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How To Watch Netflix On CarPlay: A Step-by-Step Guide!

A game-changer in today’s fast-paced world where our cars have evolved into an extension of our everyday lives is the addition of entertainment to our commutes. Imagine driving down the interstate as your favourite Netflix movies and TV series are streaming directly to your car’s screen, in addition to your favourite music. That is the charm of using CarPlay to watch Netflix!

Apple’s in-car system, CarPlay, connects your iPhone’s power to the dashboard of your vehicle. Did you know that you can stream Netflix on it in addition to using it to access maps and music? To make your trips more enjoyable and interesting, we’ll outline how to turn your car into a mobile movie theatre in this article. As we explain in straightforward, simple-to-understand words how to watch Netflix on CarPlay, fasten your seatbelt.

Why To Watch Netflix On CarPlay Of A Car?

Additionally, before learning about the specifics of how to watch Netflix on CarPlay. We’ll first learn what to watch Netflix on a CarPlay. It can be a great method to make your trips more convenient and pleasurable to watch Netflix while driving. Why you would want to think about it is as follows:

1. Survival From Long-Drive Boredom:

Long automobile excursions, particularly those taken on road trips or for regular commutes, can occasionally feel tiresome. By transforming dull stretches of the highway into a mobile movie theatre, Netflix on CarPlay offers a fantastic way to pass the time.

2. Passenger Entertainment:

Having Netflix available on CarPlay when travelling with friends or family can keep everyone entertained. It’s the ideal way to avoid “Are we there yet?” moments.

3. Viewing Experience Customized:

What you want to see is entirely up to you. You are free to choose the media that best suits your mood, whether it be your preferred TV show, a recently released film, or a documentary.

4. Convenience And Flexibility:

You won’t need to fiddle with your phone while driving thanks to CarPlay, which makes it simple to operate Netflix using the touchscreen or voice commands in your vehicle. It’s all about comfort and security.

5. Lessened Stress:

You can feel as though your journey is shorter and less stressful by watching a television or movie you like. It functions as a small getaway from the busy street.

6. Family And Children Friendly:

Netflix can save your life if you are travelling with children. It keeps them busy and lessens the likelihood that they would become restless during the travel.

7. Keep Up To Date:

You can watch the newest movies and episodes of your favourite shows while on the go with Netflix on CarPlay.

In short, watching Netflix on CarPlay may turn your vehicle into a mobile entertainment centre, enhancing the fun, interest, and variety of your journeys. Just keep in mind to put safety first; only use it when the car is parked or hand the controls to a passenger so you can concentrate on the road.

Explain The Causes Of Unable To Watch Netflix On A CarPlay

Although CarPlay is an excellent tool for in-car entertainment, it can occasionally be challenging to stream Netflix on CarPlay. Let’s explore this issue in a more detail.

1. Compatibility Of App:

App compatibility is a typical barrier to using CarPlay to watch Netflix. Netflix isn’t officially on the CarPlay list of supported apps, which is somewhat restrictive. This implies that the Netflix app won’t appear directly on your CarPlay screen.

2. Safety Guidelines:

Your on-the-road security is our top priority. Many jurisdictions and automakers have laws prohibiting watching movies while driving to prevent distractions. CarPlay restricts video playback while driving in order to follow these guidelines. For safety, that’s a positive thing.

3. Ignored Software Updates:

Your iPhone must get along with the infotainment system in your car for CarPlay to function properly. Like two pals who share the same language, they must get along. Additionally, you must have the most recent software updates installed on both your iPhone and CarPlay. If they aren’t, it can give you the hiccups.

4. Bad Internet Connection:

Like watching on your phone, streaming Netflix on CarPlay needs an internet connection. You might need to use your phone’s data connection if your automobile lacks an integrated Wi-Fi hotspot. However, Netflix can buffer or not work at all if you’re travelling through places with poor coverage or without a data plan.

Therefore, even if streaming Netflix on CarPlay seems like a wonderful idea, there are several obstacles you must overcome. The compatibility of your gadgets, safety precautions, and a steady internet connection are important considerations. But don’t worry; we’ll cover methods soon on how to watch Netflix on CarPlay when you’re parked or with a co-pilot to assist you.

How To Watch Netflix On CarPlay Of A Car?

Your car travel can be more fun if you watch Netflix on CarPlay, but you must do so responsibly. Let’s look at this process in detail.

1. Verify The App’s Compatibility:

First off, it’s crucial to understand that Netflix isn’t included on the CarPlay menu by default. However, there is a workaround. You can access Netflix by using CarPlay-mirroring apps like “CarBridge” or “InCar” that help you mirror your iPhone’s screen.

2. Follow Safety Regulations:

Always put your safety first. Most jurisdictions forbid driving while watching videos. CarPlay adheres to these guidelines by preventing visual playback while the vehicle is in motion. Use Netflix only when you are parked or have a passenger to assist you.

3. Be Sure Your Device Is Compatible:

Your iPhone must be friends with your car’s infotainment system in order to use Netflix on CarPlay. They must communicate effectively with one another. In order for CarPlay and your iPhone to function together seamlessly, ensure sure they both have the most recent software upgrades.

4. Keep An Effective Internet Connection:

Netflix requires the internet, and there’s no guarantee that your car has a Wi-Fi hotspot built in. Then you can stream using the data connection on your phone. Just be careful if you’re travelling through signal-poor areas or if your data plan is insufficient.

5. Follow These Steps To Continue:

Therefore, follow these steps to continue with the process of watching Netflix on your CarPlay:

Step 1: Connecting Your iPhone To CarPlay

Make sure your iPhone is connected to the infotainment system in your car using a USB cable, or wirelessly if available.

Step 2: Enable Screen Mirroring

Open the third-party software you’re using, such as “CarBridge” for Netflix, and turn on screen mirroring.

Step 3: Launch Netflix

Get your iPhone’s Netflix app open. The Netflix interface ought to now appear on your CarPlay screen.

Step 4: Choose Your Content

Navigate Netflix using the touchscreen or voice commands to find and choose the program or movie you want to watch.

Step 5: Watch Netflix

During your automobile travel, relax, and watch some Netflix stuff. When driving, never forget to pay attention to the road.

Safety Tips To Be Taken:

While watching Netflix while driving can be enjoyable, it’s important to stay cautious. Observe the following safety advice:

1. Park Sensibly:

Watch Netflix only while you’re a passenger or your car is parked. Never try to watch while operating a vehicle.

2. Voice Commands Are Used:

To manage Netflix playback without taking your hands off the wheel, use CarPlay’s voice commands.

3. Maintain Contact:

To prevent interruptions while streaming, make sure your internet connection is steady.

4. Display Brightness Adjustment:

To reduce distraction, adjust the display brightness to a comfortable setting.

5. Maintain A Safe Volume:

Don’t increase the volume to the point where it interferes with your ability to hear your surroundings.


Netflix on CarPlay can improve your in-car entertainment, but you should always use it wisely and safely. To get the most out of this function, make sure your devices are compatible, you’re following safety laws, your apps are compatible, and your internet connection is steady.  You may watch Netflix while maintaining your attention on the road by following these instructions and safety advice, making your car travels both enjoyable and secure. Therefore, if you’re still wondering how to watch Netflix on CarPlay, refer into this article in detail.