Why Oil Light Comes On When I Brake?

Whenever you notice or observe light on the vehicle’s dashboard, it usually represents something that is not normal or wrong with the car. These lights in the car must not be ignored as their primary purpose is to prevent and alert the vehicle’s owner from major faults before the condition worsens.

Oil regarded as an engine’s lifeblood, but it is the most miniature appreciated engine system, even owing so many functions. The pathway of the oil circulation begins from the oil pan, where the pump sucks up the lubricating fluid and transfer it to the other components of the block. Generally, the oil formulation consists of unwanted chemicals or detergents, so regular check and filter changes are essential for the functioning of the oil system in the car. Here, our article deals with specific reasons determining why the oil light comes on when I brake. In cases, the oil light signifies the fault or deterioration in the oiling system of the car due to multiple causes.

So, let’s have a short introduction to the reasons responsible for such issues or situations. Also, always try to avoid these uneven cases by regular servicing of the vehicle.

What Does It Mean When Oil Light Comes On?

Whenever you observe that the oil light on the dashboard is on, it could mean that your vehicle has low oil pressure. The fall in oil pressure may be a sign of specific causes or malfunctions with the car. The reasons include- low level of oil, your oil is dirty, or an oil leak.

As you know, engine oil does not last long; after all, everything has a limited lifespan. Therefore, it will eventually get low after enough driving. Generally, all vehicles have oil pressure gauges to determine the oil level, but some do not consist of one; thus, a regular check over the oil is necessary.

Why Oil Light Comes On When I Brake?

Oil pressure light located on the dashboard of the car with usual oil symbol on it. There are multiple reasons why an oil light comes on while braking your vehicle. Some of the reasons are severe, while some are not that much evasive.

There are chances that the degraded oil most often loses its ability to pressure. All this signifies that the time has arrived to change the oil present in the vehicle.

It generally recommended that oil must change after every 3,000 miles of the journey for the proper functioning of the car. So, let’s discuss the common reasons behind the cause:

1. A Faulty Or Damaged Oil Pressure Sensor

It is the least problematic situation often seen in faulty oil pressure sensors while braking the car. The oil pressure sensor is usually responsible for keeping track of the oil pressure in the vehicle. Later, the information regarding the oil level and its force transmitted to the combination meter or instrumental panel.

If the oil pressure demarcated less than the required range, the sensors would switch on the oil light. Low-pressure oil indicates improper circulation of oil within the engine. As a result, inadequate lubrication observed, which could lead to seizing and grinding of the engine.

On the other hand, increase pressure or excessive pressure signifies that the oil bay present is overfilled, thus causing extreme force over the gasket leading to a significant leak in the vehicle.

The oil pressure in a car often changes according to the vehicle’s RPMs (rotation per minute). The best solution to this issue is replacing the sensor, which is not an expensive task.

2. A Bad Oil Pump

It is the second reason which would result in the switching on of oil light over the dashboard. It is generally seen when the cause, as mentioned earlier, is not the reason behind the malfunctioning.

The oil pump present in the vehicle is responsible for the circulation of pressurized oil to the rotating bearings, the sliding pistons, and the engine’s camshaft. All these circulations help in the lubrication of the bearings and provide cooling to the engine.

Multiple signs are signifying the defective oil pump. These include decreased oil pressure, higher engine operational temperature, unusual hydraulic lifters, noise observed in the valve train, and noise coming from the oil pump.

The replacement of a faulty oil pump would solve the issue problem. You can easily replace the oil pump at the nearby mechanic, and the average cost of a professional oil pump lies within the range of $400 to $500. However, the contents may vary from place to place and vehicle to vehicle.

3. A Leakage Somewhere In The Engine

The high oil pressure is majorly responsible for the oil leak from the engine due to cold weather or normal wear of specific system components. Generally, the ICE (internal combustion engine) of a traditional vehicle may is responsible for oil containment in the gasket, oil plug, and series of seals. So, you must always be aware of these cases.

The oil leaks usually cause low oil levels along with the low-pressure during braking. Hence, insufficient oil can lubricate multiple engine components, causing the oil light to switch while braking.

You can perform a variety of tests to determine the oil leaks in the engine. The most commonly used test is- placing a clean and clear light shade paper under the front portion of the vehicle. If you observe a brown colour patch over the paper, it signifies the engine’s leak.

How Much Does It Cost To Fix Oil Light?

The average cost for fixing oil lights in the vehicle lies between the range of $120 to $150. The labour cost includes $50 to $110, which may vary from place to place and vehicle to vehicle.

Whenever your oil light comes on, we suggest you change your oil within two weeks so that no further issues develop. Thus, it prevents the vehicle from severe damages.


Oil light comes on when I brake, the most frequently asked questions by the readers. The above matter regarding the topic will help you deal with the situation, and you would never face such uneven issues with your vehicle. Always remember that switching on the oil light must not ignore as it often signifies one or the other problems related to the car.

We hope all your doubts and queries regarding the topic cleared. If your questions or queries persist, then please comment below in the comment section. And we will surely answer all your questions as quickly as possible.