How To Reset Ambient Temperature Sensor?

The sensors are an essential part of any vehicle. After all, they help you know the car’s condition before it worsens too much to handle. Similarly, an ambient temperature sensor is responsible for keeping control over the temperature of the air surrounding the car. Sometimes, these sensors are typical to control; thus, they need specific steps and guidance to deal with them. So here, our article will guide you to the best and help you know how to reset ambient temperature sensors in vehicles. So, let’s begin with the discussion over the topic.

What Is an Ambient Temperature Sensor?

The ambient temperature generally defined as the temperature of the air surrounding the car. The vehicles are available with ambient temperature sensors responsible for analyzing the temperature of the car’s surroundings. The primary function of the temperature sensor is to measure the external temperature of your vehicle as a reference point for the comparison to make calculations. Hence, the computer will continuously monitor the signal from the ambient temperature sensor and make automatic adjustments as needed to maintain cabin temperature.

Generally, the ambient temperature sensor does not affect the engine. It’s only mean to give out the outside temperature on the dash of the car.

How To Reset Ambient Temperature Sensor?

Nowadays, automotive is way more advanced than expected. It also has an automatic air conditioning system and temperature display on the screen these days. The gauge is usually responsible for displaying the outside temperature to that of the cabin’s temperature. Thus, supplying the exact reading of the outside temperature to the driver display.

However, if the sensor malfunctions or goes out of order, one needs to replace it. So. Let’s have a brief discussion over resetting or replacing the temperature sensor in the car.

1. Find The Location Of The Sensor

The first step in resetting the ambient temperature sensor is to locate the sensors so that the whole unit can gain access quickly; thus, you can easily reach the device.

In most cases, the unit generally located at the front of the car, immediately in front of the engine or radiator compartment.

The location of the unit so created helps us in providing smooth functioning and easy finding.

The primary purpose of locating the sensor is to keep it safe from the engine heat. We must avoid or eliminate the engine heat and outside temperature around the sensor for accurate and correct reading. Once you locate the sensor, move on to the next step and carry on the further instructions.

2. Detach The Sensor Battery

We recommend you to always work over the electrical appliances only after removing the power supplies or disconnecting the batteries connected to them. Thus, here also detaching the battery from the temperature sensor is a crucial step before moving further.

So, in such cases avoiding the instructions may result in irreparable loss. Hence, in this way, you would secure the machinery and yourself from any potential danger.

3. Remove The Device

In this step, you must remove the sensor once you are done with the above steps of locating and disconnecting the battery.

You have to uninstall the device and locate the plastic clip responsible for connecting the sensor to the car wiring and reconnecting it. Be smooth and gentle while performing this step; you may damage or disturb the wiring or cabling of the system. Thus, try to disconnect the sensor without pulling extra pressure or force over the wire to present the unnecessary loss.

If the sensor not connected with the plastic terminals, then search for its connection with the screws. After that, unscrew the whole device and remove it to follow the next step.

4. Reset The Sensor

The next and essential step is to reset the sensor. Different vehicles have different kinds of the button to initiate the reset of the sensors. In most cars, the ambient heat sensors have a simple reset button to complete the procedure, so search for the switch and press it.

Some have the mode button to complete the step, hence press that button, and you’ll soon reach the next step.

We also suggest you, please clean the whole unit after disconnecting with the help of a cleaning rag. There are chances that sometimes only cleaning the unit works as the dirt on it may also interrupt the device in providing the correct readings.

5. Put Back The Sensor Back In Place And Check The Readings

At last, you need to put back all the parts disconnected back to their place carefully. Also, re-screw the device, and soon you are ready to check the sensors.

Thus, now check the readings on the computer to see if it is really possible and working correctly. You can synchronize the readings from any real-time weather application.

If you try all the steps mentioned earlier, your device calculates the wrong reading, and then you need to replace or repair the ambient temperature sensor.

How Much It Cost To Fix Ambient Temperature Sensor?

Everything has a limited lifeline, so do the ambient temperature sensor. The sensors too fail over time which may result in some severe engine issues. So, you need to fix the problems soon.

The expenses in fixing the temperature sensor lie within a range of $100 to $250. The labour may cost about $80 to $120. However, the expense may vary from place to place and vehicle to vehicle.

The replacement of some necessary parts may also occur, ranging between $10 to $100. Also, we would recommend you to perform timely service over the vehicle to prevent unnecessary expenditure.


The steps mentioned earlier, and the matter will help you deal with the situation or condition whenever you are stuck with the question of how to reset ambient temperature sensor. Although, regular servicing of vehicles can prevent all such issues.

I hope all the readers are pleased and satisfied with the content described. However, if your doubts or queries regarding the topic persist, please comment below in the comment section. And we will surely answer all your questions as quickly as possible.