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How To Tell If Your Tire Was Slashed?

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Stuck with or experiencing the slashed tire in the mid-way, especially on the highway, is very annoying. However, there are cases where you can deal with the situation quickly and end up solving the issue smoothly. The article will guide and help you know how to tell if your tire was slashed, its causes, fixations, and certain other conditions responsible for it. Thus, let’s begin with the topic.

What Are The Common Causes Of Slashed Tires In Car?

Generally, there is no sure or exact way to overcome the flat tires except the proper maintenance and service. However, few causes must consider reducing the occurrence of such situations in the vehicle. So, some of the most common reasons are listed below:

1. Puncture By Sharp Objects

It is regarded as the most common cause responsible for the generation of the issue. It is often prevented by avoiding driving around debris on the roads or the areas with such unstable situations.

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2. Damage To The Valve Stem

The valve stem is the small portion or part of the tire through which the air infiltrates the tire. Any damage or failure in this knob would result in unnecessary air removal, thus creating the car’s flat tires. Loose or dirt-clogged stems can also cause tires to lose air.

3. Rubbed Or Ribbed Tire

It is one of the dangerous conditions for you and the other drivers driving the vehicles down the road. Thus, this condition compromises the safety of the individual. Therefore we recommend you always check the tire before you begin with the journey or whenever you drive your car.

Other causes are responsible for flat tires in vehicles like vandalism, tire bleed leaks, over-pumped tires, etc. however, the most common are discussed above in brief.

How To Tell If Your Tire Was Slashed?

The causes of slashed or flat tires vary to a great extent. There are specific ways of signifying or determining the flat tires in your car. The person driving the car generally feels on observe the variety of symptoms while driving the vehicle with the slashed tire. So, Let’s study a few of them in detail.

1. Your Steering Feels Irregular

The grip and control over the steering wheel are pretty tricky in the situations of slashed tires. You need to hold the wheel on one side with force to drive straight on the road. It is one of the common symptoms observed by drivers while driving with flat tires.

You may also observe uneven vibrating and pulsating movement in the steering wheel. Thus, any sudden changes or vibrations follow while driving, and then these are the signs of flat tires in your car.

2. Your Car Keeps Slowing Down

Irrespective of the reason, the car continuously slows down even if we try to accelerate or increase a vehicle’s speed. All these changes or phenomenon has a detailed physics in it, and in such situations, we need immense energy to drive the car with constant velocity.

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Hence, if you face any such issues while driving your car, park your car aside and see for a flat tire or visit a nearby mechanic to avoid any mishap.

3. You Hear A Weird Noise

The other signs of flat tires are uneven and annoying noises while driving down the vehicle. Generally, the car produces multiple sounds determining and warning regarding the faults that the driver needs to catch and must know the reason behind it.

The groaning, grinning, and sound of engine straining is observed in the flat tires of the vehicle. Also, the sound of wheel-rim chewing into the asphalt and uneven telltale sounds when the tire is deprived of air are analyzed while driving the car.

4. Tire Warning Light

It is an advanced feature in new cars that determine and is responsible for analyzing the tire’s pressure. The low pressure in the vehicle’s tire generally switches on the warning light available on the dashboard.

It is generally regarded as the tire pressure monitoring system or TPMS of the car. Hence, the activation of the TPMS light often means that your car tire needs to fill over a limit to avoid or eliminate these warning lights.

5. Cracked Or Cut Sidewalls

Due to specific reasons, the wear and tear may generate or be responsible for facing damage in tires like any other part of a car.

If your vehicle experiences cuts or cracks, these spots are regarded as weak and vulnerable to blowing or going slashed with time if not treated within the time limit. Thus, it sometimes indicates that the tire is already leaking air, or it often acts as a warning sign in some instances to prevent any severe cases.

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Can You Drive A Car With Slashed Tires?

Driving a car with a slashed tire is not safe. It could damage internal structures in the tire and may even lead to severe injuries to the vehicle. Also, it causes poor handling of the car, which may compromise your safety and the other individuals on the road, thus increasing the chances of accidents.

Does Tire Insurance Cover For Slashed Tires?

There is a certain confusion that various insurance companies do not cover the slashed tires. However, it usually does but only for road hazards, not for the cases performed intentionally. Thus, the company will cover any slashed tires as long as you have the right coverage.

How Much Does It Cost To Fix The Flat Tires In The Car?

The fixation of flat tires is essential, and it must perform as soon as possible to avoid any mishap. The cost of fixing the flat tire issues is very regular, and it ranges between $10 to $20.

However, it’s a prevalent and most accessible situation to deal in vehicles; thus, the variation in prices may not observe from vehicle to vehicle.


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