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Broken Steering Column Symptoms

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The steering system is a very crucial system of a car. It helps the car to move in the direction we want to. Without it, a car will simply move in a straight line. The steering column is a major part of the steering system. If you are having trouble steering your car, there is a high chance you are facing broken steering column symptoms.

The steering column is located on top of the steering system and is attached to the steering wheel. Cars nowadays use a power-steering system.

Broken Steering Column Symptoms:

A steering column that is malfunctioning can hamper the steering system. There are a few broken steering column symptoms mentioned below-

1. No Tilt Function:

The tilt function is very convenient when we are driving on long roads. It locks the steering wheel at a specific angle based on our control. This helps in driving on consistently curved roads. This feature helps your steer the car easily and conveniently. Also, the steering wheel is still free but we feel a slight force holding the steering wheel in place. If this feature has stopped working, you should not drive your car as a free steering wheel can cause accidents.

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2. Strange Noises From Steering Wheel:

This symptom is also quite common. You may hear clicking or grinding sounds due to the gears and ball bearings inside the steering column. But if this gets very audible and you experience it all the time while driving, your steering column might be broken.

3. Rough Steering:

A power-steering system makes steering very smooth and efficient. The steering column can accumulate dirt and debris inside it which can cause the steering wheel to be rough. If you are experiencing a rough steering experience and a pop sensation while driving, your steering column might be dirty, which needs a professional look.

4. Steering Safety Feature Not Working:

There is a safety feature in a car’s steering wheel that enables it to return to zero degrees after making a turn. This system makes driving quite safe as the steering wheel does not lock in one place. If this safety feature is not working on your car, your steering column might be broken. It could also indicate a blocked column.

How Much Does It Cost To Replace A Broken Steering Column?

A steering column is not cheap at all and replacing it also quite hard. A new steering column will cost around $300 or even more. The major cost will the labour charge as any professional would invest hours to replace the steering column. The labour cost will be above $400 in most cases. If you are lucky and your steering column is just blocked or dirty, you would not have to pay this much. If your car does not require a steering column replacement but just a cleanse the cost will be fairly less. The labour cost will still be a lot.

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The steering column is a very major part of the steering system. If this breaks, accidents might happen. The whole steering system depends on this. Most of the features of the steering wheel will stop working. You might experience the signs listed above and even have trouble driving your car. If you are experiencing any of the symptoms listed above, do not drive the car anymore. Rather, take it to a repair shop and get it repaired. A broken steering column repair will not be cheap so from next time, maintain your car and make sure to get your steering system checked regularly. Regular servicing will troubleshoot the problem from happening and also save you a lot of bucks. I hope this article helped you in knowing broken steering column.