Fix Car AC Makes Noise When Turned ON [5 Ways]

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Does your car ac make noise when turned on? Do you hear buzzing or clicking sounds when you turn the air conditioner on? Then this indicates that there is some problem with the air conditioning system of your car that needs to be fixed as early as possible to avoid more complications.

The air conditioning system gives you the most relaxing feeling in your car, especially on a hot day. Do you know, until 1939, only luxury cars and limousines had the air conditioning system in the car. Packard became the first manufacturer to install air conditioning units in its cars. The air conditioning system should be serviced regularly for proper cooling and functioning. Any problem in the ac unit should be looked after to avoid further complications. In this article, we are going to discuss how to fix the problem of car ac makes noise when turned on.

What To Do Car AC Makes Noise When Turned On?

We are going to discuss in this article all the reasons for your car ac to make noise when turned on and look for its solutions. So, let us start.

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1. Check The Air Compressor

The air compressor is the power unit of the air conditioning system. It puts the refrigerant stored under high pressure and with the help of a compressor, changes it from gas to liquid. Any problem with the air compressor should be fixed immediately. The most common problem faced is overcharging. This means that too much refrigerant was filled in the last service of your car. You will probably hear buzzing sounds when this is the problem.

How To Fix It?

If you hear car air conditioner making loud humming noise, this means that too much refrigerant is entering the compressor. You should get this problem fixed as soon as possible by taking your car to a mechanic to avoid further damage to the compressor. Check out the video below that gives you some more information about why you should not overcharge the compressor.

2. Check The Compressor Belt

The compressor system of the air conditioning unit should be in perfect condition to give you the maximum cooling and efficiency. The compression unit is driven by a compressor belt. Any damage or slip in the belt could cause the refrigerant to leak, and also the air provided by the ac would not be cold as earlier.

How To Fix It?

Replacing the compressor belt would fix the problem. Remember, if this problem is not looked after soon, the compressor system could get damaged and need to be replaced which would cost you a lot of money. You can check out the video below on how to replace an ac compressor belt for some information.

3. Check The Compressor Clutch

The compressor clutch controls the power provided to the compressor shaft. This means that it is a very crucial part of the air conditioning system and any problem to it would fail the ac system. Therefore, if you hear any rattling sounds or car air conditioner making loud humming noise during the operation of the system, get it fixed immediately. The compressor clutch is constantly facing wear and tear when working, therefore, it needs to be looked after and replaced fairly often.

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 How To Fix It?

Get the compressor clutch checked by a professional. You could also try diagnosing the clutch by yourself and check if its spinning or not. It should spin at regular cycles then turn off. If it does not spin at all, then there’s a problem with it. Check the video below for more help.

4. Check The Idler Pulley

Idler pulleys are responsible for driving the engine drive belts. If the bearings from the idler pulley are falling, then the noise you hear is actually from this component. As you know, the compressor puts a load on the engine, so when the ac is turned on, the increased load on the engine may be the reason you are hearing these weird noises.

How To Fix It?

If the bearings of the pulley have gone bad, then you should get them replaced or fixed to avoid load on the engine. Get your car to a mechanic to fix this problem. Check out the video provided below to identify a bad pulley bearing.

5. Check Loose Bolts

Sometimes, the problem could be just the loosely mounting bolts that hold the air conditioning components in place. If you hear clicking or knocking sounds when you turn the ac on, then you could say that this is the problem. Because the components are not tightly fixed, they may produce clicking sounds.

How To Fix It?

You could try to diagnose this problem by yourself. Turn the engine on and stand back. Look for the source of the hissing noises your hear. If you find any loose bolts or find that any of the components are shaking or moving, tighten them and see the problem is fixed. Otherwise, take your car to a mechanic for a complete analysis.

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Hissing Sounds After Turning The Car Off?

If you hear any hissing sounds after you turn off your car. It means that the refrigerant in the system is equalizing its pressure and is moving from the high-pressure side of the compressor to the low-pressure side. You need not worry about this and it is completely normal.

Things To Check When Car AC Makes Noise When Turned On

Below is the summary of the components you should check when your car ac makes noise when turned on.

  1. Air Compressor
  2. Compressor Belt
  3. Compressor Clutch
  4. Idler Pulley
  5. Loose Bolts

Final Words

So, we have discussed all the possible reasons for your car ac to rattle when turned on and have looked for its solutions. You should never ignore these sounds as these signify that there is a problem with one or more of the components of your car and if not looked after soon, may lead to other complications. Also, in summers, it would become impossible for you to drive your car without an air conditioner. So, get it fixed immediately.

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