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Why Do You See Car With Lock Symbol On Dashboard?

A dashboard is a control board set inside the focal reassure of a car or vehicle. It is Generally found straight in front of the driver, it shows instrumentation and controls for the vehicle’s activity. Where the dashboard initially incorporated a variety of basic controls. E.g., For the steering wheel, to show speed, fuel level, and oil pressure, the cutting-edge dashboard may oblige an expansive cluster of measures.  And controls just as data, environment control, and theater setups.

When something turns out badly with your vehicle or if a component you should think about gets enacted, sign channels through the electrical framework and into the dashboard and these cover a wide range of issues. If you see your car with a lock symbol on the dashboard this means that the anti-theft framework has been activating Your proprietor’s manual should give more data on the best way to reset this light. This may likewise be the thing that is causing the parasitic draw on the battery. If the counter robbery framework is preventing the vehicle from needing to begin, it very well might be adding to the beginning issues.

Why I Do See a Car With a Lock Symbol On Dashboard?

Generally, a golden guiding lock symbol will demonstrate that the car’s controlling lock should be delivered before the motor can be begun. Yet, if it stays red after turning over the engine, it recommends there is a breakdown with the system. Around there, don’t turn off the motor and head to a carport to have it assessed. car with a lock symbol on the dashboard is intended to keep in touch between the road and the vehicle. It empowers you to make a crisis stop immediately. A couple of reasons which are incredibly basic for an Anti-lock Braking System  light to come on incorporate:

1. Faulty Control  Unit 

On the off chance that your vehicle neglects to begin for no evident explanation, this is likewise a decent pointer that there might be an issue with the Control unit. If you check the vehicle battery, starter, and other basic electrical parts, and the vehicle doesn’t begin, a defective motor control unit ought to be the following legitimate interesting point.

2. Low Fluid

On the off chance that your transmission starts to overheat, it’s an obvious indicator that difficulty is fermenting. It will not come as an amazement if the car’s transmission winds up coming up short because of this insufficient transmission of liquid. This is because the liquid guides in the grease of parts to lessen grating. Car issues can likewise come from the unexpected hard changing of gears. While the sign may be generally pervasive in manual transmissions which has prompted the expression “low manual transmission liquid side effects”.

3. Bad Speed Sensor

Perhaps the most well-known indication of a terrible speed sensor is strange programmed transmission activity. On the off chance that the Vehicle Speed sensor is defective, the transmission may show indications like postponed shifts, hard moves, and restricted stuff activity.

What Are The Other Various Dashboard Warning Lights?

Likewise, a dashboard has different Warning lights that show various implications to the driver and help him make a fitting stride needing an emergency. Allow us to talk about the different Dashboard Warning lights, their motivations, and required measures that should be taken:-

1. Battery Charging Warning Light

Battery Charge Warning Light is shown by the symbol of Math Lego. The battery charge cautioning light demonstrates that there is an issue in regards to the charging of the battery. The most widely recognized reason for a battery light to get on is that the alternator belt is broken. Another explanation is the erosion of battery posts or terminals. It intrudes on the progression of power and forestalls the alternator to take care of its work. This will cause the battery charge cautioning light to remain on.

2. Seatbelt Reminder Warning Light

Seat belts are intended to keep away from extreme wounds if there should be an occurrence of mishaps by forestalling you to move excessively. Safety belts will secure and keep you in your seat regardless of whether the vehicle abounds or if there should be an occurrence of a crash. Today, every one of the vehicles has sensors in the safety belt for you to be protected. There is a switch in the Driver’s safety belt clasp to the other front seat which enacts when the belt is secured or loosened. At the point when the vehicle is begun the light goes ahead for a couple of moments.

3. Fuel Indicator Warning Light

The Fuel Indicator Symbol is shown by an image of a straightforward picture of a service station and channel hose in one or the other yellow or golden. This shows the measure of fuel left in the vehicle. It is frequently positioned in or around a vehicle’s fuel measure. Diesel motors are very not the same as their gas partners. In your vehicle, inside the fuel channel, there is a liquid level sensor, which helps in monitoring the measure of water that has been gathered. If the level beginnings arriving at the most extreme limit, the liquid channel light will turn on requesting to discharge the channel.

4. Airbag Warning Light

At the point when the Airbag light is on when there is an issue with the airbag arrangement of your vehicle. The airbag pointer light could turn on because of numerous reasons. If the airbag was recently sent and hasn’t been rested as expected, the light will come on as there the airbag can’t be actuated. On the off chance that you haven’t enacted the airbag light and still the light is on, there must an issue with the PC arrangement of your vehicle. In such a case there probably won’t be any issue with the airbag.

Why Should You Never Ignore Dashboard Warning Light?

