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How To Stop Windscreen Wipers Juddering?

Many of us today prefer doing most of our work ourselves rather than taking others’ help or spending a hefty amount of the sum to get professional help. we humans are known for our creativity and presence of mind. So today’s blog is about how to stop windscreen wipers juddering. They can be really irritating at times as they may start shuddering. Not only I will talk about solving this issue yourself, but also suggest a few professional tips for your help because, why not? So let us get started.

Why Are My Windscreen Wipers Juddering?

First of all, a question arises in everyone’s mind, why are my windscreen wipers juddering? It can be quite irritating at times and may get on your nerves. On average according to experts, wipers should be checked and maintained once in every six months or 8000 miles. It will not only increase their life significantly but also keep your car’s windscreen clean and clear. While there can be a few reasons for windscreen wipers juddering, below are a few most prominent ones due to which they judder on the glass:

  1. Dirty Wipers

One of the major issues in today’s world is pollution. In such a scenario, car getting dirty and surface contamination every week is pretty common. Over some time, mitt may collect in the gaps of wipers.

  1. Old Damaged Wipers

As mentioned above, a wiper’s life is not more than a few years. Due to this limitation, they may start behaving abnormally way before their actual expiry time. So if you notice any damage or rupture on your car’s windshield wipers, then it may be the culprit.

  1. Debris

It is possible that debris is stuck in the turnings or folds of wipers due to some reasons, thus creating that unwanted squeak.

  1. Cheap Quality Wipers

The new pair of wipers often have a layer of fine powder to decrease the level of friction. A fresh set of rubber often has high friction than required. This excessive friction may trigger unwanted juddering.

  1. Extra dry Windshield

Windscreen should always be a little moist. But the key is not dampening it much. It is comparatively safer to tolerate wiper juddering than to not being able to see clearly where you are heading.

How To Stop Windscreen Wipers juddering?

Now after pondering upon the various reasons behind windscreen wipers juddering, it is now time to find the solution for this frustrating issue. There can be one or more culprits behind the offensive juddering sound of your car’s windscreen wipers juddering. While there can be a number of common ways to fix this issue effectively, here are a few selective ones:

1. Use High-Quality Wipers

As said above regarding how poor quality wipers lack proper cover with a fine powder, one should invest and go for high-quality brand new wipers to reduce friction. It will prevent the windscreen from any damage.

2. Proper Maintainance

The vehicle should be checked occasionally for any stuck debris and other contaminations. Avoiding this may lead to unwanted friction. So if you spot windscreen wipers juddering, make sure to clean them as first aid.

3. Replacing Glass Sealant

What many ignore is that they rely too much on the old glass sealant and seldom replacing them. The glass sealant which may appear smooth to our eyes is not exactly so smooth. Rather at a microscopic level, its high friction can be justified.

4. Take Help Of A Quick Detailer

The easiest and the handiest way is to use a quick detailer. Just spray it in an adequate amount over the wipers and glass area just after washing the car when it is still moist and you are good to go! You can apply it directly or with the help of a swab. It basically works as a lubricant and thus reducing friction tremendously and rids you of jumping wipers.

Frequently Asked Questions :

So,here are some of the frequently asked questions about purpose, what is a Judder Windscreen Wiper?-

What Is The Purpose Of Windshield Wipers?

A windshield wiper or windscreen wiper (British English) is a device used to remove rain, snow, ice and debris from a vehicle’s front window. Almost all motor vehicles, including cars, trucks, buses, train locomotives, and watercraft with a cabin—and some aircraft—are equipped with one or more such wipers, which are usually a legal requirement.

What Is A Judder Windscreen Wiper?

Wiper judder refers to “jumping” wipers that shake/jump/judder when moving over the windscreen. The rubber from the windscreen wiper sticks to the glass surface even though the wiper arm continues to move. The rubber “jumps” over the surface instead of gliding smoothly over the glass.

Why Do My Wiper Blades Judder?

Most wiper blades tend to come coated in a fine powder, which helps to smooth out friction until the rubber softens up, but some manufacturers don’t do this – which is what causes juddering.

Why Is My Windscreen Juddering When I Turn?

This juddering problem on the windscreen is usually related to to the wiper blades themselves or the windshield glass. Either of these could be dirty, sticky or in need or repair or replacement.

What Happens If Your Windscreen Wiper Blades Break?

A broken wiper blade can cause scratching on your windscreen glass which is irreparable and requires a full replacement. Avoid this at all costs by replacing damaged wiper blades immediately. If the wipers seem in good condition, make sure the rubber blade of each wiper is flexible and can flop over in both directions.


This problem may seem uncanny but it is quite common among car owners especially after they change the glass sealant. It may be a result of not so good quality sealant or wipers themselves. But it is not necessarily true as there may be other reasons listed above. Hope with our information, now you know how to stop windscreen wipers juddering, and we were able to solve your doubts regarding this issue now. If you still have any more queries, let me know them below in the comment section.

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