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Is My Transmission Fluid Leaking From Bellhousing? [Diagnosis And Fixes]

Hello there! In the series of all about vehicles, it is time for a new blog today. In this article, we will talk about one of the toughest leaks to spot i.e. transmission fluid leaking from bellhousing. It can turn into one of your worst nightmares if left untreated for a long time. Although this quandary is more common in old vehicles it cannot be ignored. Below we answer a few of the prominent questions that might be jabbing your mind.


Why Is My Transmission Leaking Fluids Out The Bell Housing?

Firstly let us address the most important and basic question. Transmission fluid is reddish-brown or green in colour. Most transmissions are tightly sealed thus leaking is quite unusual until they are worn out or loosen up after miles of travelling. But in case you are a bit unfortunate, you may have to face this problem quick-maturing too. Here are some reasons why your transmission fluid is leaking from the bell housing.

1. Debris

Shocking right? Not many people know this but stuck debris does worse to your transmission than you expect it to do. It can wear transmission adversely.

2. Worn Out Internals

Another major reason for leaking fluid out of bell housing is that the internal parts of transmission wear out after time due to vigorous rubbing of shafts. With the passage of time, the shaft sags down considerably.

3. Manhandling

Odds are you are not giving your car the attention and care it deserves. A novice mechanic can damage your car to no return.

How To Fix Transmission Fluid Leaking From Bellhousing?

After knowing the possible causes, the next step is fixing this issue to a limited extent. Since the problems are quite specific, so its solution will also be particular to its cause.

1. Preserve Cleanliness

It is important to prevent suspended particles from entering the transmission at any cost. It is not that difficult. All we need to do is filter the metal particles, dirt, and dust present in the fluid and not let it enter the gasket.

2. Fluid Replacement

To prevent transmission fluid leaking from bellhousing, make sure to replace the transition fluids once a year or per 10,000 miles. do not compromise on fluid quality for the sake of saving a few pennies.

3. Fix Seals

In case you spot the seal rupture successfully, just replace it to prepare the leak, and you are done. Check from where the fluid is dripping and use a sealant or airtight tape to fix it.

Frequently Asked Questions-

So,here are some of the frequently asked questions about the reasons, causes a transmisson bell housing to Leak fluid?

Can You Drive With Transmission Fluid Leaking?

Although it is not that dangerous to drive with leaking transmission fluid from bell housing, it isn’t safe either. Not only it will damage your transmission even more but also result in decreased performance. Also since it may lead to contagion damage to other parts, it may trigger some serious issues in your car in the long term. The sooner you act, the healthier your car will be.

Is Transmission Leak Expensive To Fix?

While the prices may vary from place to place and model to model, the extent of damage and parts damaged also play an integral part in determining the cost of repair. To give you a rough estimate, a typical repair ranges from $120-250$. Since this subject demands some considerate labour, the cost rises. So we may comment on it as ‘costly’.

What Is The Bell Housing On A Car?

This housing is bolted to the engine block and derives its name from the bell-like shape that its internal components necessitate. The starter motor is usually mounted here, and engages with a ring gear on the flywheel. On the opposite end to the engine is usually bolted to the gearbox.

What Causes A Transmission Bell Housing To Leak Fluid?

There are several reasons why leaks occur in the bell housing of transmissions in automobiles. The most likely cause of a fluid leak in the transmission bell housing is a failed seal. The seal that usually fails is the rear seal.

Where Is The Fluid Coming From In My Transmission?

Unfortunately there area few places the fluid could be coming from and they are all pretty difficult to inspect. The first step in diagnosing any transmission fluid leak from the front of your transmission is to see if your transmission has an inspection cover.


If your car is leaking transmission fluid, buckle up to get your time dirty and it can also cost you a considerable amount of time and money. It is always better to repair the damage at the initial stage rather than fixing exponential damage later. So that was all you need to do, hope this article has helped you sort out all your doubts. If not, do not hesitate to ask it in the comment section and we will address it gladly.

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