6 Major Lowered Car Problems

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Today’s vehicle manufacturers, as well as owners, don’t hesitate to alter their car’s system to any extent. Many mods are trending these days, one of the most popular moderations is car lowering. And why not? It has got its own sweet set of reasons for its popularity. Not only it makes it look physically attractive but also improves performance to a great extent as well. So let us have an in-depth look into the pros one may face and opt lowered car problems.

Is A Lowered Car Better?

Some car owners alter their suspension system to sit lower on the ground. Now it has its own set of pros and cons. Below I will talk about some of the advantages of a lowered car before moving to cons to give you a better idea.

lowering car problems

1.Improved Aerodynamics

It is one of the favorite perks of those who enjoy speed and enjoy that formula one driver’s feeling! With the lowered system, the amount of air going underneath the vehicle decreases drastically, it can help in improved wind drag and aerodynamics in a car.

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2. Better Control

Having a lowered vehicle provides a better-secured grip of tires to the driver and improves handling and traction on the roads thus providing much wanted additional safety.

3. Dropped Centre Of Gravity

As it is very clear in the name itself, a lowered suspension system lets your car move closer to the ground. It inturns lowers the center of gravity and thus increases the overall stability of the vehicle.

4. Attractive Anatomy

The most common and probably the most awaited one- The looks! No doubt lowering your car will increase the vehicle’s visual appearance exponentially. Giving your vehicle that chic sports car look( gasps!)


Why Do Lowered Cars Look Better?

There is no denying the fact that at the end of the day, a lowered car looks fantastic! Increased speed and stability are the icing on the cake. Lowered suspension helps to cushion all manners of irregular and bumpy roads and keeps your car in a good shape. This magical wand can convert even the hideous and worst of designs to an appalling one.

bad lowering

Genuine Lowered Car Problems

Now, after an elaborated sneak peeks into the pros of lowered suspension, let us now move to the lowered car problems.

lowered car problems

1. Say Good-Bye To Comfy Long Drives

With the lowered suspension, it will be nothing new to discover new bumps and ditches even at the smoothest of roads. More jiggles and jumps will be pretty common too with such a small gap between car’s lowe and road.

2. Wearing of tires

Another con is the increased rate of wear and tear of tires. The pattern of tear is often rutted too. So one should be prepared in advance for such dire consequences.

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3. Problematic Towing

Another lowering car problem is unwanted damage to suspension while towing is pretty common and can adversely affect the car’s physical appearance.

4. Uneasy Lifts

If you prefer checking suspension’s maintenance yourself with the help of manual jacks and kits, lowered ones can make it a lot more complicated and difficult than it originally is. So in case you are into self-servicing, it is a big NO-NO!

5. Reduced Ease

Another lowering car problem is it reduces the overall efficiency of the car drastically. Whether it be towing or conveying heavy loads, to using lift kits and jacks for maintenance.

lowering car problems

6. Unwanted Expenses

Of course! Nothing is free these days. No explanation needed!


Final Words

As you can see, lowered car problems and pros both go hand in hand. There are both benefits and drawbacks to it. So it all depends on you and which path you choose. If visuals and speed attract you more and they overweigh the importance of comfort and other rider problems then this is for you no doubt! What do you think? Let me know it below in the comment section.

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