How To Remove Wiper Scratches From Windshield: An In-Depth Guide!

Wiper scuffs on your car’s windscreen may be a great eyesore and make it more difficult for you to see clearly while driving. But don’t worry; there are solutions available to remedy them and bring your windscreen back to its former splendour. This article will explain how to polish your windscreen and get rid of wiper scuffs.

These scuffs are frequently caused by dirty or obstructed wipers, worn-out wiper blades or using wipers on a frozen windscreen. When they obscure your view while driving, they can be bothersome and even dangerous. Fortunately, replacing the windscreen entirely isn’t usually necessary and can be expensive. The windscreen in your car serves as both a window to the outside world and a weatherproof barrier. However, with time, those dependable windscreen wipers may start to leave unattractive dings on this important piece of glass.

Therefore, we’ll delve into the world of wiper scratches in this extensive tutorial, covering everything from its causes as well as how to remove wiper scratches from windshield and repair them.  So let’s begin the process of restoring the clarity of your windscreen and making sure that your journeys are safer and more enjoyable.

Wiper Scratches On Windshield: What Are They?

Those irritating lines or streaks you occasionally see on your windscreen are wiper scratches, which are common in cars. They frequently appear when it’s raining or when light is shining on the windscreen in a particular manner, and they can appear as thin markings going horizontally across the glass.

What then triggers these wiper scratchings? Well, worn-out wiper blades are the most typical cause. Your wiper blades’ rubber component can become old or worn, which can cause them to scratch the windscreen rather than adequately clear it. Scratches can also be caused by dirt and tiny particles of debris like sand or dust.

These items behave like coarse sandpaper if they become wedged between the wiper blades and the windscreen and leave markings when the wipers move. Therefore, wiper scratches are those annoying lines on your car’s windscreen brought on by worn-out wiper blades or objects becoming caught there.

Reasons Behind Wiper Scratches On Windshield

Although windscreen wiper scratches on cars can be very annoying, they are caused by a few straightforward factors:

1. Expired Wiper Blades:

The rubber or silicone portion of your wiper blades may become worn or uneven over time. When this occurs, the wipers may drag on the windscreen rather than glide easily, scratching it.

2. Dirt And Debris:

Dust, sand, and other small particles can occasionally become lodged on the windscreen due to filth. These specks behave like coarse sandpaper when your wipers pass over the glass, scratching it.

3. Frozen Wipers:

Utilising your wipers when they are frozen to the windscreen can be a serious issue. As the wipers attempt to move, the ice on the glass works like sandpaper and can scrape the windscreen.

4. Harsh Cleaners:

The use of harsh chemicals or cleaners, particularly ones containing ammonia, can erode the glass. It’s more prone to get scratched when the wipers pass across cracked glass.

Therefore, remember to use gentle cleaners that won’t scratch the glass and to keep your windscreen clean, especially before running the wipers in icy conditions, if you want to keep it looking crystal clear. You can keep those annoying wiper scratches at bay by taking care of these basic items.

How To Remove Wiper Scratches From Windshield?

It can be challenging to remove wiper scratches from your car’s windscreen, but here are the basic steps:

Step 1: Compile Your Materials

Gather the supplies you’ll need, including a microfiber cloth, clean water, a glass polishing kit (available at auto stores), and gloves to protect your hands.

Step 2: Clean The Windscreen

Start by giving the windscreen a good cleaning with water and some dish soap. Rinse it thoroughly to get rid of any dust or particles.

Step 3: Put On Your Gloves

To protect your hands from chemicals and jagged glass edges, put on gloves.

Step 4: Apply The Polishing Compound

Apply a tiny amount of the polishing compound from the glass polishing kit to the scratched area.

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Step 5: Gently Rub

Rub the compound onto the scratches using the soft pad included with the box or a microfiber cloth. You need to gently in a circular motion, do it. Use the compound to keep the area moist.

Step 6 Review Your Progress

Pause to see if the scratches are getting better. Be patient because it can take some time. The depth of the scratches may prevent them from fully disappearing.

Step 7: Dry And Rinse

When you’re happy with the results, rinse the windscreen with fresh water and dry it with a microfiber towel that has been thoroughly cleaned.

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Step 8: Review

Check to see if the marks are gone or much less noticeable on the windscreen. If they’re still there, you might need to try again or go for expert assistance.

Keep in mind that repairing wiper scratches requires time and effort and may not be successful in severe damages. It’s wise to get more guidance from an expert or, if necessary, consider replacing the windscreen if the marks are still unsightly.

Repairing Wiper Scratches: Is It Possible?

You may be wondering if there is any chance of repair if your windscreen already has wiper scratches. Depending on how severe the scratches are, here is the response:

1. Light Scratches:

Using a high-quality glass polishing kit, you may be able to buff out some light scratches. This entails using the kit’s abrasive compound to gently rub the afflicted region until the scratches vanish.

2. Deep Scratches:

Deep wiper scratches may, regrettably, be irreparable. In such circumstances, you might need to think about replacing the windscreen, which can be expensive.


Wiper scuffs on the windscreen of your automobile are not merely an aesthetic problem; they might endanger your safety while driving. The best strategy is to avoid these scrapes by doing routine maintenance and using prudent driving techniques. If scratches do develop, taking care of them right away helps keep you visible and guarantees that you have a good view of the road in front of you. Keep in mind that a clean windscreen not only improves your driving experience but also keeps you safe while travelling.

We hope the above-mentioned information about how to remove wiper scratches from windshield of your car will be helpful. If anyone faces any doubts, feel free to contact us anytime. Thank you for reading!