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How To Watch Videos On CarPlay: A Step-by-Step Guide!

If the miles on a lengthy car trip seem to go on forever. Why not watch your favourite videos while driving while keeping your hands on the wheel? Well, you can sort of accomplish that thanks to Apple CarPlay, a cool technological advancement. CarPlay acts as your iPhone’s assistant in the car, facilitating activities like music playback, texting, and navigation.

The drawback is that using CarPlay to watch videos is more complicated than simply tapping your screen. It’s crucial to keep you secure. In this article, we’ll show you how to watch videos on CarPlay but keep in mind that road safety always comes first. Let’s start this voyage of in-car entertainment the CarPlay way, then!

Understanding CarPlay In Detail

Before learning about how to watch videos on CarPlay. Additionally, let’s first learn about CarPlay. CarPlay is similar to having your iPhone on the touchscreen in your vehicle. It’s a wise choice for safe phone use while driving. When your iPhone is connected to your automobile, your favourite iPhone applications are shown on the dashboard and may be used there. It’s excellent for things like music, chatting, and navigation.

Imagine that you wish to utilize maps to navigate. CarPlay displays the map on the large screen in your car, eliminating the need to look at your phone’s small screen, and making it much simpler to follow directions. Without touching your phone, you may converse with Siri, the speech assistant on your iPhone. By doing this, you can keep your hands on the wheel and your eyes on the road.

Because you can utilize the functions of your iPhone without being distracted while driving, CarPlay makes driving safer and more convenient. It works like a co-pilot in your automobile, keeping you connected and ensuring your safety as you go.

How To Watch Videos On CarPlay?

Because CarPlay is primarily intended for safe driving, it can be challenging to watch videos while driving. But here’s a quick and easy way to do it:

1. Use Apps That Are Supported:

CarPlay is capable of running some apps, mostly when the vehicle is stationary. Podcast and audiobook apps are typically included in these apps. When the automobile is parked, you can watch videos or listen to audio information.

2. Offline Materials:

When you have Wi-Fi, several streaming services, including Netflix and Amazon Prime Video, let you download content. Do this before you start your car. Then, you can use CarPlay to watch these downloaded videos without access to the internet.

3. Mirroring Of The Screen (With Care):

You can display your iPhone’s screen on CarPlay if your car’s system allows it and your iPhone has screen mirroring capabilities (as with an Apple TV or other devices). But view movies while driving very carefully; it’s dangerous and often against the law.

4. Traveller Mode:

CarPlay offers a “passenger” mode that enables the user to connect with more apps, including video apps, while not driving. You can ask the driver to switch to this mode if you aren’t driving so you can watch videos. Again, safety must come first, so only carry out this action if it is secure.

5. Keep Your Attention:

Never, ever view videos on CarPlay while operating a motor vehicle. It’s extremely risky and might result in accidents. Never lose sight of the road.

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Remember that CarPlay’s main objective is to keep you connected while you drive securely. It is therefore ideal to utilize it while driving for things like navigation, music, and messages. However, you can use these techniques to see some video content whether you’re parked or a passenger.

Is It Safe To Watch Videos On CarPlay While Driving?

It is unsafe to watch videos on CarPlay while operating a vehicle. Accident risk increases and it can be quite distracting. CarPlay is made to make it easier for you to maintain your concentration while driving by giving you quick access to vital apps like music and navigation. Using it for videos can cause you to become distracted from the road and could put you in danger.

Additionally, it is frequently against the law to watch movies while driving, thus doing so may result in fines or other consequences. It’s crucial to put safety first and to only use CarPlay for the convenience and safety it adds to driving. Never watch a video while operating a vehicle. Save it for when you are safely parked or when you are a passenger.

Why Not To Watch Videos On CarPlay?

There are various reasons why it’s not as simple as it might seem to watch videos on CarPlay.

1. Safety Issues:

Safety is the main deterrent to watching videos on CarPlay. To stop drivers from getting distracted by audiovisual content while driving, Apple has put rigorous rules in place. They want to make sure that drivers and passengers are safe while also reducing accidents.

2. Legal Limitations:

While local laws vary, several places have stringent prohibitions against watching movies while driving. Heavy fines, points on your license, or even legal repercussions in the event of an accident could follow from engaging in this behaviour.

3. Resource Constraints:

The infotainment system in your car, which might not have the same computing capability as your iPhone or iPad, is engineered to function well with CarPlay. High-definition video playback can tax your car’s hardware and possibly cause performance problems.

Important Considerations To Take While Watching Videos On CarPlay

We’ll go over some important factors to keep in mind so that you can use these solutions properly now that you are aware of various viable alternatives for playing videos on CarPlay:

1. Safety First:

Whatever approach you decide to use, your safety and the safety of other drivers should always come first. Never watch videos behind the wheel.

2. Legal Conformity:

Learn about the rules and restrictions in your area regarding in-car video playback. Knowing what is permitted and what is prohibited is crucial because local laws might differ greatly.

3. Passenger Participation:

If you’re a passenger and wish to watch videos, let the driver know and ask them to turn on passenger mode, if it’s an option. If the driver chooses not to activate this option for security reasons, respect their choice.

4. Use Of Resources:

If you aren’t using downloadable content, playing videos on your car’s infotainment system may use a lot of battery life and bandwidth. Pay attention to the resources your device has.


Therefore, now that you’re aware of how to watch videos on CarPlay. However, always remember┬áit’s difficult to watch films on CarPlay while driving, and there’s a solid reason for this: safety. CarPlay is made to prevent you from being distracted by videos while you’re driving. To avoid collisions and maintain legality, it’s essential to adhere to the laws and keep your focus on the road. Consider watching videos when the car is parked or using applications that CarPlay supports for passengers if you truly want to. Always put safety first; it’s more important than everything else to ensure both your own and other drivers’ safety.