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Is Your Car Alarm Randomly Going Off? [Causes & Fixes]

The security of the vehicle is essential as much as other components of the car. All the manufacturers provide a functional and practical security system to offer a secure vehicle to the people. The advancements in the field of technology allow you to check all the details in the mobile app itself. You can turn on and off the security system from the respective mobile app for your car.

Every car comes with an anti-theft locking system that engages the alarm in case of any break-in. Also, the horn of the vehicle is the alarm here, and it beeps when necessary and alerts the person. Since the battery and sensors power it there could be general faults that lead to the misfunction of the security system. If you find your car alarm randomly going off at nights then don’t worry, read this article to know the cause of malfunction and fix them now.

What Is Anti-Theft Locking System?

The anti-theft locking system is the security of your car. The system can be activated and deactivated through the key fob because a car with keys has been outdated. If you fail to activate the system, then your vehicle does it on its own. The anti-theft system locks all the doors and hood and rear. If any door is opened without unlocking the car or detecting the key, then it activates the alarm and alerts the person.

A small red indicator in the dashboard indicates the security status of the vehicle. The system is powered with a sensor and batteries, and it is a primary system found in every car. If there is any disturbance in the design, then you can notice your car alarm randomly going off irrespective of time and location.

How To Engage The Security System?

A small red indicator is there on the dashboard. The position varies based on the type and made of the car. The indicator will be ON for 30 seconds and then starts to blink, which indicated that the system is armed and active. If the light doesn’t go off after some time, then the system is not involved because not all the doors are locked correctly. You can activate and deactivate the system immediately using the key fob. The horn sound acts as the alarm and gives a beep when the system is active to assure the person. If you do not hear any sound after locking, then better check all the doors and close then correctly to activate the system.

Why Is My Car Alarm Randomly Going Off?

Some common reasons make your car alarm to malfunction. It increases the chance of risk to the vehicle and troubles others with annoying long alarm sounds. If you notice your car alarm randomly going off then fix it today and fix it permanently.

1. Bad Key Fob

All the vehicles now come with key fab and push-button start and stop features as the key system is outdated and old. A small battery powers the key fob. It has IR sensors so that when the person is near to the car and opens the door, it detects the key and disables the security system. You can also unlock the doors using the key fab, which in turn disengages the alarm. A bad and weak key fob fails to send signals which allow you to open the doors but does not disable the system, which makes the alarm go off.

2. Weak And Rusty Battery

The car battery powers all the sensors and systems. If your car battery is weak, old, and rusty, it will interrupt the power supply to the security system and allows the alarm to go off randomly. It could be not very pleasant because it is not that simple to stop it in this case. The only possible solution is to remove the battery terminal connections to power off the horn. You can also notice some system malfunctioning because of a bad battery, and you should replace or recharge it immediately.

3. Bad Latch Sensors

The security system is assigned for all the opening in the car such as the doors, hood, and also the trunk. If any of this is opened without unlocking the car, then it engages the alarm to alert. It reduces the chances of your vehicle getting jacked. If the sensors in the doors, hood, and the trunk latch is not working correctly, then the system finds it as a forced entry which engages the long annoying horn until you turn it off. It arises randomly without any caution indication.

4. Fuse

Major electrical components in the cars are connected through the fuse to avoid damage to the system. If you have a busted or faulty fuse, it disturbs the security system. The person might notice his car alarm randomly going off irrespective of time. Changing the fuse will solve the problem.

How To Fix It?

Replacing the battery of key fab over time will stop such issues, and it does not cost much. It is similar to fuses. Check the user manual to learn about the fuse system of your car because it varies to the type and makes of the vehicle. Replace the correct fuse to resolve the car alarm malfunctioning problems. Some issues like a lousy battery, sensors, and connection could cost a little more than fuses and small battery replacements.

If you have a weak battery, then try to recharge it and check its function, and if the problem continues, then replace your battery. It will stop your car alarm randomly going off at night. The issues can be solved with these fixes and if it continues then the actual issue is with your locking system.

Check the sensors in the door, hood, and trunk and replace it if necessary to resolve the problem. Sometimes the whole locking mechanism has to be replaced to solve it, which could charge a whole lot of money.

Frequently Asked Questions-

So,here are some of the frequently asked questions about why does my car alarm randomly go off at night ,how to fix ,causes etc?

Can A Bad Key Fob Cause A Car Alarm To Go Off?

Faulty Key Fob The key fob, also known as a car remote key, is a device used to lock/unlock your car doors and even start the engine with just a push of a button. Since the key fob also has controls linked with the car alarm system, a malfunctioning or faulty key fob can send an incorrect signal, which may trigger the car’s alarm.

Why Does My Car Alarm Randomly Go Off At Night?

A bad car battery can cause many troubles, including making your car alarm randomly going off at night. The car battery powers the car alarm, which may alert you that the battery is getting low as the alarm goes off. If you suspect that the car battery is the problem, the most logical thing would be to change the car battery.

How To Fix A Car Alarm That Goes Off Randomly?

Feel free to use a quality battery cleaner to remove the corrosion. Also, make sure that your battery isn’t in contact for long periods with any grease or oil. Whenever your car remote becomes faulty, it can make your car alarm go off randomly. After all, the remote, or key fob, has a connection with the alarm system.

Will The Car Alarm Go Off If The Car Is Unlocked?

It is always the case of a locked vehicle to give off the alarm sound if tampered with but you can stop the alarm by unlocking the vehicle. Will the car alarm go off if the car is unlocked? Well, most cars come programmed in a manner that allows the alarm to shut off once the driver inserts the car keys or uses the key fob button.


If your car alarm is going off randomly, then please check and replace it because a faulty alarm is annoying and puts your car under risk to theft. The only role of the anti-theft system is to secure your vehicle, and if it is not working correctly, then there is no use to it. Inspect the above causes to find the actual problem and resolve it now.

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