How To Bleed A Clutch By Yourself [10 Steps]

How To Bleed A Clutch By Yourself [10 Steps]

If you have to replace the clutch slave or hydraulic brake cylinder, the lines, or just need to change the fluid you are required to do an important job of removing the air from the system so that your clutch works properly. This procedure can be called “bleeding” the clutch system and is important because of the air present in a hydraulic system can cause a malfunction in it. So let us find out how to bleed a clutch by yourself.

How To Bleed A Clutch? 

Let us find out how to bleed a slave cylinder by following the steps mentioned below.

1. Gather the Correct Material

What you all need to gather while bleeding the clutch is as follows:

  1. Brake bleeder wrench or line wrench (8mm 0r 10mm which are most suitable sizes)
  2. Brake fluid- DOT 3 or higher ( or you can refer to owner’s manual for the correct type of fluid)
  3. Clear aquarium tubing (one to two feet)
  4. Drain pan, Empty water bottle, Floor jack
  5. Gloves, hand-operated Vacuum bleeder, rags or paper towel for cleanup
  6. Safety glasses, safety jack stand- 2, suction tool or a large turkey baster Locate the Brake Master Cylinder

The next step you need to take is to open the hood and start finding the brake hydraulic cylinder which is commonly found on the driver’s side and close to the firewall. The next you have to find is master cylinder reservoir and have to open it up and you can use a tool called as turkey baster to bring out the already filled brake fluid (that you might have filled a long time back) before replacing and then you can pour fresh fluid in it.

2. Fill the Clutch Master Cylinder

For sure the next step you should do is to go and refer to the owner’s manual to find the appropriate brake fluid and fill it accordingly.

3. Locate the Slave Cylinder

In most of the vehicles, it is bolted externally. While in other in which it is not, the slave cylinder is inside the transmission but you can easily find the bleeding valve on the outside. Otherwise, you can just simply follow the hydraulic line from the brake hydraulic cylinder to find it quickly.

4. Verify the Location of Bleeding Valve

You have to verify the location of the bleeder because it can be anywhere as depends according to your vehicle. You can even use a floor jack and safety jack stands to lift off your vehicle and secure it in order to gain access to the slave cylinder.

5. Bleed the Slave Cylinder

You have to allow gravity to bleed the slave cylinder.

6. Open the Bleeder Valve

The next step to bleed a clutch is to open the bleeder valve to the slave cylinder, use the line wrench. Place a drain pan under the slave cylinder to extract the brake fluid.

7. Bleed the Brake Fluid

The next you have to get a little hose and a bottle, so just drill a hole in the lid of it. Fill up the bottom of the bottle with brake fluid and make sure that the bottom of the hose is submerged in the brake fluid and the other end of the hose sits over the bleeder.

8. Pump the Clutch Pedal

Make yourself sit at the driver’s seat and pump the clutch 10 to 15 times to build up the pressure. Then just put something that is much heavy in weight so that it can press and hold the clutch pedal completely down.

9. Test the Bleeder

So what happens after you perform step 9 is when you pump it in and out the air comes out, the air comes out and comes into the bottle and when you pull it back, it sucks the fluid so that’s why you have to make sure that the reservoir is always full. So when you keep doing it, eventually there will be no bubbles and your clutch will blood.

10. Repeat Steps as Needed

You can repeat step 4 and step 5 only till brake fluid comes out. You can take it as a warning i.e., never release the clutch pedal while the bleeder valve is open as it can make the air suck back into the system which again bleeds the clutch. So hopefully you now know how to bleed a clutch by yourself.


Above are some simple steps from which you can fix the clutch wont bleed problem even at home. There is no more need to call the mechanic every time. Believe me it’s that simple as you think, so why not when you try this write your result in our comment box.

You can even refer to the video below to find out how to bleed a clutch by yourself:

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