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Why Is Your Car Charger Not Working?

What if the battery of your phone dies while driving and you find out that the charging port of your car is not working, it is really scary to have your phone switched off and the charger not working while you are in your car. In this article, you are going to read whaṭ to do when your car charger not working and how to deal with it.

In the beginning, there is a tip for you that check your car charger before starting your drive or take a power bank with you to help you in case of some emergency, this will help to manage the havoc as you must always have a backup.

Why Is Your Car Charger Not Working?

First of all check out whether your plugging device is at fault or not, by plugging the charger into any other socket if it still doesn’t work it means that the plug is at fault, not the port, but if the charger does work in the other port then these are the reasons for why is your car charger not working.

1. Check Out The Fuse

If your charging port is not working the reason can easily be that its fuse has been blown out. You may check for any black spot near the fuse if you saw the black spot then it’s your fuse that has been blown out. To deal with this you may just check nearby there would be a replacement fuse given near it, or if there isn’t then you may buy another one of the same amperages. Even if the fuse shows no signs of damage you may still want to check by replacing it if that works now.

2. Check Whether Power Is Getting To The Outlet

Using a Voltmeter or a Tester you may check if the power is getting to the outlet or not, if the tester shows that the power is indeed reaching up to the outlet then you might say that the outlet itself is damaged by some misuse for example forcefully inserting a widened plug into the outlet that might lead to some damage which is due to excessive widening of the outlet since the port is always constant the only thing that can be changed or that varies is the plugging device.

You should always take care while plugging some device inside the outlet that it is the one the outlet supports, that is never taking the outlet for granted would lead to severe damage.

3. Take A Look Around Wires

If the Voltmeter reads out that no power is reaching up to the outlet this will certainly mean that the power is somewhere blocked before reaching up to the port you should check inside the dashboard for some disconnected wires or loosened ones and fix those cables, check again with the voltmeter and try to fix all the cables that may be causing that problem. If there is yet another problem that is not listed above you should go and see a technician so that he may easily figure out the problem and fix that.

How To Repair The Car Charging Outlet?

The automobile auxiliary power outlet in a car was initially designed to be an electrically heated cigarette lighter but it was discarded due to the hazardous effect of cigarettes and then eventually it was turned into the source for charging electrical appliances. The voltage of the power outlet is nearly 12 V DC since it is directly powered. That 12 V port is protected by a fuse rated 10 to 20 amperes, to protect it from heavy usage of electrical appliances.

1. Replacing The Fuse

Place the tester onto the socket and check out if the outlet is getting a power supply if it is not getting a power supply you may want to check the fuse and replace it. Since if the fuse is blown off(you can search for some black spot to know whether the fuse is blown or not) due to some mishappening like using heavier appliances such as a hair straightener to the port the fuse will blow off to avoid further damage and cut off the connection.

Buy a fuse of the same amperage and replace the old blown off with a new one. You should always keep in mind that the fuse must be of the same amperage because if you buy some fuse of a different ampere range then it could damage the whole circuit.

2. Clean The Outlet’s Inside Out

If the problem was not in the fuse and the power is still not reaching the plug then you might try to clean the outlet’s insides because due to some debris or dirt material there may be some sort of issues that were resulting in power not reaching the port.

3. Repair The Wirings

Well, it might be difficult to work with wires on yourself if you are not very well acquainted with the wirings then you should just go to a technician and get it done but if you know how to repair the wires and you find out the faulty one then just tape it or tighten it according to the wires if they are broken or loosened respectively.

How Much Will Your Repair Cost?

It varies along with the model you want to replace or repair also it depends on how much your technician charges. But on average getting your charging port of the car replaced might cost you around $50 to $100.

Why is my charger not working in my car?
A failure in the functioning of your car’s USB port can usually be traced back to a shortcoming in the hardware or software. Despite how powerful and useful they are, they’re more prone to particles getting inside because they’re open. As such, food, dust, and other debris can make their way into the port.

1. Why Does A Charger Suddenly Stop Working?

There are a few basic reasons why your charger would stop working: The wall socket is off or damaged. A damaged charger. There is damage to the device’s power port.

2. Why Is My USB Car Charger Not Working?

This occurs due to excessive use of chargers that the fuse cannot handle. The second step is to clean the lighter charging space. This will make sure that your car charger port has good contact with the charger itself. The third step is to replace the fuse itself.

3. Why Is My Car Charger Not Charging My Phone?

If your car’s USB port isn’t charging your phone, the problem could be with the port, the cable, or even the phone. Not all car USB ports are designed to charge phones, or power peripheral devices at all, so there’s a chance that you’re dealing with that type of situation


In conclusion, you might say that fixing the charging port of your car is not a big deal but it requires patience that means step by step you need to survey the port such as checking the for issues in the plug if not then check out for the outlet and fuse if it is still not the problem then observe the wiring inside the dashboard and fix the problems you find out that the charging outlet is having.


If you are unable to fix that then reach out to a technician to guide you about why is your car charger not working and get it fixed. Now you also know how much it costs to get it repaired.

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