-232 data cables. Generally, issues with Bluetooth connectivity are common and can be really irritating but the good news here is they can always be fixed. So now you can move further to know the reasons for your question why is my Bluetooth not connecting to my car.

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1. The Versions Of Bluetooth Are Incompatible

Bluetooth depends on hardware and software to work efficiently. The Bluetooth devices which are compatible together or you can say those which speak the same language are the one that can be connected. So how do you know that your Bluetooth devices are compatible?

Although Bluetooth is considered to be universal in actual it is backward compatible, that is all the newer versions can be connected with older ones. That is any device with Bluetooth version 5 can be connected to an old 2.1 Bluetooth version. But sometimes the devices of different standard does conflict that is if your one device is of the standard Bluetooth smart it can only be connected to Bluetooth smart version of your other device.

2. The Devices Are Too Far Apart

The range of Bluetooth is approximately thirty feet or 10 meters in general, but they work the best when they are held close together. Since you will be in your car and obviously the device you want to connect will be there too but due to some obstacles in between the connections may be lost. So try to put your device as close as possible to your Bluetooth car kit.

3. Due To Inefficient Battery Power

So, Bluetooth can drain a lot of battery when it’s active, you would know if you are a continuous user. And since nowadays devices are coming up with different options of power-saving, if the power saving mode of your device is on due to inefficient battery power that mode will shut the Bluetooth down and that will leave your devices to be not connected.

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4. Bluetooth Is Disabled On Your Device

So this is a very common mistake a lot of people make due to absent-mindedness, that is forgetting to enable the Bluetooth settings on the device. It could be disabled in system settings so check to make sure that your Bluetooth is enabled.

5. Your Devices Are Not In Pairing Mode

For devices such as mobile phones, you have to check whether its discoverable mode is on or not since you have to enable the discoverable mode in order to make the other Bluetooth device recognize you are ready to pair, if the device is still not pairing then you may be facing the compatibility issue.

For devices that have just a single multifunction button, you have to check for the LED light, if your LED light is flashing red and blue then it is in the pairing mode. If not then try pressing the multifunction button to switch the device off and switch it on again that will help the device to be in the pairing mode.

6. Outside Signal Interference

If you are using any mobile hotspot nearby the Bluetooth device, that is what may be the problem is because some Bluetooth devices interfere with the USB 3.0 connection as they are in the same spectrum.

So any electronic device that ranges in a spectrum of 2.4 GHz can cause interference in the pairing and working of the Bluetooth devices. You may have to turn off the hotspot and pair the connections after that you can easily turn that on and now that would not cause any problem whatsoever.

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How To Fix Bluetooth Connectivity Issues In Car?

Now, that you know why your devices were facing the connectivity issue you would want to know how you can fix those issues, here are some tips that can help you to fix those problems:

  • Try turning the devices on and off again.
  • Try reestablishing the Bluetooth Connection again, select “forget this device” and then try reconnecting the device.
  • Since you can connect to only one device at a time you have to disconnect any other device that was connected to it before.
  • Try bringing the devices as close as possible put the phone in a case holder near your Bluetooth car kit in this case.

  • You have to make sure that the Bluetooth connections are on and your devices are ready to pair.
  • Turn off any electronic devices that range into 2.4 GHz spectrum in order to connect to your Bluetooth device. After it connects you can turn that on.
  • Turn off the Power-Saving mode and turn on the Bluetooth of your device if your device was on Power-Saving mode.
  • Try connecting to the compatible devices only.
  • Enable the Bluetooth settings if in the default that was disabled.


To conclude you now understand all the common mistakes you might be making which was the reason that was making your Bluetooth devices not connect to each other. Now you know the answer to your question Why is my Bluetooth not connecting to my car. And some methods to fix those issues. So now no need to spoil your mood for your trip connect your device, play the songs and enjoy the drive.

If you think there are still some more issues that weren’t listed comment them down below.