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Unveiling Ford F150 Automatic Running Boards Problems In Detail

The popular American truck, the Ford F-150, has a cool feature: motorized running boards. It’s simple to get in and out of your truck with these ingenious procedures. Imagine that you can enter or exit your truck by simply clicking the door. Every time you ride, it’s like being on the red carpet for a special occasion!

The thing is, though, that these mechanical running boards occasionally behave strangely. They may refuse to cooperate, make strange noises, or fail to emerge when they should. It resembles a fancy device that malfunctions on you. But don’t worry; we’re here to explain everything to you simply.

We’ll talk about what these issues are, why they arise, and what you can do to prevent them from happening to your F-150 and its running boards in this article. So fasten your seatbelts as we go into the world of Ford F-150 automatic running boards problems!

Understanding Ford F150 Automatic Running Boards

Automatic running boards for Ford F-150 trucks are similar to flying stairs. Consider having a large, lofty truck. Climbing in and out must be rather difficult. Well, these unique procedures make it quite simple. These steps appear out of nowhere from under your truck as you open the door. It appears as though they are rolling out to assist you. They resemble a private red carpet for you! Additionally, they slide back under your truck as you close the door, getting them out of the way.

It’s so easy to get in and out of your truck with these motorized running boards, especially if you’re short. Additionally, they look extremely great. Therefore, to put it simply, Ford F-150 Automatic Running Boards are similar to hidden, retractable steps that make it easier to climb into your vehicle and provide you with a VIP experience every time you get in or out.

Ford F150 Automatic Running Boards Problems Explained

Let’s simplify it in simple words. Automatic running boards on a Ford F-150 might occasionally experience problems that may seem a little complicated. Here are some common problems of the Ford F150:

1. Neither Extending Nor Retracting:

Imagine that when you open the truck door, the step that is designed to assist you in gaining entry simply remains in place. Or it doesn’t enter properly when you close the door. When a component of the running board system is malfunctioning, this may occur. It is comparable to your automatic grocery store door getting stuck midway.

2. Strange Sounds:

Your running boards may occasionally create odd noises when moving, such as grinding or clunking. Similar to how your car makes an odd noise when something isn’t quite right under the Ford’s hood.

3. They Function Occasionally But Not Always:

What if the TV remote only functioned when it felt like it? The TV will sometimes turn on and other times it won’t. Your running boards may behave similarly, extending and retracting as needed. It might be annoying.

4. Dashboard Warning Lights:

Modern cars include dashboard warning lights to let you know when something is wrong. If a light associated with the running boards illuminates, it’s as if your truck is signalling to you, “Hey, there’s a problem with the steps.”

5. Explicit Damage:

The running boards may occasionally appear to be broken or deformed. Similar to when you notice a crack in the screen of your phone, this is an indication that something isn’t right.

Therefore, simply said, dirt, wiring faults, or malfunctioning motors and control modules are the main causes of Ford F-150 automatic running boards problems. Maintaining your running boards and having them fixed as necessary helps preserve your vehicle in good condition, just like you would your car or gadgets.

Common Causes Of Ford F150 Automatic Running Boards Issues

Here are some straightforward explanations of the typical reasons for Ford F-150 automatic running boards problems:

1. Buildup Of Dirt And Debris:

Think of your truck’s slide-out stairs as being your running boards. These steps may amass dirt, muck, and tiny objects like rocks and leaves over time. Your steps might not go as easily as they should if too much of this stuff becomes stuck.

2. Wiring Problems:

Consider the wiring as the “electricity highways” that enable the movement of your running boards. These highways may occasionally sustain damage. It’s similar to a potholed road in that if it’s not smooth, your running boards might not function properly.

3. Motor Malfunction:

The running boards of your truck are propelled by tiny motors underneath. Think of them as miniature engines. These motors can quit functioning just like automobile engines can, which will cause your running boards to not move properly.

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4. Issues With Control Modules:

The control module functions as the running board’s brain. When to come out and when to go into hiding is specified. Your running boards might respond strangely if something goes wrong with this “brain,” for example.

5. Obstacles:

Running boards can occasionally become obstructed by objects. Consider how a door would become stuck if something were to stop it. Your running boards cannot open or close smoothly if something is in their path.

In order to get your running boards back to functioning properly, it’s a good idea to clean them, look for damaged wiring, or seek the assistance of a professional if you discover any of these issues.

Easy Fixes To Solve The Ford F150 Automatic Running Boards Issues

There are some straightforward fixes for fixing Ford F-150 automatic running board issues that don’t necessitate the knowledge of a mechanic. Here are some simple actions you can take:

1. Lubricate And Clean:

To regularly remove dirt and debris, clean your running boards with a brush or cloth. Apply a specialized lubricant or spray as well to keep the moving parts operating smoothly. Cleaning and lubricating help the boards glide in and out easily and prevent debris from blocking them.

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2. Examine For Damage:

Look for any dents or cracks in your running boards. Try to fix or replace the damaged components if you notice any damage to guarantee proper operation.

3. Find Any Loose Wires:

Wires in charge of the running boards may occasionally deteriorate or become slack. Look for any disconnected or frayed wires and make the necessary repairs or contact a professional.

4. Obstruction Elimination:

Look for any debris or items that might be preventing your running boards from moving by checking the area around them. To enable them to operate properly, remove anything that is impeding them gently.

5. Changing The Motor:

It could be a motor issue if your running boards don’t move at all. Consult a professional to identify the problem and, if necessary, replace the defective motor.

6. Control Unit:

Request a professional inspection if the control module is performing strangely. To get your running boards back in working order, they can execute a diagnostic check and, if necessary, replace the module.

Remember that maintaining your running boards by keeping an eye on them, cleaning them frequently, and taking care of small problems as soon as they arise may help to ensure that they continue to add convenience and style to your Ford F-150.


In conclusion, if you face Ford F-150 automatic running boards problems, don’t get upset. The concerns are frequently resolved by routine cleaning, watching out for damage, and correcting wiring or motor issues. If it’s too difficult, ask a mechanic for assistance. Maintaining your running boards will make it simpler for you to get into and out of your truck, improving the convenience and enjoyment of your F-150. Therefore, keep an eye on them and deal with any issues as soon as they emerge to keep your truck working efficiently.