How To Fix Brake Lights Not Turning Off [5 Ways]

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Brake lights are one of the most important components of the car. They warn the vehicles behind you when you are about to stop or slow your speed. The brake lights have a switch that is connected to the brake pedal and they turn on as soon as you press the pedal. Basically, the circuit from the brake lights gets completed or closed when you press the pedal. This is how the brake lights system works. If your brake lights wont turn off there might be many reasons behind it, let us diagnose the problem.

Why The Car Brake Lights Wont Turn Off?

Sometimes, due to some circuit error or a problem in the brake pedal could cause the brake light to not turn off even when you are not pressing the pedal. Sometimes, it could also happen that even when you turn the engine off, the brake lights still remain on.

This happens mostly because of some problem in the brake pedal. In this article, we will discuss all the possible causes for the brake lights won’t turn off and look for its solution.

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Fix Brake Lights Not Turning Off

We will discuss here why the tail lights stay on when car is off and its solutions. We have also provided a video link to every problem to help you diagnose it properly.

1. Fix Brake Pedal

This is the most common cause for the brake lights not turning off. Brake pedals may sometimes get stuck or slightly pressed to the switch underneath. There may also be some corrosion or debris stuck between the pedal and the switch causing the brake lights to remain on.

How To Fix It?

Removing any debris between the pedal and the switch if that is the problem. Also pressing the pedal several times could help it pressing against the switch constantly. Otherwise, taking it to a professional is the best option if it does not get fixed. Regular maintenance and servicing your car would not lead to this problem in the future.

2. Fix Brake Pedal Accelerator Stops

Brake pedal stops keep the pedal in control and stop them from going too far when you press the brake. These get worn out with time due to wear and tear and push against your pedal. This causes the brake lights to remain on.

How To Fix It?

Replacing the brake pedal stops would help fix your brake lights not turning off problem. You can easily fix this by yourself and the pedal stops are available online.

3. Fix Electric Switch Circuit

This is also a common problem that leads to your situation. A problem in the circuit of the brake switch could keep your brake lights on and also drain the battery of your car. This is because the lights could remain on even after switching off the ignition. Therefore, until you fix this problem, detach the battery until you fix this issue when your car is off.

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How To Fix It?

If you could diagnose the circuit below the dashboard, the problem can be solved by you. Otherwise, visit your mechanic. We have provided a video below that could help you analyze the circuit problem and fix it yourself.

4. Fix Wiring Of The Braking Circuit

Any damage in the wiring pigtail of the brake circuit could lead to your brake lights remaining on. If you find any signs of burning or damage to the wiring in the pigtail harness, this could lead to the problem you are facing.

How To Fix It?

Replacing the damaged pigtail would help fix your problem. You could get them at local stores or order them online.

5. Fix a Damaged Switch

A brake switch is a long button that gets pressed when you press the brake pedal. To see if there is a problem with the switch, press the pedal with your hand and see whether the switch behind gets released when you release the pedal. You can also check the switch directly by press it and see if it pops out. If it doesn’t, that’s where the problem is.

How To Fix It?

Replacing the switch would fix your problem of parking lights stay on when car is off. First, removing the pigtail wire connected to the switch. Then, remove the switch from its position and fix the new switch. Connect the pigtail wires back and you are done.

Final Words

So, we have discussed all the possible causes that could cause your brake lights to remain ON and have listed the solutions for it. You could try fixing it yourself, otherwise, let a professional handle the problem. You should not make a delay to fix this problem as brake lights are very crucial for your safety and the people driving behind you.

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If you like our article about the parking lights stay on when car is off, and have any queries, let us know in the comment section below. Cheers!

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