Car with lock symbol on dashboard? You should never ignore the dashboard warning lights. The reasons for the same are given below:-

1. To Save Undesirable Consumptions

On the off chance that you follow your dashboard signs and find ways to address the issue, your vehicle will be saved from significant harm. If there is any requirement for a fix, it very well may be finished during the underlying stage. This sets aside a ton of cash since minor issues will in general get greater when their maintenance is postponed.

2. To Save Your Life

Disregarding a portion of the dashboard notice lights are excessively perilous. On the off chance that you proceed to overlook and continue driving, you may be placing your life in harm’s way. E.g., on the off chance that you continue to disregard the airbag sign and lamentably you succumb to a significant mishap, you won’t be saved by your airbags because they will neglect to work.

3. To Save Significant Pieces Of Your Car

Warning lights likewise assist you in recognizing issues with various pieces of the vehicle like tires, brakes, ABS, airbags, and so on If you overlook these signs, you won’t distinct harmed ish any issues with the segments of your vehicle. Accordingly, they will in general with time.

How To Avoid Seeing Warning Icons On Dashboard?

At the point when the light is on, the entire Anti-lock system is stopped, and it isn’t protected to drive with on the off chance that you are curious about it. The light will probably not harm some other parts, however, it is a traffic security question. To get rid of the lock symbol warning light, the most effortless route is to read your difficulty code memory. There is an issue with an ABS ( Anti Lock Braking System) ring, sensor, or the wirings to it ordinarily. Be that as it may, to track down the correct wheel to investigate, you experience to peruse the difficulty codes with an OBD2 scanner. You can likewise check the breakers for the ABS control unit.

1. Check The Cylinder and key

Check the key fob battery. The anti-theft framework on a car may enact on the off chance that you have a dead key coxcomb battery and the framework hasn’t been impaired. Verify whether the lock chamber is harmed and furthermore under the entryway handle where a screwdriver may have been utilized by a future hoodlum. In the event that the lock has been harmed, the traveler side chamber can be utilized.

2. Turn On The Ignition

Turn on the start. Supplement the car key into your vehicle’s ignition and turn it on. The vehicle’s adornments will be initiated but not the motor. Do another check. On the off chance that it isn’t flickering anymore, surrender the way into the Off position and let it sit for several minutes. That permits the framework to reset itself or your vehicle will not begin.

3. Supplement The Key Into Your Vehicle’s Door

Addition the key into the entryway lock. Utilize the side entryway on the driver’s side and the actual key regardless of whether there is a keyless passage framework on the vehicle. Turn the vehicle key to open the vehicle entryway without delivering it. Hold the key for 30 seconds in the position. That will tell the situation you have the correct key, and it can empower you to sidestep the vehicle’s caution framework.

Other Common Warning Dashboard Lights

In this video, you will find out other dashboard lights that you need to look out for and take immediate action.


What Does the Flashing Lock and Car Symbol Mean on a Dashboard?

The Security Indicator Light illuminates to the point that the safety system is either work,ing correctly or allows you to know that there’s a fault within the system. For example, while starting the car or key within the run position, the safety lamp should illuminate briefly then leave.

Why Does the “Theft” Light Blink on My Dash When My Car Doesn’t Have Any Form of Anti-Theft System?

The blinking light indicates that a car has an electronic security system. Incidentally, the reason this is added is to enhance the deterrent to theft effect of the security system — that is to say, the light is designed to further discourage attempted theft.

What Are the six Most Important Warning Lamps in My Car?

Battery Charging System Warning Light, Air Bag SRS Warning Light, Oil Pressure Warning Light, Engine Temperature Warning Light, Brake Warning Light, Tire Pressure Warning Light

What Does It Mean When Your Vehicle’s Traction Warning Lights Come On?

Another seemingly innocuous warning, this symbol lights up when the tires are not gripping the road as well as they should. Most commonly, this will occur during rainy or snowy weather conditions.

Can Low Oil Cause the Check Engine Light to Come On?

The engine check light can turn on for a number of different reasons, but a low oil level is typically not one of them. Being low on oil is a serious problem, but it will not trigger your check engine light. It will, however, cause the oil light in your dashboard to turn on.


Your dashboard might be unique. The Symbols may have adjusted plans or demonstrate somewhat various things, so make certain to counsel your proprietor’s manual. A portion of these lights could forecast a genuine breakdown. Try not to disregard them. If all else fails, have an expert look at it. To put it plainly, focusing on a vehicle’s dashboard isn’t only useful for your vehicle yet in addition for your life and property. Numerous individuals will disregard dashboard signs because of their lethargy, absence of time, or monetary limitations. However, in the more drawn-out run, their obliviousness brings them more inconveniences than they could envision.