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BMW CarPlay Not Working: Learn Why In Detail?

Imagine yourself using CarPlay in your BMW to navigate, listen to your favourite music, and maintain connectivity with your iPhone. But all of a sudden, it stops working! That’s annoying, right? In this article, we’ll discuss when BMW CarPlay stops working and what you can do to fix it. BMW For your automobile, CarPlay works like magic. It allows you to easily utilize apps, place calls, and more by connecting your iPhone to the screen in your car.

Additionally, occasionally it refuses to cooperate, though. It might not connect or your apps might not appear. Don’t worry; we’ll explain why your BMW CarPlay not working and provide some easy fixes to get it running once again, allowing you to experience a comfortable and connected journey. Let’s start!

What Is BMW CarPlay And How Does It Work?

It’s simple to use your iPhone while driving safely thanks to BMW CarPlay, a clever technology that connects your iPhone with your BMW’s entertainment system. It changes the screen in your automobile into the well-known iPhone interface, showing your apps, texts, and more. Therefore, here’s how it works:

1. Connection:

A USB connection is used to link your iPhone to your BMW. The communication between the two devices is made possible by this cable.

2. Display Mirroring:

After being connected, your iPhone’s display is mirrored on the screen of your BMW. This implies that the apps and functionalities on your iPhone are directly visible on the screen in your automobile.

3. Touch Or Voice Control:

You may control CarPlay on your BMW’s screen via a touch screen, a rotary dial (iDrive controller), or even voice commands. For example, you could ask Siri for directions or send a text message.

4. App Integration:

Maps, Messages, Music, and other popular iPhone apps are all compatible with CarPlay. This makes it simple to drive while using the navigation system, playing music, making calls, or sending messages.

Therefore, BMW CarPlay is similar to having the functionality and power of your iPhone right at your fingertips when you’re behind the wheel, all in a way that keeps you safe.

BMW CarPlay Not Working: Common Causes

BMW CarPlay is a useful feature, but when it malfunctions, it can be annoying. Let’s look at a few straightforward explanations for why it might not be working properly.

1. Compatibility Problems:

The CarPlay technology in your BMW may not be compatible with your iPhone. With the iPhone 5 and newer models, CarPlay functions best. It might not function as intended if your iPhone is an older model.

2. Software Updates:

On occasion, the most recent versions of both your iPhone and the infotainment system in your BMW are required. Software flaws and CarPlay malfunctions might be caused by outdated software.

3. Connection Issues:

Check your USB cord and the USB port in your automobile if you’re having connection issues. Additionally, the CarPlay issues could be brought on by a damaged cable or a loose connection. A secure connection between the cable and both your iPhone and the car’s USB port.

4. Configurations And Limitations:

Your iPhone has to have CarPlay enabled. It won’t function if it is turned off in your phone’s settings. Additionally, the functioning of CarPlay may be restricted if your iPhone has parental controls or screen time limitations.

5. Issues With Bluetooth:

Some CarPlay features utilize Bluetooth. However, the performance of CarPlay may be affected if there are issues with Bluetooth pairing between your iPhone and your BMW.

6. Defective Hardware:

Your automobile or iPhone’s hardware may occasionally be the source of the problem. A professional inspection is a smart idea if you’ve ruled out all other possibilities.

7. Interference:

The connection to CarPlay can be messed up by electronic interference from other gadgets or signals in your car. However, ensure that the entertainment system in your automobile is not close to any strong electronic signals or equipment.

Therefore, BMW CarPlay problems are frequently caused by compatibility, software, or connection issues. Moreover, you may restore CarPlay functionality by verifying these easy elements.

How To Fix The Malfunctioned BMW CarPlay?

BMW CarPlay not functioning properly might be annoying, however, there are easy fixes to get it back on track. Discover these quick repairs to resume enjoying your car’s technological features.

1. Verify Compatibility And Update Software:

Confirm that CarPlay is compatible with your iPhone model. As well as update the infotainment system on your BMW and your iPhone if they are compatible. Issues can arise from outdated software.

2. Check The Cable And Connection:

Ensure you’re using a high-quality USB cable, preferably one that has the Apple seal of approval. Inspect your car’s USB port for damage or obstructions. Make sure the cable is firmly attached to your iPhone and the USB port on the vehicle.

3. Activate CarPlay On Your iPhone:

CarPlay may occasionally be disabled in your iPhone’s settings. To access this menu, navigate to Settings > Screen Time > Content & Privacy Restrictions > Allowed Apps and additionally enable CarPlay.

4. Reboot Your iPhone And Vehicle:

Additionally, by switching it off and back on, restart your iPhone. Moreover, restart the entertainment system in your automobile as well. Small bugs that are creating CarPlay problems may be fixed by doing this.

5. Reset The Network Settings On iPhone:

Go to Settings > General > Reset to reset the network settings on your iPhone. Your data won’t be deleted, but the settings for your network will be reset.

6. Bluetooth Re-pair:

Some functionalities of CarPlay rely on Bluetooth. By heading to Settings > Bluetooth on your iPhone, tapping the “i” next to your car’s name, choosing “Forget This Device,” and then pairing it again, you can reconnect your iPhone to your car’s Bluetooth.

7. Verify For Interference:

Additionally, make sure your car’s entertainment system is not being interfered with by any electronics or loud radio transmissions. CarPlay’s connection may be hampered by electromagnetic interference.

8. Go To A BMW Service Facility:

If none of these fixes work, look for expert assistance. Moreover, if there are any hardware-related problems with the infotainment system in your car, get them diagnosed and fixed by a BMW repair centre or a certified technician.

Therefore, don’t let problems with BMW CarPlay mar your driving enjoyment. If you use these straightforward fixes, your CarPlay will be up and running in no time, keeping you connected while driving.


Therefore, BMW CarPlay is an excellent function that improves your driving experience by syncing your iPhone with your vehicle’s entertainment system. It can be frustrating though if it suddenly stops working. You can resolve BMW CarPlay problems by being aware of the possible causes of BMW CarPlay not working and putting the suggestions in this article into practice.

By doing so, you can resume having a smooth and secure driving experience. To maintain the best CarPlay experience, keep in mind to utilize a dependable USB cable, keep your software current, and check for any interference. Moreover, if you require anything, have questions, or require additional assistance, don’t hesitate to ask. The well-being of your car is our first priority. Drive carefully and with joy!