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What To Do If Cruise Control Not Working?

Cruise control is a feature designed to make it less exhausting to cover a very long distance but you can say that it’s not that convenient in traffic or twisting roads, unless you have adaptive cruise control. The cruise control feature enables a user to set a selected speed. The cruise control system then maintains the selected speed and keeps your car driving at the selected speed, without needing you to step on the accelerator. You can enable this feature by pressing a button on your steering wheel. You can turn this feature off simply by stepping on the brake or by turning it off by the button.

Newer models have a little advanced cruise control system or adaptive cruise control system, letting you set a particular distance between your car and other vehicles. Thanks to radar and camera technology. If your cruise control isn’t working, sure it will be frustrating but if it suddenly stops working it can be very dangerous. So the question is why is cruise control not working?

Common Reasons Why Cruise Control May Not Work:

Cruise control can be both electronically controlled or vacuum controlled. Here are some common reasons why your cruise control may not be working:

1. Faulty Brake Pedal Switch:

The brake lights switch is located right above the brake pedal. When the brake pedal is pressed, the brake lights turn on. The cruise control system is programmed as if you step on the brake pedal, it will be turned off. So if your brake pedal switch is broken, the car will take it as the brake is being depressed all the time and you won’t be able to turn on cruise control. Also, if brake lights are blown or wasted, cruise control will not work.

2. Blown Fuse:

A cruise control system has its designated fuse. This fuse will blow if it senses a short circuit or electrical problem to protect the system. If there’s a blown fuse, all lights, radio, and other features along the circuit won’t work. So the cruise control system won’t work if there’s a blown fuse.

3. Faulty Speed sensor:

A faulty or damaged speed sensor will result in cruise control not working. As the name implies, the speed sensor senses speed. The speedometer will also stop working. If the speed sensor is damaged it won’t be able to sense speed due to which cruise control will not work properly. This can be dangerous as cruise control won’t be able to detect speed.

4. Damaged Vacuum Actuator:

The cruise control maintains the speed of a car with a cable connecting the vacuum actuator to the throttle. So if there’s a vacuum leak, cruise control will stop working.

What To Do If Cruise Control Not Working?

If your cruise control isn’t working, please avoid using it until you get it repaired. Faulty cruise control can be dangerous. You can do some simple checks but don’t use the cruise control feature if it’s not working properly. Contact a professional or trusted mechanic and tell them the problems you are facing. The mechanic will be able to give you a report as to why cruise control is not working. The mechanic will do an inspection and will check if there’s any damaged or failed component. You can get them replaced or repaired if possible.

1. Check the fuse:

Check if the fuse is good or blown. If your fuse gets blown, the metal ribbon inside your fuse burns so a blown fuse will look like this-

If you are replacing your fuse check if there’s any short circuit. So if replaced or a new fuse blows again then that means there is a short circuit, so you will have to resolve that first. Even though a blown fuse just causes minor electrical problems, but still may lead to cruise control failure.

2. Check The Brake Light Switch:

Check if there’s anything wrong with the brake light switch or lights. If brake lights are always on then it indicates a bad brake switch. Replace it if needed. Also, do a thorough check to see if there is any damaged wiring connected to the switch.

3. Check The Vacuum lines:

Check vacuum lines that connect the vacuum actuator to the control module. If there’s any hole in vacuum lines that means there can be a vacuum leak. Check if vacuum lines are damaged or worn out. If you hear any sucking noise, it might be because of damaged vacuum lines.

How To Change A Fuse?

You can change a fuse pretty much by yourself. Just get full knowledge about how to do it and do it safely.

  1. Find your car’s fuse panel.
  2. Uncover fuse panel.
  3. Find the blown fuse.
  4. Remove it with some tools but be careful as the fuses are quite fragile.
  5. Fix a new fuse of correct amperage.
  6. Check if it’s okay.
  7. If your new fuse blows again then there might be a short circuit or any other problem.
  8. Take your car to a mechanic.

How To Change Brake Light Switch?

  1. Reach under your car’s dashboard where you can see pedals.
  2. Remove the cover by reaching behind the brake pedal and by loosening the screws.
  3. You will see a brake light switch, remove the brake light switch, and disconnect it with the electrical connector.
  4. Connect a new brake light switch to that connector.
  5. Replace the screws and bolts if needed.
  6. Test it out by turning your car on, and if it’s working or not.
  7. If it’s not working, you need to contact your mechanic.

How Much Cost Does It Take To Fix Cruise Control?

If there are any damaged or worn components or blown fuse or switch control, you might need to replace them.

  • It may cost you around $170 to replace an average cruise control switch. Labor charges are around $70.
  • An average vacuum actuator may cost you around $30.
  • A brake light switch may cost you around $30 to $70.

What Causes Cruise Control To Stop Working?

The most common reason a cruise control stops working is due to a blown fuse or a defective brake pedal switch. It can also be caused by issues with the throttle control system or the ABS. In older cruise control systems it can be caused by a broken vacuum line.

Is Driving With Low Oil Pressure Bad?

Low oil pressure is no joke. Keep driving when the pressure drops and you will seriously damage your engine. If your oil light comes on or you see any other signs of low oil pressure, have your engine serviced as soon as possible.

How Do I Reset My Cruise Control?

For a quick reset, accelerate with the accelerator pedal to the desired speed, then press and release the “SET/COAST” button. Press and hold the “SET/COAST” button to decelerate. Release the button when you reach the desired speed; the cruise control system will be set to that speed.

How Do I Test My Cruise Control Switch?

To test this, simply start your engine and press the “on” button on your cruise control switch. If the cruise control light illuminates your dash or instrument cluster, the switch should be working fine.


If you are facing the problem of cruise control not working, please avoid using it for the time being. First, consult or contact a professional mechanic and do some checks by yourself if possible. Show your vehicle to a mechanic if you think your brake pedal switch is damaged or broken and get it repaired. It can be highly dangerous if your using cruise control and it suddenly stops working as it may lead to an accident.

Also if your vehicle does not have an adaptive cruise control system, do not use this feature in traffic areas. Contact your mechanic as soon as you can as they will be able to find out if there is any other problem with the vehicle. Take care of yourself and do not use cruise control if not working properly.

Thank you. Stay safe.