How To Fix A Broken Glove Box Hinge?

Everyone is almost aware of the glove box in the car. As you know, it is very crucial in regards to keeping items and documents, but what if it malfunctions or faces any damage. Are you aware of how to fix a broken glove box hinge? If no, then you are in the right place as this context will help you understand all the related information. Here, this article provides the fixation and other related questions regarding the topic. So, let’s begin with the discussion.

What Is A Glove Box In A Car?

A glove box in a car, a compartment built into the dashboard immediately in front of the passenger seat, is helpful to store essential documents and items. It also refers to as the jockey box or cubbyhole.

The name derives from the real purpose of the compartment to store the driving gloves mainly. In most vehicles, it observes that the glove compartment closes with the latch and provides the option of being locked using the key.

How To Fix A Broken Glove Box Hinge?

The glove box in the car is a perfect area that provides the space for keeping the essential documents and other vital papers required while driving a vehicle. Thus, it may not be as crucial as other parts but has a valuable function adding comfort to the driving.

The broken glove box hinge makes the handling of the box difficult and unable to provide the service or function it should do. There are various reasons for its malfunctions, but the most accessible and most familiar solution to fix the issue is here. The only thing you must try is to follow the provided instructions step by step, and soon you’ll reach the desired result.

The steps for fixing the broken glove box hinge are as follows:

1. Removal Of Old Pins

It is better to remove the old or worn pins to use a flat head screwdriver or chisel. With the help of a screwdriver, carefully tap the pins out of their sockets.

Once you are done with the removal, the lid present can easily lift off. The pieces of broken hinges may fall; therefore, keep them safe as they require in the next step.

2. Fixing The Broken Hinge

The step is short but must perform carefully. You first need to assemble the broken parts of the hinge over the table and then glue the hinge onto the glove box lid.

Although the step may sound easy, arranging of fixing the slipping part requires more attention and patience. However, this will help to locate the brackets in the very next step.

3. Fixing The Brackets Onto The Exiting Hinge

Like the above step, although being efficiently requires a keen concentration when fixed, or we could more appropriately say when appropriately glued, place the bracket up against the hinge and lid.

Now next, you need to build or drill holes in the glove box. The drilling can efficiently perform by a hand-operated drilling machine, and you need to drill four pilot holes. The drilling will help and accompany you in aligning the new screw.

Thus, at last, using the provided screws, screw all the vital areas properly into the hinge and lid. All this would end the working of the step and soon after completing it, switch to the next step immediately.

4. Fitting The New Pins

As we had removed all the old pins in the first step, now the time arises to fit all of them back by using all new pins. You can do this by placing the lid into the glove box and turning it, and trying to access the pinholes made earlier in the previous step.

While offering or fixing the pins to the slot, there should be a faint click sound indicating the alignment itself is correct, and you can carry on with the steps further. At last, tap the pins into the respective place properly with the help of the hammer.

5. Checking The Mechanism

It is the last step of the process or the fixation. As we know, it does not include a way critical mechanism, so you can quickly check it. For this, keep the glove box over the bench or any hard surface. There you can examine whether the closing and opening of the box are a smooth process or not.

Although the above steps will surely help you fix the box correctly, I would suggest going through the steps once again if you find difficulty arranging it. If you are not getting the desired result after trying a lot, consult the professionals.

How Do You Unstick A Glove Box?

Such issues are not a great matter of concern, and the jammed glove boxes are the issues that can easily open. It is done by gently tapping the latch mechanism and carefully pulling the glove door box to itself.

Try doing this until it’s open. Also, please perform it gently and carefully with patience, do not apply brute forces as this would ruin your box completely.

How Much Does It Cost To Replace The Broken Glove Box?

The cost of replacing depends on the type of material you choose, whether plastic boxes, stainless steel or aluminium ones. The average price of plastic containers ranges between $30 to $40, while stainless steel and aluminium cost packages may lie around $50 to $60. Generally, the prices may go up if the box has in-built special features.

However, the ranges may vary from place to place and depend on the type and model of the car.


We hope the information mentioned earlier guide and helps you in dealing with the situation. We had almost tried our best to provide you with the optimum knowledge. Thus, now we expect that you know how to fix a broken glove box hinge in the car.

If your doubts or issues regarding the topic persist, we request you to please comment below in the comment box. We’ll try to answer all the questions as quickly as possible.