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Water Leaking Into Car From Roof? [Reasons & Solutions]

Here is a scenario for you: Imagine you are enjoying a long drive with your friends or probably a date, and it starts raining and thundering. Sounds cool right? Now imagine just then you find water droplets trickling from above, falling on your head. You notice water leaking into the car from the roof. Slowly you are all drenched in the water now. How will it feel? Awkward, embarrassing, and a total mood spoiler!

You do not want this to happen even in your wildest dreams, do you? So today I am going to talk about water leaking into the car from the roof, or from the windshield, why it happens, and the major causes. How to solve it and the cost of repair. So let us start.

Is Water Leaking Into Car From Roof Common?

At first sight, it may appear nearly impossible and your worst nightmare. But when you think deeper into it you will realize it is not as uncommon as you expected it to be. Although a water leak in your car can cause quite havoc. You may find a new set of flora and fauna growing inside your car, thanks to the moisture trapped. So be ready to arrange a welcome party for your new buddies!

The molds, yeast, bacteria, and fungi are a few to name. Also, remember that feeling when you walk wearing socks in the monsoon? That is exactly how you are going to feel each time you get into or out of the car. Water leaked may also seep into power controls, plugs, and spark plugs. And beware! Repairing this issue may dig a big hole in your pocket for sure.

Why Is Water Leaking Into Car From Roof?

While the number of cases is limited, that doesn’t imply that they cannot be severe. It is also not wrong to mention that finding the leak in the roof is not always the easiest one to find as you will probably notice water collected at the lowest part of your car’s floor, that is when you see water leaking into the car when it rains.

In such a case, spotting the exact location or I should say locations of damage can be quite a problem. Some may even ignore it assuming it entered via windows, windshield, or door. Hardly will anyone doubt the roof until severe damage.

A sunroof can be sometimes damaged by default while manufacturing or in other cases when something heavy hits the car from above so that a dent is formed. This dent later with time may convert into a notorious tiny hole. The leaks by design are not your fault but the factories. Most of the manufacturers use low grade waterproofing or sometimes completely do not use one at all.

To make sure that the culprit of the mess caused is hidden in the roof and nowhere else, just manually pour some fluid(probably liquid or rubbing alcohol) into the drain tube and top of your car. Did the water flow away straightly in no time? Or does it flows away but at a delayed rate? Maybe it does not flow at all and is stuck there? Well, your culprit lies in one of these options.

How To Repair Water Leaking Into The Car?

After pondering for a while on potential reasons, it is now time to find a cure rather than driving while floating in a half-filled car! Let us now discuss some of the solutions available for this blunder.

The most important one is preventing damage from happening in the first place rather than finding a cure for it. You should avoid loading heavy stuff on your car’s roof. Another ignored fact is most people do not find a roof above their garage necessary or do not have a garage at all. But unfortunately, it is not so safe. Doing such exposes your dear vehicle to enormous dangers that have the potential to destroy your vehicle completely.

When you spot water leaking into the car from the roof, the first thing any sane person will do is dry the interior completely, probably by blowing hot air. Once doing this, you may find some relief from that musty stink after some time. Secondly, find the faulty location(s) of leakage. If you cannot do it yourself, take professional help.

They are usually located where water accumulates easily. Remove the contaminants and debris found. Small cracks and dents, and old and rusted parts are mostly responsible for future leaks.

Wipe the area with a cotton swab dipped in rubbing alcohol and let it dry. Purchase a new high-quality roof sealant from the market yourself. You can find it easily in a decent hardware store. After cleaning, use a considerable amount of sealant to seal the gap completely. Leave it to dry naturally for around half an hour.

TADAA! you are good to go now.

Above were steps you need to follow in case you decide to repair the leak yourself. But if your car was damaged by default or it is still under warranty, then do not hesitate to contact customer care. If you are eligible, you can get professional help for free or at most for the least price.

Frequently Asked Questions About Water Leaking Into Cars-

So, here are some frequently asked questions about what happens,  the reason behind it, and how to fix water leakage into the car?

What Is  The Main Reason For Water Leaking In the Car?

The main reason behind water leaking into the cars –

  1. Most of the doors have a membrane that is inside them.
  2. Condensation
  3. sunroofs which are the main reason
  4. Due to Windshield weather stripping

How Do I Find A Water Leak In My Car?

When water is dripping inside from ca it means water r is leaking. For knowing that water is leaking inside the area you can check around the tail light housings.

How Long Does It Take To Fix A Car Leak?

It takes almost 60 minutes to fix when there is leakage. But if leakage is not in excess then it just takes a few minutes to repair.

Is it normal for water to drip from under the car?

Yes, water leaking into the car is a normal occurrence.

What Happens If You Have a Water Leak in Your Car?

A water leak in your car can cause some pretty severe damage. Rainwater can cause mold to grow on the upholstery, in the cushions of the car seats, and carpeting on the floor. A water leak can also cause rain to drip into the power locks and power window controls and cause them to short out.


This was all you need to know and do if you spot water leaking into the car from the roof. If you have any more queries, let me know in the comments section and our team will get back to you soon.

Thank you

Happy driving!