Should I Replace All 4 Shocks At The Same Time

Should I Replace All 4 Shocks At The Same Time

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Hello car lovers, how are you doing? In the list of queries, we have picked one of the most common one i.e. shocks replacement tips. While there are many misconceptions and myths regarding shocks and struts, here we are with the most accurate details you need to know. So let us begin today’s blog which will consist of some of the most asked questions along with their solutions.

shock replacement tips

Should I Replace All 4 Shocks At The Same Time?

Many of us ponder upon changing shocks occasionally. So we often get confused about whether to replace all four shocks together, will it be safe? Or we should just handle the particular one. According to experts, it is completely okay if you wish to go with the choice of replacing pairs of shock at a time. You may choose to replace two or four shocks together rather than in odds. One new shock will eventually affect your transmission adversely. It may create unwanted unevenness while speeding up or driving over bumps.

shock replacement tips

How Do I Know If I Need New Shocks? How Many Milestones Do Shocks Last?

The main purpose of shocks is to control and reduce the suspension movement by dampening the oscillations of spring. Just like all other parts and automotive internals, even shocks have a particular shelflife after which they wear out eventually. As per research, the ideal time to replace shocks is every eight months. Although this is a general time period and may vary from place to place and model to model. And for measuring on the basis of milestones, you should replace a pair or two of shocks every 50,000-80,000 miles travelled. Another few prominent signs indicating faulty shocks are:

shock replacement tips

1. Bouncy Bumps

As I have explained the primary goal of shocks in the above paragraph, i.e. preventing jumps and vibrations while your car hits a bump. When these become faulty, your car automatically gets prone to bumping even at the smallest of pits.

2. Handling Issues

Another cause is losing control over handling. You may encounter steering problems as it will be hard to turn and stiffen up. And it can be very unsafe to drive with swaying vehicle.

3. Worn Out Struts

You may observe visually damaged or worn out struts as both shocks and struts work hand in hand. Dents or broken parts are very common to observe.

4. Fluid Leak

You may spot abnormal fluid leaks while your car stays still. It can have a slightly brownish or reddish appearance.


How Much Is It To Replace Shocks?

Where we cannot give you the exact amount because it varies from region to region. Many other factors affecting costs are model, brand, availability, time etc. But to give you rough esteem, it may range from anywhere between $200-$550 for a pair. But if you still decide to go for single replacement its will cost you slightly more as compared to the individual price in pair.

Do New Shocks Make A Big Difference?

The much-awaited question in the series of shocks
replacement tips is here. If I have to answer this question in a word, it will be yes. Changing a pair of old shocks to a new one can bring a tremendous amount of change to your vehicle and give you a mother ride far better than you expected. Since these shocks are quite inexpensive, it acts as an icing on the cake as you have to worry about one less problem. Moreover, they will not only improve the ride quality but also prevent your car from bouncing like a maniac on a not so smooth road!

shock replacement tips


So today’s blog gave you shocks replacement tips and a piece of in-depth knowledge about them. Hence next time you are planning to change your shocks, make sure to follow the above rules for sure. In case you have more doubts left, note them down in the comments section below and we will get back to you as soon as possible!

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