How To Fix A Sagging Headliner At Home [4 Easy Ways]

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A sagging headliner means the fabric part attached to the roof of your car is coming off and leaning from the roof. This could have a very bad impression of your car, so get it fixed as soon as possible. One of the most common reasons that lead to a saggy headliner is too much sun exposure of the roof or wetting the fabric too often. The glue that holds the fabric against the roof gets weak with time and eventually couldn’t hold the headliner against the roof. If you do not know how to fix a sagging headliner at home, then you are in the right place.

Do you know, the headliners are not just meant to cover the metal roof of your car. It plays a significant role in maintaining the temperature of your car and allowing the air conditioner to work with maximum efficiency and also to reduce the amount of vibration and noise you hear inside your car. They basically act like sound and heat insulators for your car, and also adds to the interior design. So, if the headliner of your car has come off, fix it immediately to avoid replacing it due to further damage to the fabric.

You should get this problem fixed by a professional only, but if you are amongst those who like to experiment, and try to fix things yourself, then we are here to guide you and in this article, we will tell you how to fix a sagging headliner using some simple methods.

How To Fix A Sagging Headliner At Home

As mentioned earlier, the best solution to fix a sagging headliner is to get it replaced or fixed by a professional, but you could try the below hacks that could help you keep it fixed for some time.

1. Use Glue

This method could be used when the fabric from the roof has just started to come off from the sides and could be fixed temporarily. The sides at the front glass are the one that is exposed to sunlight most of the time. Therefore, it loosens the adhesive that holds the fabric and the roof together and eventually loosens it further.

You could fix this temporarily using a good adhesive solution that would be available at the local stores or online. Just apply some glue to the sides where the fabric has started to come off, and let it dry. This would certainly delay the sagging of the headliner. But the permanent fix would be replacing it.

2. Use Stapler Gun And Hair Spray

This might sound weird to you, but this is quite an effective solution to fix the headliner back into its place. You will need only two things for this- a stapler gun and a hair spray. Staple the area where the headliner is coming off, and spray hair spray over it. Let it dry for some time and then remove the staples.

This would keep the headliner in place for a few months or even years, saving you some money for the time being. This is how to fix a sagging headliner temporarily.

3. Use Twist Pins

Using twist pins to fix the sagging headliner is one of the most effective and inexpensive methods you could use. Due to the corkscrew design of the twist pins, they firmly lock any fabric material we want to hold. Actually, twist pins are specially designed to use with upholstery. They are easily available at any local hardware shop or online.

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Just stretch the fabric from the point it is sagging, and tighten it so that there are no air gaps. Fix the pin by twisting it in the clockwise direction, and you are done. The major advantage of using this method is that there is very little chance that these pins will come off, and even if the adhesive at other areas loosens up due to the sunlight, the pins would hold it in place. Also, these pins heavy some fancy designs that totally match with the fabric, and the passengers in your car would hardly notice them.

4. Use Steam To Rejuvenate The Strenght Of The Glue

The best method you could use to fix a sagging headliner would be rejuvenating the strength of the glue that has become loose due to constant exposure to sunlight. As time passes, the glue that holds the fabric of the headliner with the roof losses its power, and becomes dry. Using steam over the headliner will melt the glue, and would regain its tackiness.

Use a small steamer that you use at home, and run it over the area where the headliner has started to come off. Keep it running and use a paint roller to place the sagging headliner back into its place. Make sure you do not form any folds or wrinkles while using the roller.

Remember, this method is a temporary fix and would hold the headliner until the glue is strong enough. And it is evident from your case, that the glue has started to lose its strength, so the headliner will eventually come off after a few months or years. But this is a good temporary fix if you do not want to spend money right away.

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5. Use Two Sided Tape

Using a two-sided tape is not a very effective solution, but could work if you want a temporary solution for a short amount of time. The two-sided tape is a kind of thick tape that has the ability to stick relevant materials on both sides. But remember, you could use this solution only if the sagging is at the sides or there are small cuts in some areas on the headliner.

The two-sided tape is available at every local store and is very cheap. Cut-off some tape and stick one side to the roof, keeping the covering on the other side intact. Now, tighten the fabric that has come-off from the sides, and stick it to the tape by removing its paper covering.

If the sagging is at the center, use the twist pin method to fix your problem.

Tip- If you use any of the temporary methods given above, keep a box of thumbtacks in your car so that you could fix the headliner back into its place if it comes off unexpectedly on the way. The thumbtacks would temporarily fix the headliner against the roof, but get it replaced by a professional this time.

Final Words

The solutions mentioned above are certainly effective and could be used to temporarily fix the sagging headliner. But in the long run, the sagging would spread to further areas, so replacing or getting it fixed by a professional is the best option.

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