How To Reupholster Car Seats?

Are you bore with the earlier interior in your car? Want to try and add some spice to your vehicle? Indeed, we can help you in this case. Here, our article provides you with information about how to reupholster car seats. This article covers the essential requirement to perform the furniture, the fixation cost, the best material to use, and many other questions regarding the topic. We will also cover some frequently asked questions in the content further. So, let’s begin with the discussion and upgrade the car as per the requirement.

What Is Considered Upholstery In The Car?

The term car upholstery typically resembles or referred to the seats in your car. Generally, it is the entire interior of your vehicle, including the roof, centre console, and the places that have fabric. Nylon and polyester are regarded as the best breathable material suitable in every weather. They are affordable and also offer decent support along with the comfort level of the car.

How To Reupholster Car Seats?

The easiest way to upgrade or add instant glamour to your car is to reupholster your seats. You can quickly achieve this by simply following specific steps sequentially.

So. let’s begin with the steps and attain the desired look.

Step 1: Select The Fabric

First of all, you need to decide the type of material required for your car’s reupholstery. In this case, there are comprehensive options available for every vehicle like leather, vinyl, and even the funky material with bright colours and unique patterns. But always remember that your fabric must contrast with the interior and exterior design of the car.

Step 2: Detach The Car Seats

After selecting the material for the car, locate the seat bolts and unscrew them carefully. Soon after removing the seats, arrange them according to the front, rear and headset parts. Gently unzip the covers of the seat or cut the staples binding them. At the end of this step, search for hog rings and, using the screwdriver, loosen them completely.

Step 3: Upholstery Pull And Repaint The Frame

Soon after completing the above step, use a seam ripper to tear the old seat. The seat frame is checked for corrosion and corrected if any requirement is needed. Now sand and scrub the whole framework before paint and let it dry before the upholstering process.

Step 4: Reinstall The Bun And Pattern Covers

Now to make a new pattern, draw the shape of pieces onto it. However, you can build according to your preference, but it is better to keep the way simple in this scenario. Then cut the traced designs and position them to outline the new cloth.

Use glue and fresh tissue to cover the boundary pads and connect the seat buns to their original place. And remember to layout the extracted fabric over the white drawing board.

To establish the new pattern for the seats, trace the type according to the fundamental pattern of the layout. As assisted or indicated, cut the traced pattern and apply it to the new cloth.

Step 5: Stitch New Fabric Pieces

As you are done with the cutting according to the markings, then in the next step, match the correct pieces carefully as needed. You can have the right pieces matched up using the sewing machine and stitch them together to attain your resultant outcome.

We also suggest having a keen observation and consideration while selecting the needle and thread for stitching purposes.

Step 6: Refit Covers

Put back the seats in the frame and screw the rings properly in the respective place. Be very sure while refitting the seats and tighten the bolts firmly so that the seats do not wobble.

While applying or putting the new cloth over the seat, stretch it as you pass via the rings available on the front part of the seat. Then wrap it around the backside of the bun and staple the ends at the base area. It will help you to achieve a firm and perfect re-attachment of the seats.

Step 7: Finishing Touch

To add specific finishing touches to the seats, you may choose to repaint the seat frame to match up the seat cover colours’ interior. You can also have cushions or other accessories to increase the comfort level of the car.

Thus, following the above steps sequentially, you can quickly upholster your car seat in less time.

Can I Replace Cloth Seats With Leather?

The leather enhances the appearance of the car lot, and it can almost look new. The installation process is pretty straightforward and can be attained within a day. It includes similar steps as for replacing with the cloth. Still, in leather, more determination is required as leather is complicated and expensive material where mistakes can’t be bear.

What Are The Best Ways To Clean Car Upholstery?

The most straightforward way to clean car upholstery includes mixing vinegar with a few drops of dish soap within a gallon of hot water in a bucket. Now dab the mixture over the stain and scrub the seat using the brush. Later, wash away or use clean water to rinse the tails off.

How Much Does It Cost To Upholster Your Car Seats?

Reupholstery of car seats adds a lot of spice and appearance to your car if chosen correctly and appropriately done. The average cost to get seats upholstered may range between $200 to $ 750 per seat and approximately $500 to $2000 for two bucket seats.

However, these prices or costs may vary from place to place and depend on the type of material you choose for reupholstery.


We hope the information mentioned earlier guide and helps you with your requirement. And now we believe that you know how to reupholster car seats with all the necessary needs and steps.

If your doubts or queries regarding the topic persist, we request you to please comment below in the comment section. And we’ll surely answer all your questions as soon a possible.