How To Clean Dirty Leather Car Seats | Easy Guide

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One can easily neglect the cleansing of one’s car seats but it is very important when it comes to hygiene. Leather is known to absorb oil from anything it contacts with. So, the dirt on the surface of car seats should be removed regularly in addition to some other effects in order to keep them totally clean. In this article, I will explain some simple steps which can help you know how to clean the dirty leather car seats.

Cleaning car seats

How To Clean Dirty Leather Car Seats Easily

Below you can follow the steps if you do not know how to clean dirty leather car seats on your own.

1. Check For Perforated Areas:

The first and most important step is to know if your car has some perforated areas in the seats. If it has, no water or cleanser should touch those places. Every car has a manual in which it is properly mentioned how to clean the car seats and before cleaning them, read it carefully.

2. Vacuuming The Seats:

A vacuum hose and attachment should be used to suck any kind of large particles of dust from the seats. Extreme care should be taken so that the leather of the seats does not get scratched up. Air compressors can be used to clean the dirt from the cracks areas.

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3. Remove The Dirt From The Surface:

Sometimes, your car’s seats can be really dirty. In such cases, you need to clean the surface dirt properly. However, even if it is not visible sometimes, the car seats might be still having a layer of dirt on the surface. Leather cleaner or any mild soap can be used to clean that.

4. Use A Brush To Deep Clean:

In order to clean the deep of the leather, a brush should be used. Cleaner which you are using should be directly sprayed at the required area and scrub it using a brush gently. This will help to bring the dirt particles to the surface of the seat.

5. Wipe The Leather:

A dry and clean cloth must be used to wipe off the dirt from the surface of the car seats. This must be done again and again as there might be more dirt than expected. You will see dirt on the cloth that may surprise you. These steps must be followed once every month. Even if you fail to do so, clean your car seats like this at least 3 to 4 times every year to keep them clean and hygienic.

6. Choose The Perfect Conditioner:

After cleaning the car seats, you may want to moisturize them as well. a high-quality leather conditioner without any petroleum distillates, silicone, or waxes must be found at first for this. The top-quality ingredient must be found in the conditioner because we aim to keep the leather in its original beauty or shine. Cheap quality ingredients, on the other hand, may stick to the leather on the car seats which will destroy its look as well as quality in place of enhancing it.

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7. Spot Test:

A spot test should be performed using the conditioner you choose to use. Look for an area that is not easily visible or noticeable and apply a little amount of conditioner on it. Then massage it gently using a cloth or a piece of sponge. Now check if it affects the seat in some way like decolorizing it or damaging the leather. If it does, then you need to change the conditioner and if it does not, then you are ready to go.

8. Condition The Leather Seats:

Condition the leather of your car seats by applying conditioner to each and every place and massaging it with a cloth or a piece of sponge. But make sure that you do not use too much conditioner as it will stick to the surface of the seats and will make the seats look sticky and dull. Massage using the cloth or sponge for a little longer time if you feel you have applied excess of conditioner than required.

9. Park The Car In A Shady Place:

After you are done, park your car in a place that has some shade or in your garage itself for a night. The conditioner should be given some time out of the sun so that it gets set without the bombardment of any Ultraviolet radiations of the sun. Let the conditioner sit for one hour at least without any disturbance.

10. Buff The Seats:

Once the conditioner gets soaked into the leather in car seats, use a cloth made up of microfibre to polish the leather on the seats to wipe up any conditioner left. Polishing should be done in circular motions to get a better finish.

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Some people prefer to use natural ingredients and use only the natural ones in order to clean their leather car seats. If you are one of them, you can make a spray using some natural substances which will help you to avoid the chemicals.

Put the three-fourth part of vinegar and one-fourth part of warm water and mix them properly in the spray bottle. Even if it does not smell really nice, vinegar is really nice cleansing agent and it is known to yield good results. So, you can trust it. But, you must perform the spot test to make sure it does not harm the leather on your seats.

10 Easy Steps On How To Clean Dirty Leather Car Seats

Below are the simple steps on how to clean dirty leather car seats easily on your own.

  1. Check For Perforated Areas
  2. Vacuuming The Seats
  3. Remove The Dirt From The Surface
  4. Use A Brush To Deep Clean
  5. Wipe The Leather
  6. Choose The Perfect Conditioner
  7. Spot Test
  8. Condition The Leather Seats
  9. Park The Car In A Shady Place
  10. Buff The Seats


Do not neglect the cleansing of your car seats. Make sure you use good ingredients to clean your car seats. In any condition, do not forget to locate an inconspicuous area and perform a spot test. The leather conditioning must not be done using too much conditioner. It may harm the leather of your car seats. Leather seats must not be cleaned too much using conditioner, however, dry cleaning of leather using dry cloth can be done monthly or weekly to keep the seats in a good condition.

I hope this article will help you to know the proper steps to be followed while cleaning your car seats made up of leather and understand the importance of the spot test.

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