User’s Guide To Install A Truck Tool Box

User’s Guide To Install A Truck Tool Box

Struggling for tools? Every time your truck needs some service, embarrassing for you to ask for your neighbour’s tool. We will teach you how to install a truck tool box to get rid of all these problems.

The tool hunting task is eating much of your important time and facing a hell lot of other problems.  Scroll down and start reading to find a fix to this problem!

A Toolbox is used for the storage of tools and is mostly made of metals like steel or aluminium. However plastic toolboxes are becoming increasingly popular because they cost less and weight less.

Mounting style

Mounting style refers to, where and how your truck toolbox is installed.

So, first, be specific about the mounting style, then go for buying an apt toolbox. The most popular types of in-bed tool boxes are listed below-

Types Of Truck Tool Boxes

Below are the different types of truck tool boxes.

  • Side

Don’t want to compromise with the storage space, try out these especial side Mount tool boxes. They attach along the left and/or right side bed rails in the cargo box area and extend down into the bed, without reaching the floor.

Side Mount tools boxes allow you to take full advantage of your car truck’s potential. Moreover, they are easy to install and access.

  • Crossover

Provide a safe, secure and convenient storage space that integrates with the layout of your truck.

They install behind the cab, span across the entire width of the wheel and rest on the bed’s side without extending down to the floor.

  • Chest

Offers the advantage of zero rear-view obstruction – however, they do limit usable floor space. They install behind the cab on the truck bed’s floor and do not rise above the bed sides.

  • Top Mount boxes

They sit on top of the side bed rails. While these don’t take up any space in the bed and are eminently easy to access, they can create blind spots for the driver.

In that running order, we have storage drawers, wheel well boxes, fifth wheel boxes, Hitch and many more. Hope you have somehow, managed to choose the right and complimenting Toolbox, keeping in mind, the cargo capacity, location and tool access, as well as, the measure of your truck bed.

Now, here comes the main task, though made easy for you, to install your chosen Toolbox into/onto your truck.

Meanwhile, even the thought of such installation may seem to one, a very tiresome and time-consuming job but believe me, go through the following steps very sincerely and the installation process would be like a Cakewalk to you.

You’ll need some tools before you start doing the job, these are:

  • Correct size pliers, screwdriver, spanners
  • Form / padding material
  • Bolt screws nuts
  • Measuring tape

Assuming, you are ready with the tools, let’s get started with the installation.

Steps For Installation Of Truck Tool Box

Follow the below steps to install a truck tool box.

Step 1: Be Specific With The Mounting Style

Before any attempt to install the box, it’s advisable to once read your car’s manual to check, if there is any particular Toolbox type or position recommended or advised there itself and act accordingly.

If not, then grab your measuring tape and get the right box measurements. With that in mind, look for the perfect position to place your appliance such that, you should have complete access to opening your box lid freely.

What have you chosen: corner, front or side? Now let’s move onto the next step on how to install a truck tool box.

Step 2: Fit Form Padding

As you have already measured the width of the box, it’s time to cut the rubber or foam padding to place on your truck rails. It protects from scratching and preserve the paint job.

If you have a bed liner in place this step can be skipped.

Step 3: Screw The Bolts In The Existing Holes

One’s trucks cargo is usually pre-installed with some holes on its bottom surface, usually covered with some rubber plugs. So uncover the holes and align the holes on the box bottom with those on your trucks bed rail.

Step 4:  Enter J-Bolt Or Any Other Type Of Bolts In The Holes

When you find the alignment perfect and feels like the whole stance of your truck is matching to that box that means, it’s time to finally fit the J- Bolt or any other type of bolt you have, into place.

Most toolboxes require 4-6 bolts to successfully get fixed in place.

Step 5: Final Check

Check the toolbox Fit by, either taking a small drive down the street or shaking and moving the box with adequate force.

Also, lift the lid to see if it opens easily and correctly without any hindrance. Confirm that no washers, nuts or Bolt have been left behind.

Truck Toolbox Hacks

Some hacks that will save you from ending up disastrously:

  • If your mind is unable to conclude, which tool box to buy, you may either posted it in the comment section, or ask at an auto parts store, but don’t end up buying an appropriate toolbox.
  • During installation don’t try doing anything forcibly if it’s not fitting, for that may seem to fit at that spot but it would be very harmful and unsafe in future days.
  • At the time of screwing the bolts, don’t screw them too lose or too tight, for both are very harmful and may cause severe mishappening and losses. This is how to install a truck tool box.

Final Say

‘Hurray’, we finally reached the conclusion, assuming you are clear with the instructions on how to install a truck tool box. Your effort and time, I guess, would be minimised, many folds, by the steps and hacks discussed, if they are followed sincerely and severely.

Now that you have or, will get your truck bed storage sorted out, you can smoothly and comfortably carry out your daily schedule without any more struggle of finding the missing tools or asking the neighbour for their tools.

All the stumbling blocks in your path, to follow a planned schedule, will tend to minimise, just after installing extremely useful tool box.

At last, but not at all the least, the cleaning and maintenance of your Toolbox are of the same importance as the installation process. The more you care and maintain them the longer will they serve you and the more loyal they will be?
There are a variety of ways for doing that; choose what suits you.

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