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Troubleshooting Remote Start Lights Flash But Won’t Start Issue!

Have you ever tried to start your automobile using the remote control? Additionally, only to watch the lights flash but nothing happens? It can be really annoying! Don’t worry, though; we’re here to explain why this occurs and what you can do to prevent it.

Your car’s computer receives a specific message when you use a remote to start it. Your car’s flashing lights act as signals, informing you of the situation. These signals may occasionally indicate a problem, such as a low battery, a problem starting the automobile, or even an issue with the security system.

This article will explain why your remote start lights flash but won’t start, and will also provide quick fixes to get you back on the road without any fuss. So let’s get started and crack this case together!

Understanding Remote Start Lights In A Car

Understanding the fundamentals of remote start systems is crucial. Moreover, before digging deeper into the reasons for remote start lights flash but won’t start in a car. These systems function by instructing the computer in your automobile to start the engine by sending a signal from your remote control.

On the dashboard or outside of your car, various lights will frequently flash when you push the remote start button. These lights show if the remote start procedure is running smoothly or encountering problems. Your car’s lights will typically flash in a certain sequence or hue to convey various conditions, like:

1. Green Or Blue Light:

Usually, this means that the remote start system is activated and prepared to work. When you hit the button, your automobile should start without any problems.

2. Bright Red Light:

A red light that is flashing can mean that your car’s security system is engaged or that there is a problem with the remote start system. You must take care of this problem if you want your car to run.

3. Amber Or Yellow Light:

This light typically denotes a minor problem, such as a low battery or a problem with the remote start system. Your automobile might still be able to start with some work, though.

Common Causes Of Remote Start Lights Flash But Won’t Start

It can be very aggravating when your car’s remote start lights flash but the engine won’t start. Here are a few frequent causes of this in plain language:

1. Low Battery Power:

Think of your car’s battery as its beating heart. The remote start system can’t function effectively if it has low strength or power. For remote engine starting, a powerful battery is required. Consequently, your automobile won’t start if your battery is weak.

2. Starter Or Ignition Issues:

You need a functioning ignition system and starter in order to start your car. The remote start system won’t be able to start your engine if one of these is malfunctioning. It is equivalent to attempting to turn a key in a rusted lock on a door because it will not turn.

3. Activation Of The Security System:

Your car is protected against theft by a security system. This mechanism can occasionally be triggered by the suspicion of an intrusion. When this occurs, the remote start mechanism that keeps your automobile secure stops functioning. It’s as if your car is saying, “Hold on, let me double-check everything first.”

4. An Erroneous Remote Start Module:

The module is a little computer that is part of the remote start system. This module cannot effectively interact with your car if any of its connections, wiring, or components are malfunctioning. It is comparable to having a malfunctioning phone that cannot send texts.

5. Issues With Transmitters:

It’s possible that the remote control you use to start your automobile has issues of its own. It won’t be able to signal your automobile to start if its battery is dead or its buttons aren’t functioning properly. It’s like attempting to operate a TV remote control with no buttons; you can’t get it to do what you want.

Therefore, keep in mind these typical causes if you notice those flashing lights but your automobile won’t start. You can put your remote start system back to work and enjoy a warm automobile on those chilly mornings by looking over and correcting these.

Solutions To Fix The Remote Start Lights Flashing But Car Won’t Start

It can be frustrating when you press the remote start button on your car and flashing lights appear, but your car doesn’t start. You may fix this issue, nevertheless, in order to restore the functionality of your remote start system.

1. Examine The Battery Of Car:

A weak or dead car battery is one of the most frequent causes of remote start problems. For the remote start technology to function properly, a good battery is required. If the battery in your car is low, you might want to consider charging it or getting a new one.

2. Examine The Ignition System:

The remote start won’t function if there is a problem with the ignition or starter of your car. Check these parts out and have any problems fixed by a professional.

3. Security System Reset:

The security system in a car occasionally makes it impossible for the remote start to function. In accordance with your car’s manual, you could try resetting the security system. The battery of the car can occasionally be reset by unplugging and replugging it.

4. Check The Remote Control:

Check to see if the remote control’s battery is in excellent shape. Replace it if it’s dead or low. Verify the functionality of the remote’s buttons as well.

5. Look Out Remote Start Module:

Consult the user handbook for troubleshooting instructions if you think there might be an issue with the remote start module itself. You can also get help by getting in touch with the manufacturer’s customer service.

6. Look For Expert Assistance:

It’s a good idea to speak with a qualified technician or auto electrician if you’ve attempted the aforementioned methods and the remote start still won’t work. They are qualified to identify and address difficult problems.

You may solve the problem of your remote start system’s lights flashing when there isn’t an engine running by using these fixes. To benefit from the convenience your remote start system offers in severe weather, keep it well-maintained.

Important Considerations For Remote Start Systems

Now that you are aware of how to resolve the problem with the flashing lights, let’s discuss some other crucial elements of remote start systems:

1. Suitability

Ensure that the brand and model of your automobile and the remote start system are compatible. Not all cars can be started remotely, and not all remote start devices are compatible with all cars.

2. Guarantee:

Avoid modifying or fixing the remote start system on your own if your car is still under warranty as this could void the warranty. For advice, speak with your authorized service center or dealership.

3. Consistent Maintenance:

The same as any other part of your car, remote start systems need upkeep. Check and test the system frequently to make sure it is operating properly.

4. Programming:

Make sure the remote control is correctly programmed to function with your car if you’re installing a new remote start system or changing the existing one. Numerous problems can result from improper programming.


In conclusion, it can be annoying when your remote start lights flash but won’t start. Be at ease, though! We now know that this problem could be brought on by things like a faulty battery, ignition issues, or even a security system flaw. The trick is to make sure your remote control is in good working order, check your battery, and seek professional assistance if necessary. Recall to use caution when performing repairs on your car if it is still covered by warranty.

You can put your remote start system back in work, keeping you warm and comfortable on frigid mornings, with the appropriate steps and perhaps a little assistance from professionals. Now that we have addressed every facet of your inquiry. We trust that the information provided above will be useful to all of the viewers. Additionally, contact us if you have any questions. Thank you for reading!